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  1. The whole needing to have someone spot on such easy terrain is embarrassing. Either there is very little compression travel on that suspension of the air system is preventing the travel from being used. The two wheels holding up the vehicle should be compressed to near the bump stops if it was setup correctly. I thought these were supposed to have more travel than the existing models.
  2. That is a link to the same switch I showed. My link was the manufacturer's page which shows all of the options and includes the installation instructions and wiring diagrams.
  3. What do you mean "they do not fit"? There are lots of different lengths of shocks. If you are 550 mm at normal ride height, you have a big lift and would want longer than stock shocks or a lower shock mount.
  4. G - Switched +12V LGB - Washer pump ULG - Low speed wipe RLG - High speed wipe NLG / WG - Wiper motor park B - Ground
  5. If you perceive something to be what it is not, you are brainwashed.
  6. First off, you need to put a bit of effort into this or it won't work out. You are the one who wants a custom setup. You need to understand it and make sure it is implemented properly. There are versions in 12 and 24 volt and with different connectors. https://www.littelfuse.com/~/media/commercial-vehicle/datasheets/switches/windshield-wiper-switches/littelfuse-switches-electronic-windshield-wiper-switches-datasheet.pdf I could be wrong, but I don't think the wiper switch and connectors changed from when they went from an intermittent relay to ECU control. The plug that goes into the harness should be the same as the original without intermittent and you tie in there, byassing the intermittent part of the existing system.
  7. I disagree. It has not been British in my mind for 26 years. Do you think a Mini is British? Your mind is stuck in the past.
  8. How? It is an Indian company. It has not been a British company for 26 years.
  9. Umm, I gave it to you. No wire cutting required. Disconnect existing switch and run wires from new switch to connector.
  10. Come to Canada. You can drive on ice and snow for 8 months of the year. You will lose your excitement quickly.
  11. I used one of these on a Series and it should also work fine on a Defender. They have variable intermittent built in, so you would simply bypass the intermittent loom for the later Defender and wire directly to the wiper. These have variable intermittent wipe, 2 speed continuous and wash with wipe. https://www.littelfuse.com/products/switches/windshield-wiper-switches/electronic-windshield-wiper-switches/75602_04.aspx
  12. Point being. They are not going to make any improvements in sales volumes with it. Nobody knows or cares that it came out. Sales will plod along to the same people they sold to in the past. They have made claims of increasing sales by ten fold.
  13. Has anyone met a "normal" person (not a LR enthusiast) that even knows Land Rover released this vehicle? I have not. There is no buzz. Nobody even knows it exists.
  14. It is not just that. They chose a size that does not exist. You can't buy a tire of that size anywhere.
  15. And tyres of a size that don't exist and you can't purchase anywhere. Makes a great idea to be in the middle of nowhere.
  16. I assume that you do not understand the definition of "wear". Obviously it can happen from contamination. But contamination aside, roller bearing failure modes do not include wear. Overloading or overlife use failures are from fatigue of the metal which leads to spalling of the surface. To the untrained, this may appear to be wear. Bearings are sized to a load and life that will leave them unchanged through their life period and will show not change in dimensions unless this load or life is exceeded as long as the lubricant is maintained and not contaminated. There is no "wear" of the parts. As to the design change shown above, they most likely changed as it is easier to setup the taper roller bearings. There is little thrust load, so the benefit is little from a bearing loading perspective.
  17. Roller bearings don't wear.... That is not a failure mode for them.
  18. Residential power supply here is 24 kW minimum with most new installs being 48 kW. No rural supply would be less than 48. Normal level 2 installs would be 7 to 12 kW. I've not heard it ever being an issue. The biggest issue with electric cars today is the cost. They are very expensive compared to ICE cars.
  19. They become rough because they have no extension travel left.
  20. Same carp marketing, slightly different editing. It is that kind of carp video that gets areas closed down. Bunch of idiots wrecking vehicles and the land.
  21. Red90


    That one. The Detroit Locker. You don't need an axle strengthening kit for what you are doing. That is for people that are racing and planning to jump.
  22. And nobody at any time has thought Defender.
  23. The rich people that buy these things only care if their neighbour is jealous of them having one or not. I'm not sure if there is anything there that would make them buy this instead of a RR.
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