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  1. dnt think im going to be ready until round 3 but am definitely gon try being ready by round 2 as i love kirton and seem to do well there
  2. if all goes well i might get the old git out to drive 1 or 2 instead of bitching for me
  3. i would just like to thank all the organisers, marshalls and fellow compeitors for making this year a very enjoyable one, i had a cracking day and despite destroying the little freespool gear in my 8274 (huge thanks to adrian turner for the replacement) breaking the clutch bracket when i ran over my ground anchor (oooops - i blame the winch bitch) i didnt really try and go all out to win anything has i had already secured my 2nd in class championship result, so i had a good day and just took it easy apart from the special stage were i was waiting for my engine to go bang for the abuse it was r
  4. cant wait to get there and compete, there again cant wait till it finishes, i hope i get a good result to finish on this season as i may be taking a year out next year. who knows tho?
  5. thanx to all marshalls and neil and carol for the event, it was a great day despite having only 2 wheel drive again, i was well pleased with my result considering i broke trailing arm and propshaft which caused me to drive more or less all day in 2wd only which made it even more difficult
  6. ok sorry, its just through habit that i text speak.
  7. it will have wide angle props with extended splines etc, a bit like the rr classic in a recent issue of landrover enthusiast, guess its just gona have to wait and see what i can sort out
  8. yea they do look good but i cant afford to be without a truck while i cut all arches etc the way they do, was hoping to lift it enough to get them on there with minimal mods, please help
  9. it will have 4 " spring spacers and 3" springs archers have already been cut and have spats on there
  10. yes it is, i dont tend to do a lot of wheelin as i have another truck for that, its just i like to have something a wee bit different from you r "evryday car" that every one else drives on the road if you know what i mean without goin ott and fittin mogs and 49s or 54s has seen on other discoverys
  11. hi guys im running a bobtailed disco on 33s at the mo with a 4 " suspension lift (2 inch springs and 2 " spacers), i am thinkin of upgrading to 37s or 38s as soon as my tyres wear out, do you think itll be possible to get 37s or even better 38s under it with 3" springs and 4" spacers?
  12. any 1 don some diy cranked radius arms
  13. it only seems to be missing on 1 cylinder, the gas system is solenoid operated so will only start on petrol then it automatically switches to gas after a few seconds, i can switch it manually to run on petrol but doin so it obviously misfires, the timing and evrything has been set up correctly by my dad but we didnt think to check the injectors. im ust hoping its now down to a lose/dirty connection on 1 of the plugs, checed them all drver side but no diference so hoping its goin to be under the inlet manifold will check later on in the week when i have more time
  14. hi guys i have just fitted a piper cam to my 3.5 v8 efi discovery but now i have a misfire when running on petrol but it runs sweet as a nut when on gas. any 1 got any ideas as to what it can be?
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