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  1. For my tuppence worth, I own a Toyo Bruiser 80 series with all the kit, 4.2 diesel, had it for 10 years, I had 300 di disco from new, with all the same kit, ( old man Emu) winch etc, BFG s, my son still has this car, both done 300K miles, they are both 94 year, the difference? The disco has been as reliable as you can ask, the Toyo disappointing, however the whole wear and tear bit, the Toyo is streets ahead, original headlining etc however, secondhand parts are far easier for the L R, I like both, one thing I like, the Toyo came with all the lockers from the factory, they work, are quick, reliable. Ultimately I have a hankering for a classic Rangie, more style, road presence, so I would like to build another car, ( the Rangie) but I don't have time, ( 66 and spending as much time over landing as I can) anyway, the Toyo affectionados are as good a bunch as the Landy guys, have fun, Bill Westley
  2. Good show, very interesting people, great attitude and as previously said not the "being sold to " spirit, the biggest and only complaint from me, the toilets, they were disgusting , disgraceful, the show was worthy of better and more were obviously were needed, and maybe some of the users have a better aim. Will definitely plan to go next year but to get the best from the show and get the "experience" I will want to stay for the two days, I attended two seminars, one about Bushcraft, very good, and another by Andrew Pierre White, again very good. I'm sure we all have our own ideas about over landing and camping and we do what suits us, but I enjoyed seeing other peoples way of doing things. Well done to the organisers. Regards to all
  3. Hi, have you resolved you problem? I may be able to offer you a solution, but if its done, no probs. Best regards, Bill Westley
  4. Biaching? young Nick is co-driver, that is.... in charge of refreshments etc etc. he was great at the "Croisiere Blanche" but I dont know how he'll cope with welsh Wales, but then, Morrisons is only down the road
  5. I fancy this for perhaps next year - so anything I can learn about it (besides one of the chalets having a pool ) would be greatly appreciated! Hi, its all been said really, get your booking in, now! its a popular event and getting more so with the northern froaders (German/Dutch/ Belgians) go onto the "Les-Vans" Tourist website sort out your " Herbegment" I think that means accomodation, get your truck ready, thats it. The paper work from the GRM sometimes comes through in English but you'll get by with "menu French" The GRM have a fond regard for the Brits as we are usually not "high maintenance" and of course the Brits always work in a team, which sad to say not all others do. I notice that in your pics you have a nicely sorted disco, will you use this? no probs if you do but you might want to do something about the rear bumper if you havent already. If you go in a group or go on your own dont worry you'll have ball at what I think is one of the most demanding technical drives of your life, this is not a "Bash and Crash" you'll be needing all your concentration and driving skills, a winch could be handy but on the climbs ( they call it a Montee Raid) which are very difficult they normally have a winch truck in position for those who can't manage it. The longest climb recorded on our Brantz was 1.5 kms!!!! not straight up, but that is a long way. A Brantz or similar is really essential or you'll find yourself playing "follow my leader " with someone who you dont really know if THEY know where they are! Also if you stay outside the village go in to "Les Vans one evening and enjoy the ambience of this lovely town.Thats it, go and have fun, as previously stated this is my favourite event, hope its yours too. Best Regards Bill Westley
  6. [ Don't forget your cozzie for Wales in 3 weeks I believe the soft Welsh water is much kinder to your crackers too !! I will be there, Hugh will not, he is 'froading in Oz as we speak, lucky devil, I WONT be takin the cozzie as I've heard that it rains in Wales just a lot, I was gonna practice my binge drinkin before it goes out of fashion or gets out of my price range, the good thing is the good value of the event, well done the organizers (#33# Club)
  7. This is true, you would'nt have seen Hugh or me in the pool, as we had our own, remember? the one underneath our balcony with the lovely young Italian things with the foul mouths. Also Hugh finds it difficult drinking and eating in the pool, the crumbs off the crackers get soggy, me ? I just concentrate on getting it all ready for the next day, (yeah right!)
  8. Yep, but usually there are three groups of start points not in the village itself, about 30 to 40 mins travel, so each day is a different start point and each day three start times, 7.30, 8.30. then 9.30 for the late starters, I suggest that you start early then you are to be sure to finish the roadbook, then back for a shower then into the pool for a dip, job done!!!
  9. Hi to all, I echo Peter's remark, this is a "must do" event, and it can run to loadsa money what with the weak pound, but, economies can be made by using cheaper accomodation, NOT having the meals and generally self catering, the whole package really is good, from the 'froading bit through the great evenings in "Les Vans" ( the host village) the attitude of the locals, all great, go and have a good time, for me, its the best event of the year! Last year our group rented a house and we catered for ourselves, we have stayed in hotels, but for me, we enjoyed the self catering option more. Worth noting is the weather can be very nice, warm and sunny, don't forget your cozzie, Best regards to all, Bill Westley
  10. I have one in the style quoted, love it, also love land rovers, would love to have a rover on the front of the 'cruiser as quoted ( Iknow its a bit flash but it DOES look good), any ideas?
  11. I agree with the above, I have a "Q" and in a way I am "proud" if thats that right expression of it. I also took lots of photos of the original build as a record of the work done. when it went through the SVA Iwas rather pleased. A "q" plate would not prevent me from buying a vehicle that I wanted, in fact I feel it might be a bonus at least the motor would be up to scratch! Happy 'froadin, regards to all Bill Westley
  12. IMHO I think its as easy as driving to Spain, just a little further, its a very popular trip for 'bikers who travel lighter than us. I have been on two organised trips, one as a punter and the other as a "marshal" and once with some friends on our own trip. My preference is for to go along with friends, I would suggest a least one other truck, its a great adventure and I would love to go again, the first pleasure is the preparation and planning, the second is the trip, and the third is planning the next! As long as you sensible about things, no problems, the Morroccans are tourist friendly (its how a lot of them earn their living) and the frontier is nowhere as hard as it was, you wait till you see all the holiday homes in Marrachech!!! building every where. Safe trip. Best Regards Bill Westley
  13. I've got the 35" on my hybrid, love em, on and off road, used 'em in swampy conditions, they were great, long term? who knows? I had BFGs 33x12.5 loved 'em, these are better, I've got the Creepy Crawlers.
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