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    1988 90 Brakes

    On the wide hubs (pre-300TDI) vented calipers hit the hubs and do not fit without modification.
  2. There is a one valve valve built into the lift pump. If it see any dirt, it gets stuck open and the fuel drains back to the tank when off. It is quite common, especially if you do not have a sedimenter.
  3. Lift pump check valve or a leak somewhere.
  4. Yes, I know..... But if you follow that advice on a RHD, you will have a bad tilt. RHD Defenders are best with even springs side to side. LHD need different springs as they are more unbalanced. as everything is on the left.
  5. If you put the longer spring on the right, you will have a tilted truck. The engine and gearbox are offset to the left. If you are heavier than the engine and don't have passengers, you might offset the tilt...... IMO, a better solution for a fat owner with a RHD truck is to use the same springs on both sides. Going long on the right is way too much.
  6. Long ones on the left side to counteract the offset position of the engine.
  7. Really, if you are looking for approvals for commercial production, you are going to need a engineer to stamp the design regardless of how many off the shelf parts you use.
  8. Just take a hubs (and spindle) from any old Rover. Easy to find a Disco at the junkyard or just buy new.
  9. Here is a link to the wiring diagram. Page 47.1 http://duud.ee/LR-manualid/300Tdi_Wiring_Diagrams.pdf
  10. 300TDI era trucks do not have a brake light check function. Earlier trucks did have a check relay. Both the low level switch and the park brake switch are directly connected to the lights. The switches switch to ground.
  11. If it is not the hubs, something is broken in the axle.
  12. I would more likely suspect bad wiring than the thermostat. I use a Stant 45779.
  13. Airlift does not even know what the kit is meant to go in. They list the kit as fitting 110s and 90s. https://www.airliftcompany.com/shop/61724/ I talked with their tech support about it and they had no clue that there was a difference.
  14. Cool optical illusion. Pull it apart. No need to ask for permission. If it not your cup of tea, send it to Nigel. It looks in bad shape and will need parts if it is salvageable.
  15. I'm confused as to the photo. An Ashcroft ATB does not have bevel gears. It is a Torsen design with worms gears.
  16. I think the SA agent gets them made. It has been a least a decade that they have sold them.
  17. What neil means is you need the radius arms and panhard rod as well with the axle.
  18. FYI, a place in South Africa does modified upper supports. http://www.airsprings.cc/4x4/Airlift/AL1000/LAN02.MN285.738.pdf
  19. Springs only "sag" if they are designed wrong or made wrong. A properly design and built coil spring should be able to cycle for unloaded length to packed coils millions of times without any change in length.
  20. Front springs are normally lighter than the rear. Your friend is confused. If the springs sagged, they were just poor quality. Springs should never sag. Do you know exactly what spring you purchased and what brand? If you are variable in loads, then Airlift bags are a nice solution. If not, then choose the correct spring for the weight. If you can run the truck over a weigh bridge and get the axle weights, I can help choose a spring. http://www.red90.ca/rovers/springinfo.html
  21. If it is just once in awhile you are on ice, then get some chains. Just light ones made for the road. They are not expensive. Fit them to the rear tyres.
  22. Standard springs and shock. Add Airlift bags to the rear if you carry weight or tow now and then. They add 1400 pounds of load capacity without any change in ride height.
  23. Most likely a wiring issue with the gauge. 1) Check actual temperature with an IR gun. 2) If it is the gauge, throw it in the bin and fit a gauge that tells you something useful and install with all new wiring. If it is not the gauge, replace thermostat.
  24. Meh. They are not quieter and there are a lot of downsides to the 300TDI. They fixed a few things and added a bunch more bad things in the process.
  25. Why not just get a Discovery 200TDI and rebuild it and bolt on your Defender front cover and manifolds? What do you think you are gaining buy changing to a 300TDI?
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