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  1. Would be good to catch up Les!! Come and help out!
  2. There is a 10 quid parking fee for the whole weekend. I think if you're crew you'll be in the pit area, but I would want Neil to confirm this. Ross, if you sign up on the marshal's register at least then we can get hold of you to find out if you're available or not!
  3. Interested in coming to watch King Of The Valleys in person? Want to take it the next level and help out at the event??? If you sign up as a volunteer you get free event entry, goody bags, food plus entry in to the Volunteer Raffle... This raffle will have prizes from all of the event sponsors, and a ton of swag from top USA Ultra4 teams and former KOH winners! This raffle is for volunteers only, and is gonna have some great prizes!! If you're interested in volunteering please use the http://awdc.co.uk/index.php/marshal-registers'>marshals register form over on the AWDC site,
  4. Please stop posting up pictures of awesome Jimnys. This is a LR forum don't you know. Kthxbye. Between the two of you you've built my two favourite Jimnys in the UK.
  5. Just curious, but did Mike ever really play a part in challenge events?? I only ever remember him racing comp safaris and rallying.
  6. Yup Slindon. Is it worrying that I know exactly what mud hole that is?
  7. Sorry I missed it James, I was juggling my camera and phone at the time and looked up and you were on your side....
  8. Here's my first video from the event. More to come!
  9. http://www.allwheeldriveclub.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=233&Itemid=118 Great pics Si thanks.
  10. A couple of Ultra 4 drivers, Easy Rick Mooneyham (2nd KOH 2012) and Brian Shirley (7th KOH 2012) have a short message for competitors.
  11. Here's the KoV Spectator Info. Please help us keep the event safe by following this guide and any onsite official's instructions.
  12. We are still looking for marshals if you fancy helping out in an official capacity over the weekend. I'd suggest PMing najw for more info. Nice LR!
  13. Sorry to hear that. I think taking it easy will be the name of the game, definitely will be a race of attrition!
  14. Is the buggy going to be ready or are you using a Landie Bob?
  15. The Spectator Map and Info has just been released over on the KoV site: KoV Spectator Info Feel free to share this link around with people and other forums etc! Here's the gist:
  16. I thought the camping field was here...? http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=316358&Y=318877&A=Y&Z=120
  17. First course clearing weekend was just held, here are some photos of a small fraction of the course, the LCQ course and some of the spectator areas. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.379323148775283.87438.279405965433669&type=3
  18. Damn that looks good Si! *Off to BigJimny to find the build thread again..*
  19. Bloody hell Steve Lait's coming out of retirement! Some people are gonna be upset at what that little zuk can do....!
  20. I know that if I tried to drive half the stuff he does in a buggy like that, I'd be in a tree, upside down or on fire. Or all three. He seems to have a great grasp of where and what the vehicle is doing, knows when to gas it and when to blip it, and also when to hit the rear steer. I personally get dead bored of all the southern US rock bouncing vids that pop up, but I'm happy to defend him when people say 'it's just mash the throttle and hang on'.
  21. You're right, a 90 could easily drive this. Silly Americans.....
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