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  1. Step 1: Burn Haynes manual. Step 2: Get real manual. You need the washer, part number 232042. Are you sure you have the correct hole?
  2. What part number did you buy? You never know... O-ring? It should have a flat washer and you are meant to tighten it right up. The manual.
  3. 12J, TD and 200TDI used 2.25". 300TDI used 2.5".
  4. Things that contribute to loose steering..... - Steering shaft joints. Already replaced - Internal steering box free play. Adjust as per the manual to remove. - Tie rod ends. Hold each of the four joints while someone moves steering back and forth. It is easy to feel if any are loose. - Panhard rod bushings worn or loose bolts. - Loose hub bearings. Make sure they have a bit of preload. - Swivel bearings. Make sure they have a bit of preload. With everything good, there should be very little play at the wheel. The tyre sidewall should be the main thing at that point.
  5. They are the 65 Amp units with upgraded internals. Came with a test certificate, so they might get them done somewhere in the UK.
  6. Only if they are a 3 bolt casing. Most casings are 4 bolt, so this does not work. A whole lot of work when you can just buy one that works... For a Disco 200TDI, you can simply buy the 100 Amp alternator for a 300TDI.
  7. The 100 Amp ones work fine. No belt slip. No overloading bearings.
  8. No. Disco alternators are opposite hand to Defenders. In addition, the space available on a Defender is much smaller.
  9. Had one for five years and know many others as well. No problems at all. Goes straight in.
  10. Plug and play. No screwing around customizing things or figuring anything out.... https://www.lrdirect.com/DA1195-200-Tdi-Defender-Alternator-Up/
  11. I used a Cole Hersee Switch. Fits the stock location and you get variable intermittent. Works great. https://www.littelfuse.com/products/switches/windshield-wiper-switches/electronic-windshield-wiper-switches.aspx They also do non intermittent ones: https://www.littelfuse.com/products/switches/windshield-wiper-switches/electrical-windshield-wiper-switches.aspx
  12. The only difference with two speed is there is one more wire to the motor. ULG is the high speed. NLG = off, RLG = low speed, LGB = wash, G = power. https://www.landyzone.co.uk/attachments/wiper-motor-connections-pdf.70470/
  13. The viscous unit is an on/off control device. It is not gradual. It is no different to an electric fan cycling on and off. I'm not sure that you understand how a viscous unit works.
  14. I'm sorry but you are wrong. I've been designing complex control systems for decades and building and designing testing facilities. Controlling on the engine temperature is the correct way and prevents swings in engine temperature leading to shock. This is how every car with an electric fan built in the world works.
  15. That is people setting up the fan control wrong. They use the radiator outlet temperature as the control. You want to use the inlet line as it is the engine temperature you are controlling, not the radiator. With the control in the right place, there are no temperature swings beyond what is normally seen with a thermostat. You certainly need a good fan in certain situations. Off road is most situation, it is needed. Any long climbs that are not at motorway speed. Basically any situation that you use it for what it was intended....
  16. Yes, countless people run 255/85 They are a great tire. Lots of grip and extremely tough.
  17. Noise from a hub is almost always brakes or something rubbing.
  18. It would be very hard to overtighten hub bearings. The symptoms would be bearings that get hot. They won't make noise.
  19. It always lights on a diode failure when running as you get an AC voltage on one phase.
  20. The light still shows when the engine is running. I'm not sure what use is a light when nobody is in the car and how that is going to stop the issue.
  21. It is not a bodge. Every vehicle in the world uses them for the last 40 years. It prevents back feed through the exciter circuit. It is proper electrical design.
  22. And really, just run relays. All these Lucas switches are carp and they all die.
  23. https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/857/category/41
  24. Try living in a country where Defenders were never sold.
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