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  1. Thanks for posting, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I still think there's an elaborate hoax going on.
  2. I got a Megasquirt Gold box to run my LQ4 after the factory loom and ECU was as cut out from the vehicle, the aftermarket ECU and loom almost worked but had the immobiliser (VATS) enabled which cut power to the injectors. I imported the gold box from EFI Source who makes them in the states after really struggling to find any open source information on tuning LS type engines in the UK. It arrived after getting mugged by customs and general confusion between the US postal service, UPS and Parcelforce. DHL is the only way to ship small items from the States I think. The LQ4 is going in an off roader bolted to an LT95 4 speed from a 101 with a trailer / Perentie PTO on it. I'm only now at the stage of needing it running properly and need to change the injectors to an EV1 type. I was looking for an injector that is well known and supported in various applications and was thinking the Bosch : 0280155968 'green giant' 440cc injectors are about the right size for my application. There are a lot of Chinese knockoffs of these things which seem to have sold in large numbers but less so of the genuine ones. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BOSCH-0280155968-Fuel-Injector-0-280-155-968-GREEN-GIANT-440cc-EV1-4/112888562774?epid=249286692&hash=item1a48aec456:g:FA4AAOSwpNxatUhJ Has anybody any recommendations for where to get 8 flow matched injectors from, preferably in the UK? I have never used megasquirt in my entire life so it will be a learning experience for me for sure. I'll post random updates here and probably a lot more questions. I have sooo many questions but also thanks to everyone who's posted here in this sub forum, especially Nige which is partly why I went with megasquirt instead of Holley or any of the other big names. I added a picture just because posts are boring without them and I don't have any pictures of injectors I don't have. The front suspension is a one link.
  3. Why does Mercedes continue making money from constantly updated unimogs then? Iveco joined the money making utility bandwagon with the Daily 4x4, Jim Ratcliffe also thinks there's money to be made from the projekt grenadier, there's a market and money to be made from a decent utility vehicle, even at the price point that JLR would need to come in at, although a few bits of old range rover dragged out of the scrap bin won't cut it this time round regardless of how much new pedestrian friendly plastic tat gets nailed on top. The market for a utility vehicle at a lower price point is massive, if JLR with TATA's help could get into that, it would put them on the map in places they haven't been in decades.
  4. That is exactly the truth. At 0:36 you can clearly see the front wheel has run out of downwards travel and the traction control has kicked in holding the wheel at 0:37. This tells me two things, one they're either not fitted with a front locker or aren't using it and two, the people trying to convince me or themselves that the d7u platform has more travel than coils and live axles are mistaken. The (lack of) wheel travel here and is almost identical to the video of my friends disco 5 I posted earlier. Just to be clear, I'm not one of these people saying old is good, I'm in the 'old was garbage and should be burned with fire' camp. I just think a huge opportunity has been missed if this is the defender replacement and I don't understand why anything as simple as a utility body on a D7U platform should have taken 5 years to develop, unless it's just a clever hoax which I increasingly believe it to be. There's also nothing particularly durable about that suspension either.
  5. Are they testing it off road? Have you actually seen any video or pictures to that effect? I haven't but of course I may have missed it. I believe it was purely a publicity stunt and nothing else. They've had that same suspension for at least 4 years, what's left to test? Testing compared to the competition? Well, the competition would appear to be Jeep and G wagon as they arranged for their stunt. The Jeeps already did the 'trail approved' thing years ago, have the badge on the wing and land rover is playing catch up here. G wagon has the history and development that doesn't need mentioned and is constantly conducting trials for various military and international organisations that JLR will have to try hard to get into. I disagree with your comments on the exhaust, it's quite frankly a ridiculous place to put a piece of thin metal which when squashed will seriously damage the engine and your chances of getting home. Contrary to what you may believe, diffs don't get damaged scraping them on the ground like exhausts do.Your comments on this surprise me actually, You don't just poke a rock through a diff, millions of live axles out there prove you wrong, it's not impossible, it just doesn't happen. The placement of the exhaust is not an elegant design, it's just plain stupid like the oil coolers that Red90 posted. It's not a design feature to alert you to reaching the available ground clearance , it's a poorly executed afterthought like the oil coolers. Hitting those low hanging fragile looking alloy lower arms will be a different story to hitting a much higher steel axle case on a rock, it'll be interesting to see how they last when they get hit and how the tyres fair when the bushes flog out if this is actually the final design which I doubt. I'm with Red90 on this, he clearly stated short arm independent which is not used on any of the vehicles you mentioned. There has never ever been a successful independently sprung commercial vehicle, not the Pinzgauer, Tatra, Hummer, Champ, Gipsy, Mutt, DAF etc, they've all been one hit wonders and all sharing the same instability, maintenance and reliability issues. Try looking at this from a fleet user or remote areas operation standpoint where simplicity, whole life costs and durability come into play and less from a JLR fanboy perspective to understand many of our legitimate concerns.
  6. I was just gonna post the exact same pictures, you all beat me to it. Can anybody confirm any differences in the defender replacement rear suspension pictures from Moab and the discovery 5? I'm not intimately familiar with the disco 5 but that looks pretty much identical to how I think they look. Are we actually being hoodwinked here? Are they testing the torsional stiffness of the new body perhaps with old disco running gear to keep the real thing under wraps? I can't believe they'd launch the defender replacement with disco 5 suspension. Don't get me wrong, the disco 5 suspension is great and perfectly suited to a discovery which is on road 99% of the time or towing trailers but not for a Defender replacement. I also don't think it would have taken so long to develop and launch if it was just a reworked disco 5. I thought the Defender replacement was going to be on an all new platform anyway? Also, the exhaust actually runs under the suspension and is the lowest point on the vehicle in an area very likely to contact the ground, there's no CTIS visible, antiroll bar disconnects or any other modifications to make it more robust or improved for off road prowess, same tiny half shafts too. nah, I think this is another marketing stunt to try and generate interest like the ones to coincide with the Paris motor show. They just happened to park up and let a bunch of journalists take pictures next to two competitors vehicles?
  7. There's a lad called Daniel Watson runs around the UK most weeks, he's based up your way.
  8. When I did mine I took off the bump stops to give me a worst case scenario. I do that on pretty much everything I put an engine in just to know there wont be any mistakes. On articulation the axle can only go down from there. I’d be really interested in your build thread too.
  9. Lol, you may have been closer to the truth than you realised. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/new-land-rover-defender-interior-leaked-ahead-unveiling?page=1 Of course it could easily be a marketing stunt and nothing like the real thing. If it's real then I suppose it could have been a lot worse, it's hard to make utilitarian not look dated. The centre seat's interesting and I wonder if that's real as I could imagine that being difficult to get through crash testing. No obvious diff lock or low range selection makes me wonder how the manual version will work. I can't imagine how successfully getting in with mud on your hands or soaking wet you would be able to select the low range or other functions without filling the switches up with mud but I'm sure they thought of that. On a separate note, this link from the comments is interesting about JLR in China and reflects much on what many here are saying about quality. https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/jaguar-land-rovers-china-problems-stem-lax-quality-control
  10. I've tried a few different ones of these and have been really impressed by their performance. The first ones I tried a few years ago were the really cheap and nasty Chinese ones which could start a 4.2 diesel land cruiser from dead flat. I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it. That said, they struggle with glow plugs a bit due to the duty cycle they have but I'm a great believer in them now.
  11. There have been over 7 million land cruisers sold so far, about 10% of which just in Australia. It's also a commercial vehicle, not a car in most regions it's sold in so doesn't appear in the comparisons. The link you posted was for UK car sales and the few land cruisers listed are the 100 and 120 series with a few 200's in there. The heavy duty ones are the 105's, the HZ and VDJ 70 series as was explained in earlier posts which we never got in the uk. You can basically compare the defender to any of the ones with 5 studs in the wheels instead of 6. Their reliability is legendary, they do break, anything does, but just as if you break an anvil, generally you were doing something silly at the time. They have a lot of attributes like a Defender in that they are easy to fix, have a huge aftermarket of shoddy Chinese parts and are generally abused and overpriced on the secondhand market.
  12. Can you back that up with statistics please and not unsubstantiated opinion? That is exactly the market and use that the defender replacement is aimed at and I'd be confident of it doing all that rather well until the warranty runs out. That however isn't what a defender was or did particularly well and there were a thousand other vehicles would do all that better. Go back and actually read the 12 pages and highlight things you don't like or understand so we can have an informed discussion and not reduce it to unsubstantiated opinions. Read the technical reasons in the various posts and come back with what you disagree with.
  13. There must be a great story about how it’s going to have taken 5 years extra on top of whatever development was already underway to replace a very simple and fairly unreliable car. Henry Ford certainly wouldn’t be impressed. if the dc100 was real and they’d called it something other than a defender they would probably have made a fortune out of it by now and could still be working on the current defender replacement.
  14. I do on a regular basis as a fleet and workshop management consultant. I’ve previously managed large fleets of off highway vehicles including defenders and land cruiers. Thats the perspective I try to bring. One outfit I was with bought 65 ROW spec defenders just before the end of production. The last of these vehicles was only distributed a few years ago, the replacements were long overdue and will probably be land cruiser shaped. For me without defender availability, it’s been land cruiser all the way with the exception of Ford ranger for light admin, and kamaz for medium heavy. At risk of repetition, look at utility or comercial vehicle purchase statistics to see who actually buys them. It’s not the single vehicle sales from distributors that makes the money although they may make higher margins. It’s company and fleet users that actually buys them. This is the market I’m not entirely convinced has been catered for. Ultimately the length of warranty on the defender replacement will be the biggest factor for me to recommend one to a client as a brand new unproven vehicle with no past performance or provenance compared to others such as Ford and Toyota that actually do cater for the sector.
  15. https://expeditionportal.com/the-new-defender-off-road/?fbclid=IwAR1YkTxduunBQ4aLkFEkNCZSDQN7WfSaR_PFBnAIKo_SLtXV36NXOqwD38Y Maybe there’s a tiny glimmer of hope it’s not going to be a total waste of space. I mean, obviously for fleet users and commercial operations it will be but for a lot of lifestyle people I can see the appeal. As far as keeping interest going, the marketing department are doing a great job. I’m still going to continue to moan about all the testing, even off road, being done on low profile road tyres.
  16. Hmmmm, I dunno, Rover didn't exactly invest in the brand like Tata have. At least a defender replacement is currently on the cards and whether or not we like the thing from a defender perspective, there's a chance for a few UK or Slovakian jobs. I just don't understand why they don't spend more on quality engineering instead of using quality marketing to replace it.How hard is it to convince the bean counters that building in reliability will ultimately be good for the balance sheet? I saw the attached image on social media, it seemed to fact check ok.
  17. Quite a few did that for the new Mercedes pickup and pulled out when it was actually released. It's a good example of parts bin engineering not working out for a premium brand. I think we're all in agreement that based on current prototype evidence that the defender replacement will just be the illusion of a utility vehicle, but we can live in hope that they make something useful until we're actually proved otherwise.
  18. Revisiting the centre bearing idea, as it's an intrinsic part of the whole thing to minimise as much as possible the propshaft angles. Does anybody know if the UJ in a series front axle is compatible with any of the propshaft UJ's? I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to make a bearing housing using the back of a pinion flange to hold one of the bearings as with my original design using transfer box bits. I've chucked all my series stuff out in the dim and distant past as I never saw anything useful in a series axle, kinda regretting it now. Alternatively, using a CV joint in a similar way could work as well, and if I could find matching CV joints that would work even better. There are loads of cars listed in various cv joint catalogues as having 24 spline cv's or shafts, does anybody know if any share the same diameter as the landy ones? I have no idea if it's somehow a standard size?
  19. Doh, I just noticed the title, can an admin change it to wide angle please, there's nothing wise about anything I'm doing. Thanks.
  20. It was the ends that were of particular concern as there's nothing to stop it moving to the side. The sections on the side could also use a brace as they're a long way from the one triangle at the very back. It'll probably end up carrying heavier things than you plan on right now so maybe worth adding the belts and braces now. Good plan though.
  21. Thanks for the suggestions but I need 6 shafts so was just going to knock them up myself. We get conned in the land rover world by having especially short travel joints, I don't think I've come across any UJ in any application with less travel. . The actual UJ is the same in a wide angle joint, it's just the yokes that are different. They won't actually see much load at significant angles as when the axle is hanging, it's light, it's more to avoid any binding. CV joints would be better as I've got some compound angles happening and flanges coming out of parallel. Has anybody successfully used a cv joint from something in a propshaft? I hate to bang on the Toyota drum but they have 35º as standard, It would be cheaper to modify Toyota shafts and make Toyota compatible diff flanges than buy 6 props. I need to conjure up some flanged centre bearings too. I made the thing below from bits of old transfer cases but I couldn't weld the halves together as there's so much oil in the aluminium it's like welding an oily sponge, soaking it in acetone achieved nothing at all. Any suggestions for a really short centre bearing? I'm wondering about using a cv joint and hub from something now, are there any useful bits in a free lander or later independent stuff with handy splines you can put a flange on?
  22. Curiously I've already used them to make a shaft in the past, I wonder why I didn't manage to think of that myself!! I went on to break that shaft about two years later and when I called them for a new bit they were very apologetic that it broke despite me telling them I smashed it on a rock. Thanks.
  23. I need to make a bunch of propshafts for my 6x6 build, where can I get these or equivalent wide angled flange yokes in the UK? These are 1310 but there are 1350 and 1410 yokes with the same bolt pattern that would work as well. Any info much appreciated. I just got my time wasted by some guy on ebay for the last two months so would prefer first hand experience of a decent supplier.
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