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  1. Not from a 1950s persepctive.
  2. People commenting that they don't want to buy something that may be unreliable and unsafe on a Defender forum is very funny.
  3. They are fine. Lots of people use them and I've not heard of a single complaint.
  4. Red90

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The problem with traction control is it removes power to increase traction. In certain situations, this prevents forward movement as more power is removed than is needed to move. I see this regularly with modern Land Rovers that rely on TC.
  5. You should ALWAYS have a CO alarm if you are using any type of fired heater for sleeping.
  6. There was something wrong with it. They should run at any level forever without issue. Everyone has one where I live.
  7. Because 2 kW is not enough and they cost very little. They are fine running at any setting and won't soot up
  8. Sure. Get a 5 kW though.
  9. On a turbo, though, the compressor speed is limited by the turbine choice and its map. You can only reach surge if the turbine and compressor maps are mismatched without a restriction in the system. The shaft can't spin fast enough to produce pressure and reach surge until the flow rate through the turbine is high enough. They choose the turbine and compressor on purpose to prevent any possibility of reaching surge. It is the guys that make hybrid turbos that get themselves into trouble.
  10. Surge on a diesel turbo? How? Without a throttle, there is no way to limit flow while at boost. I'm pretty sure you would need to mess up by using a mismatch compressor to the turbine.
  11. Red90

    Intermittent High Speed Blower

    Testing when the fault is not occurring is of no use. The switches are not very well designed.
  12. Red90

    Intermittent High Speed Blower

    Probably the switch, but the reality is you need to troubleshoot with a meter when it happens. Step one, get the wiring diagram and understand it.
  13. Red90

    BOOST pin Fitted

  14. No. More boost is always more air and lower EGTs at the same fueling rates.
  15. The 720 C is the published maximum continuous operating temperature for the turbo. This number is from Garret. Land Rover has not and would not publish a figure. As far as they are concerned, you should never be adjusting anything. Regardless. 720 is perfectly safe based on real world testing.
  16. Red90

    Defender dash

    I would do a Madman EMS for the gauges. You won't need a speedo, I assume. One gauge with alarms to monitor everything plus the warning light cluster.
  17. Iron around 1500 C, steel around 1350. But that is not something anyone would take into account. It is set based on corrosion and strength properties at temperature. The turbine metallurgy is what is setting the limit set by Garret for the turbo. Beyond the turbo, the next issue is piston temperature and the issue is mostly with fear of locking the piston or rings in the bore if it gets too hot. There does not seem to be any engine problems at the 720 C limit. I've had engines apart after sustained use and they look fine. Also many people have run massively higher before they kill something. Put in a gauge with an alarm. Alarm goes off, back off on the throttle a bit.
  18. Nothing really matters other than the full throttle sustained temperatures. You need to check it over the full range of engine speeds as it varies. For instance, on my 200TDI, it is around 650 at 2000 rpm and rises to a peak of 720 C at 3000 rpm and then drops above that. There are obviously also variations depending on outside temperature and airflow through the intercooler. 720 C is the continuous limit set by Garret for the turbo. It seems to be safe for the engine, so there is nothing to worry about unless you sit well above that for long periods.
  19. Red90

    Parts described as OEM

    Land Rover 200TDI heads are not made by anyone. Really it is all a carp shoot these days. A lot of the genuine parts are carp not made to the original spec. I doubt anyone working at Land Rover know or could even locate the original spec for things made 20 or 30 years ago.
  20. A quality helmet blocks 100% of UV even when off and should not cause damage. For the sake of your eyes, just throw that in the bin. It is better off getting a fixed shade helmet.
  21. Red90

    Can boost pin damage my engine?

    At lest in this case, the owner is looking for advice. So...it makes sense to be helpful and supportive instead of denigrating.
  22. Red90

    front brake upgrade?

    So reading through the only thing you have not looked at is the stuff in the brake lines. Not sure what you have as it varies, PDWA, bias valve and/or G-valve.
  23. Red90

    front brake upgrade?

    Do you have the shoes installed correctly and adjusted correctly? It is really easy to get them wrong as the correct fitment is not obvious and not shown in the workshop manual.

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