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  1. Was on the verge of buying a tom tom one v3 when I found hidden away in a web page on tom toms website the following info: The tom tom one is not guaranteed a free map update. In other words from the time it was packed and has stood in the shop there has been at least one new map update but you do not automatically qualify for it. So you buy a new sat nav and immediately have to fork out £40 if you want the latest up to date map on it. Some of the more expensive tom toms qualify but only if you are given a guarantee voucher when you purchase. May as well go for a RAC 200. its £40 cheaper an
  2. Not really freelander related though it will be going in one. Anyone got a sat nav? Thinking of purchasing my first sat nav and I know absolutely nothing about them. I just want it for mainland Britain. Do they all warn about speed cameras and do they update themselves automatically when new roads are constructed or do you have to throw them out and purchase a new one. Been told Tom Toms are good. What do I need? Any advice greatfully appreciated. Thanks
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