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  1. Crackin lookin owl. shame about the car
  2. Done them on other cars but not a freelander. Another pair of hands comes in handy to hold the shaft. On most you have to fiddle with a pair of circlip pliers or couple of small screwdrivers whils tapping the bck of the cv joint flange with a soft mallet to knock it off the shaft. Extra pair of hands to hold the shaft firm prevents it from flirting out the other end.
  3. Notice many members have put the town/city in which they live but couldnt find if it was possible to do a search of members local to oneself. Might be nice to know if thers someone around the corner with a freelander who fancied the idea of helping each other when needed. Lashings of beer in gratitude of course. As these appear to have more than their share of problems it could be a good way of making new friends with a shared interest. I'm in Stoke on Trent if anyone fancies a cuppa and mines running without fault at the moment (fingers crossed)
  4. Touch wood my 1.8 petrol is still running fine after 9 days of ownership. All electrics work well and only compaint I have is that it does seem very heavy on petrol comapared to my 1.4 rover which ive been using for the last 4 yrs. Time will tell if I keep it or go back to my old faithful which is resting in my drive. Most second hand freelanders over 50,000 miles will probably have had the head gasket done already and if you can get a receipt for this and a new cambelt change your laughing. Think the cambelt change isnt too dificult for the average diy enthusiast anyway.
  5. Having just bought my freelander I would like to check the oil levels in the IRD, Final Drive, & Gearbox. I will heve to lie under the car with it jacked up to do this and bearing in mind they may all use different oils that I will need to buy would it be cheaper to take it to a Landrover agents to get them topped up?
  6. Thanks Marc just wanted a second opinion before I bought one. Yes it is the distributer ignition engine.
  7. I had this on my rover 1.4 engine and it appeared impossible to align them spot on. My cars still fine today wiyh no tappet noise so must be right.
  8. The spark plug cover is missing off my 1.8 petrol engine (98 reg) Found this on ebay. Can anyone tell me if this will fit? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ROVER-200-214-216-SI...7QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Picked my 98 freelander up yesterday and took it for its first proper run this morning. I'm pretty happy with it but also noticed the tyres are noisy. had a nice long stretch wher I cud open it up to 60 - 70 mph. Felt like my ears wanted to pop by the time I got back home. Is this normal on these? (pretty sure the bearings are ok and convinced its tyre noise).
  10. Ive just bought a 98 xei as well looks like we could be sharing notes good luck
  11. Thanks Jules, thought it must have been an electrical problem, Locks and opens ok with the key.
  12. Sure many of you have come across this one before. Drivers door doesnt lock when remote is pressed, all others ok. Anyone know the cure to the problem? Thanks
  13. I'm sure your right Jules and actually knowing about all the problems hasnt put me off buying one. Its just given me a lot more knowledge about them than I had before I joined the forum. My first job will be to remove the standard radio cassette player and fit my MP3 cd player. It was dead simple on my rover 200. Are there any pitfalls on the freelander to trip me up or is it straightforward?
  14. I pick my first freelander up on Saturday and yes i've updated my AA to recovery.
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