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  1. Best Defender engine. That is funny. Let's be realistic. They are all carp. All much too small That is why Land Rover lost the market. The inability to put proper engines in their vehicles.
  2. That is a grounding issue. Most likely the engine ground or the main bulkhead loom ground is poor.
  3. Well, if you want help, you need to be open to suggestions. Anyway. Jack up both wheels. Leave it in gear. Unlocked, spinning one wheel should make the other spin backwards. Locked, neither should spin. If one can spin, does the other spin backwards, not at all or in the same direction? Once you do these tests, you can start to focus in on the finding the broken item. This is not rocket science. It is beyond me why you mechanic could not figure out the problem is five minutes. You just leave the diff cover off and see what is broken...
  4. The early gauges (pre 300TDI) are actually quite linear and responsive. You can clearly see the difference between 83 and 88. You can easily see when the thermostat opens. When it is all working properly.
  5. Not on a stock 200TDI.... Land Rover changed from an 83 C thermostat in the previous engines to an 88 C with the 200TDI, but did not change the gauges.... Thus all period correct 200TDI Defenders should read above half way normally.
  6. Start with more details.... What vehicle? What year? What axle? Are the halfshafts and drive flanges stock or aftermarket? The locking collar locks the case to one side gear not to planetary gear. As above, my guess would be a worn out spline, probably at the drive flange.
  7. What exact gearbox do you have (provide serial number) and what transfer case ratio.
  8. Yes, you should change the seal. And you need to take the flywheel out. It needs to be resurfaced. Putting a new clutch on a worn flywheel is a bad idea.
  9. And make sure you get the flywheel resurfaced.
  10. If you are checking the wiring, you first need to read and understand the wiring diagram.
  11. Yes. I'm pretty sure it is impossible to fit them any incorrect ways.
  12. You need to drive more than that for the oil to get up to the oil thermostat temperature.
  13. Red90

    Rear discs

    Yes, there is not really any benefit, but put do it anyway. It makes them feel good.
  14. I would disconnect the filter discharge line (that goes to the injection pump). Disconnect the injection pump solenoid wire so that the engine does not run. Rig up a funnel to the line. Run the starter until you get say 500 ml in. Then let sit over night.
  15. Around 9:30 or so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqBlqdeP3uE
  16. The pumps give maximum fueling during starting. When they get over around 500 rpm, fly weights are meant to move the spool to the idle location. When they sit, the spool gets stuck and it just sits there at maximum fueling output. Fill the pump directly with diesel fuel conditioner and let it sit. It usually fixes the problem after a few flushes.
  17. No. The diff center with the pinion flange. a long nose and short nose look quite different. You are just showing the a arm mounting point and a bit of the axle housing.
  18. Take a picture of the diff. It will all be obvious.
  19. I assume you mean the water boiling. I assumed a flush is not needed as he states the slave and master are new. Just put on a heat shield. Exhaust wrap will rot the pipe, but you could try it for a test.
  20. Do you have the heat shield in place next to the clutch slave? The exhaust runs very close. Item 19.
  21. What engine and gearbox. Is the heat shield in place for the clutch slave?
  22. http://www.madman.co.za/ https://www.4x4overlander.com/?s=madman&post_type=product He will have a new version(s) out soon apparantly.
  23. The only way is a severely bent axle. That is why I suspect he is just doing something wrong.
  24. Are you saying the string is touching the rear tire at the front or back and has a 15mm gap at the other side? Then your axle is seriously bent. I suspect, though that you are doing something wrong. Take a picture further back of what you are doing.
  25. As I understand it , you are running a line straight from the front tire to the rear. If there is a gap, you have toe in. Adjust the toe. That said, what you are doing is not at all clear..... And that tyre is garbage.
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