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  1. Yah, you just need good shocks on a Defender. You won't find much that can keep up to you on a rough road.
  2. One or two teeth and it will run as described with no mechanical damage. The valve and injection timing become retarded and they smoke heavily. The other possibility is if the pump timing bolts come loose. It becomes heavily retarded and the fuel is injected too late producing lots of smoke. My question on the engine oil is to do with a failed turbo turbine side seal. This causes lots of smoke.
  3. The type of springs is not an issue. Air springs can be fine. The problem is the short arm independent suspension. It is horrible for keeping wheels on the ground. IT only takes 5 minutes off road with anything LR has built in the last 10 years (other than the Defender) to see this.
  4. Yes, you still want vacuum advance.
  5. As already mentioned a few times. The screws are self tapping. The holes are not threaded. The screws tap into the stalk. You use the screws that came out of the old one. I did this a few weeks ago.
  6. The flywheel is one of the friction surfaces for the clutch. Much like brake discs, having it machined to be flat provide the best friction and ensures the clutch does not wear prematurely. Unless you enjoy changing clutches, it is a good idea to do things properly while you are there. It is not an expensive thing to do.
  7. Britpart sells GKN branded shafts. The part number will have a "G" on the end and when you get the shaft it will have a GKN label on it.
  8. That link is for the old style without intermittent function. 1990 and earlier.
  9. What happened to the existing screws? Normally you just reuse. They are no bolts. They are self tapping screws that thread into the metal. I just did one of these a week ago. The new OEM switch did not have screws. The screws from the old switch just moved over. The three screw version is the early, non intermittent style.
  10. They are just self tapping screws. The later ones like the one you posted only uses two screws.
  11. Yep. That is the problem. When you are on a steep hill and need power, the TC takes it all. Even on this flat ground, you can hear the engine working hard. As above the rear locker helps a lot if you have one with that option.
  12. https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/LU46AA
  13. You need to be running below 10 psi and need lockers to give a trail a difficult rating. If you can drive through on 60 series tyres at road pressures, it is an easy trail.
  14. No, those were all easy trails. You barely need four wheel drive to tackle them. If you do not understand where low pressure is required, then you have no experience on hard off road terrain.
  15. This thread is about Defenders and Discos. Let's not get off topic.
  16. Do not do that. There should always be free play in the cable. Adjust the throttle stop. Screw A
  17. You are not doing it right.... Every ball joint taper ever comes off this way.
  18. Yah. The current 2 liter 4 does 300 hp, 400 Nm.... The 3 liter is simply 2 more cylinders. The 3 liter Diesel at 300 hp would be a lot nicer to drive.
  19. Was just talking to a friend that is a salesman at a LR dealer. He says all the new stuff is carp with horrible reliability and they all sit around and joke about how bad it is. He also says part availability even for the new stuff is really poor. He was told the only reason the Defender has been delayed is that they do not want the lots full of broken Defenders in the first month and they are trying to fix the worst carp before starting to sell.
  20. LR math.90" = 102"110" = 119"130" = 119"
  21. The computer analogy is not relevant. Computers are standardized and everyone makes the parts to the same specs. Cars are not. Everything is custom and proprietary. In fact, many are moving to encrypted code and communications to prevent people changing things.
  22. And you will hand them your life savings in return.
  23. IMO, it is more a problem of when the hardware fails, there will be no cost effective replacements. That is the way with all modern cars. When they get to 15 years old, they become much too expensive and sometime impossible to keep running. These particular vehicles are so very complicated that it just makes it much worse than a typical car.
  24. They do care about it though. I know a lot of owners of newer Land Rovers that are abandoning the brand solely due to the number of problems that they have had. I'm not sure what you think of their sales numbers, but their sales numbers have drop dramatically over the last two years. Reliability and making cars that look the same as everything else on the market. In any case, this thread is on the Defender replacement. My point is that if they really want to make money (they are losing hand over fist right now) then that vehicle "could" have been something different and could have been one to allow them to get back into markets that they lost a long time ago. Making another vehicle that aims for the same markets they are already in is not a way to make a serious change in their profits.
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