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  1. You say that now. When you get permanent lung damage, you might think it was not such a good idea. The reality is that the ENTIRE POINT to isolation is to reduce the rate of spread and limit the load on the health care system. Overloading of the health care system is the main problem that will lead to excess mortality. If you are not one one that is helping to limit the spread, you are responsible for those deaths.
  2. 3/8? Defenders use 10 mm threads.
  3. The garrison seals are custom extruded EDPM just for this purpose, not felt.
  4. You can buy the actual stuff, it is cheap. If you have Defender style tops, the Garrison seals are the best. https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/garrison-door-top-seal-kit.html
  5. Just put a socket or spanner on them and turn. They are M6 and break very easily. You can get galvanized ones and galvanized turrets as well. https://www.lrdirect.com/DA1186-Galv-Front-Turret-Fitting-Kit/
  6. Well that is silly. Why would vehicle security be a concern for an MOT?
  7. You can get the same keys for everything, if you want, but you need to change to a non-locking ignition switch. This is what you get in an MOD Defender. I have one key that does everything on mine, all doors, ignition and fuel cap and I have split doors.
  8. Are you wanting the one piece or two piece? Your link is the one piece. You would then need to get all the bits. Here are the two piece complete (need to also buy the cappings): https://www.sp-4x4.com/DEFENDER_SERIES_DOOR_CONVERSION_p/defconv2g.htm
  9. Sure it is. If you are an engineer, it is a simple job.
  10. You are joking right? LR has used live axles for 68 years. It is simple.
  11. Either the oil pump is worn or the main bearings. These have a bad oil pump design.
  12. That depends on what springs are there. You need to be careful with this method to not break the brake lines. A spring compressor is safest.
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at. The head designer is the person that decides what is built.
  14. I would assume Ray is still having them assembled by hand in the basement of his house, but you could always ask him if it is a big deal....
  15. https://www.motor1.com/news/382364/ford-bronco-trademark-application-europe/
  16. Yes, it needs to all be stainless. I might be confused though as that item looks to have loose flanges and flare joints, not welded flanges.
  17. Yes. They don't have people like Gerry designing their off road vehicles.
  18. Well it might rust. It depends what materials they are using.
  19. You are joking right? These guys have multiple satellite phones and factory support. They are not dying when they break down.... When you go out to remote areas, you prepare properly to be self sufficient. It is no big deal and you do not need to be dramatic about it. We routinely do trip where we are 5 days of driving from anything. It is not a big deal and nothing to make a fuss over. I've seen lots of videos of that road. It is what I would term as "off road" but in the easy category. Easy means a traditional 4WD will be able to get through with suitable skill level.
  20. This is a bias valve, ANR1415 This is a PDWA
  21. Hang on. You said it is a 300TDI. 300TDIs do not have a PDWA..... You are probably referring to the bias valve. You need that and it needs to work. Hopefully you ordered the right part.
  22. You still want a split circuit!!! Later ones are split circuit!!! You would just put in two unions to connect the pipes and add a level switch cap.
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