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  1. Now I don't know who Anthea is. Never met the girl.... Honestly! But Betty is the dear old lady in my avatar. Full name: Betty Boop. Eric
  2. Thank you Nick. I saved this one for my kids. I don't know if they will appreciate it as much as i do. My Betty smells like 80W90 and petrol and i love it. cheers, Eric
  3. All bearings have numbers stampt on de inner and outer race, and all bearing manufacturers use the same numbers. The RTC numbers are just Land Rover part numbers. The bearing numbers for the RTC3416 and RTC3426 are. RTC3416: Outer race 354X. bearing(inner race) 359S. RTC3426: Outer race 11300. bearing(inner race) 11162. Any good bearing supplier will be able to get you good quality bearing using those numbers. Eric
  4. Hi Allen, I took some measurments and my front axle is just over 20mm wider (so just shy of 1") than the rear measured between the brake backplates. It is a bit difficult to get an exact measurement this way, so your 1" might be right. What i found in the serie 3 workshop manual is that a S3 109 has a 1" wider track than a S3 88, but that is because of the wider brake shoes/drums i guess. I can't find any track numbers in the serie 2a workshop manual. As far as i know i still have the original axles front and rear and i definitely have 10" brakes all round. So i think it is just supposed to be this way. Cheers, Eric
  5. I know that on my serie 2a 88 the front axle is a little bit wider than the rear wheel to wheel. I can't remember the exact difference of the top of my head but will measure tomorrow if you wish. Eric.
  6. With a 2a gearbox and clutch withdrawal mechanism you can use the late 2a 9.5 inch cluth cover (part number 571228) and the 9.5 inch late 2a/3 clutch plate (FRC2297). Eric.
  7. Link for 2a workshop manual. http://solidebolide.nl/downloads/Repair%20Operation%20Manual%20Series%202a.pdf Eric
  8. I have the full Wipac LED light set on my serie 2a. I like them, but the one thing that bugs me is that there is no light emitted to the side but only straight ahead. A filament bulb emits light in all directions. LED does not so side visibility is reduced. Eric
  9. It looks like the cage of the front mainshaft bearing has melted. This can happen if the oil level is very low. Edit: In your first post you said that you were recovering a mate. Did you slip the clutch a lot? That would put a lot of heat in the primary pinion which could melt the bearing cage. Eric
  10. Very nice. I did something similar to my 88" Eric
  11. You could try to sell it to somebody in Holland. Petrol engines are popular here since the goverment raised the tax exempt age to 40 years. On diesel cars between 25 and 40 years old we pay full tax which can go up to 2000 euro/year for a 110. Oldtimer petrol cars in that age group are only 120 euro/year but can't then be driven in januari,februari and december. Before they changed the rules everybody with an over 25 year old petrol car got rid of their petrol engines and put in 200tdi's. Now they all want to change back again. Eric
  12. I think it could be 3/8 BSF Partnumber ETC5577 Eric.
  13. I have Bearmach swivels on my serie 2a. The LH one has been on for 1.5 years now and is still mint. The RH one has been on for about a year longer and is scarred and rusted in places. Eric.
  14. Is the smoke really blue or is it greyish? If grey it is definitely unburnt diesel. I have a very good 2,25 petrol from Turner in my serie 2a that hase a tendency to blow the valve seals of the exhaust valve guides. This doesn't really effect oil consumption because that is minimal and it doen't smoke at all. It only gives a blue puff of smoke after it has been idling for a long time and then only at the first blip of the throttle. The only time I get permanent blue smoke is when off-roading and the right hand side of the truck is a lot higher than the left i.e on a sideslope. My explanation. All the oil under the valve cover then runs down to the left side of the cilinderhead and some of it gets into the combustion chambers via the exhaust valve guides. So if you want to test if your smoke is caused by the valve seals you could put the driverside up a bank and see if it starts to smoke. Eric.
  15. Now I remember where I read it. It was on your site. Eric.
  16. I have read somewhere that the Roamerdrive synchro is a 3/4 synchro unit from the series LT76 gearbox. Eric
  17. I have thought about getting a pair for my serie 2a but the fact that the lenses are polycarbonate instead of glass has held me back. They are much more prone to srcatching which then diffuses the light and the advantage is gone. I have had several lorries with polycarbonate lenses and after a couple of years they look like matte glass and the transmission of light is severely reduced. I have the normal headlights now with Philips X-treme Vision bulbs and that already is a big improvement. So if there is someone out there who has used the Wipac Crystals for a very long time on a daily driver and can convince me that the lenses are still as new I might get a pair. Eric.
  18. Aaaaah. Thats what "Doing a Nige" means. Get well soon mate. You are replenishing the blood you lost with beer I see. Eric
  19. HF​H hase turned into a proverb now has he? Doing a Nige. Soren, You keep on MacGyvering the sh*t out of stuff. I realy like this project. Eric
  20. Where is the pivot bracket for the red lever mounted on the bellhousing? The bracket should be mounted on the front of the lug on the bellhousing. If it is mounted on the rear of the lug the red lever will hit the tunnel/bulkhead before it can engage 2WD high. Eric
  21. I have been using garden sprayers for years on diffs, swivels and gearboxes. Remove the nozzle and put a length of rubber hose in its place. Put a ty-rap on the trigger and let it do its thing. In the mean time you can do some other work, or have a beer, or..... I did notice that the original plastic hoses do become hard after a while so the oil definitely has a degrading effect on the plastic. Eric.
  22. This one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Series-One-Diesel-88-CHASSIS-NUMBER-ONE-1957-first-one-off-production/231831870957?_trksid=p2047675.c100009.m1982&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D35308%26meid%3Dc4b57e2b632545f7a6631807fc361f11%26pid%3D100009%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D10%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D272121790214
  23. The 330366 looks like a serie fuel filler. The later one from the 90/110 and Defender is not listed as a separate item but part of the side panel. Eric
  24. They used to do distribution gearsets for the 4 cilinder diesels and i've heard stories of the gears not being up to spec and cracking and/or shedding teeth. No hands on experience though. Eric
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