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  1. Nope. You need the later style pedal box that came with the 300TDI.
  2. It is a serious bitch to install these person I'm not that keen on, horrid devices.
  3. Step one in these situations is to understand exactly how wiper wiring works and then use a meter to troubleshoot the offending part. It beats changing parts and hoping. Personally, I change my old trucks to the later style intermittent stalk. It is all plug and play with a loom from Autosparks.
  4. There are no relays....in this era for the wipers. Wiper relays were introduced with the "Defender" in the 91 model year, giving intermittent and wash with wipe functions. It is straight wires from the switch to the motor.
  5. I asked them directly and they said automatic only.
  6. No. It is not. Like I said, there are MANY vehicles with both manual and automatic options. Fuel consumption and emissions are the same as long as final gearing is the same. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. I work daily with German engineers. They run a good line. Don't fall for it.
  7. Oh BS. There are lots of cars made with autos and manuals and there is no difference in emissions. Complicated is the wrong choice for THIS vehicle.
  8. That is what I had hoped. 6 gear for on road and the other two off road only.
  9. Apparently you are right. I confirmed with them. Sad. It means the whole thing will be complicated and expensive, the opposite of what they should be trying to create. That is what happens when you involve German engineers. Somehow it is ingrained into their whole society.
  10. There is nothing to be gained with 24 spline genuine shafts. They are weaker than the 10 spline shafts. If you want to go stronger, you need aftermarket 24/23 spline shafts and suitable CV joints. What you have in there now is anyone's guess.
  11. No. It is 8 speed manual. They say industry leading 8 speed gearbox and then show someone shifting. The videos of them driving also show all manual gear changes.
  12. Sounds like a bad bush. It would not compress the inner diameter any appreciable amount. I've done many of these and never had an issue.
  13. You just need any buzzer. Positive to the lights, negative to any switched 12V. When you turn off the ignition, it will buzz if the lights are on.
  14. It will be much better, unlike this thing LR produced.
  15. Your memory is failing you. When they came out you could get the same engine and gearbox for the Range Rover and 90/110. It was a RR with a heavier frame, stronger axles and a simple Land Rover body.
  16. Keep in mind that this is MSRP. That does not include PDI,. delivery and taxes.
  17. Now there is a completely rubbish statement.
  18. Yes. Land Rover is the only manufacturer that tests their vehicles.... 🤣
  19. The factory installs them from the top, before the seatbox.... They usually come out down, but you need to pry and prod a lot. It is very tight.
  20. When it is pushed in fully, where EXACTLY does the end of the push rod sit? That is the important bit.
  21. Because there is nothing connecting the old with the new. Nothing, nada, zip, other than they are made by a company with the same name.
  22. The rod should stick out just a bit past the slave cylinder flange when pushed in.
  23. Yes. If that had been the Discovery 5, they would probably be selling them instead of going bankrupt.
  24. Post a picture of the crank pulley. There are various versions. As above, the closest to the engine is for the water pump and alternator on a Defender 200TDI.
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