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  1. I'd really love to but I'm flying to the US on the monday! Plus the car's not yet been sorted from Slindon...
  2. This sounds like a great event! Wish I could make it down...
  3. I may have missed it, but how did the Challenger boy's get on in the placings in the end???? Nice pics!
  4. Bloody hell! Sounds evil. At least they had an adventure.... Hope they took some photos!
  5. Woohoo go team Challenger! Good decision on Paul's part! Really hope they pull this off.... This sounds terrifying.
  6. Wahoo! The guys sound like they're going great guns. Any news on any of the other GB crews???
  7. Good going guys! Keep at it.. shame about team crazy frog...
  8. Hope you all have a great weekend... Hopefully it won't do what it's doing here at the moment, rain.... :/
  9. What a day! Cannot believe we won our class, in the Official Smallest Truck Onsitetm! We are both chuffed to bits! Great event, haven't had the Jimny on 3 wheels or less as much as we did today... Thanks to all the organising team at Challenger4x4, a great mix of punches to suit any level of expertise. The journey home was very very very loud, a sheared off exhaust makes a 1.3 sound like a V12 . I got a fair few looks from passersby, couldn't go much over 40mph... So.Very.Loud. Bloody knackered now though...
  10. Just got to cut the new winch rope to size (ep9's are smaller than 8274's.. ) so it doesn't bind like last time, then get all the kit stowed and we're ready....
  11. I'll try my best Rob! Dad's driving anyway, it's his fault if they break again.. Gonna take it niiice and steady on sunday, nothing silly. Aim is to finish the day in 4wd this time...
  12. Well just been out in the jimny for a test, 4wd is working again.. We'll try not to break it this time I suppose...
  13. Fantastic result Boothy well done! Can he move fast when agitated then???
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