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  1. Jocklandjohn

    Crystal headlamp query

    Cheers - wasn't aware of that - I've already bought this one: https://shop.landreiziger.nl/lichtversterker-kabelboom-met-relais.html
  2. Jocklandjohn

    Crystal headlamp query

    Thanks both. Had me totally confused! I may wire it up - the more visible I am the better I reckon!
  3. Jocklandjohn

    Crystal headlamp query

    Just got a pair of 'Bluebox' crystal headlamps and a Landreiziger loom to upgrade the wiriing when I fit them. At this point I have NOT dismantled my existing headlamps or got ina about them for a look. Whats puzzling me is the additional bulb in the new crystal headlamp - small one at the top with two wires (see picture) which I do not have on the existing headlamps which only have a bulb in the middle. I'm guessing this is a really stupid question to which there is an obvious and totally logical answer, which when I am told it I will slap my forehad and go DUH!
  4. Jocklandjohn

    Towing hitch attachment

    There's a bit missing there I think - compared to how mine is fitted. I suspect there should be an angle iron on the lower face of the cross member, bolted upwards into the chassis and which accepts the lowermost two holes on the plate. See this: (ps - not my vehicle but shows the fitting)
  5. Jocklandjohn

    Bent Door ?

    I was approached by a delightful old chap a few weeks ago interested in my odd 110. He'd just parked his Santana 110. After we'd poked around mine we had a look at his van and he said: "see these Santana door seals you want to get some for your 110 they really stop the draughts coming in because they're not just a 'bulb' that the door closes against but have an L shape so the door closes against them and the L lip seals all the way around." I had a look and they indeed looked brilliant - the door closes agasint the seal but the seal goes over the edge of the door and down the inside - but I have no idea whether they would fit a LR110. This sis them AFAIK http://www.euro4x4parts.com/parts/ljp1083-5212_door_profiled_rubber_seal_5000028558.html Anyone come across them?
  6. Jocklandjohn

    Improving Defender ride quality

    RE springs - several years ago I replaced my 110 HT springs with a wall-known vendors pattern parts. Drove down hill from my house and turned the corner and nearly rolled over. Back home and checked them - all was ok. Tried again - lethal. Took it to the local LR independent garage for advice and an in informed opinion and the owner (who does all the local estate LR's & huge experience) took it 400m along the road and turned two corners and came back ashen-faced and refused to let me drive it home saying it was lethal. I contacted vendor, they sent me a complete new set, tried them in, same issue. We tried three sets which all exhibited the same problem before I gave up. The vendor was very helpful paying to pick up and re-deliver sets at no cost to me but said "no-one else has complained". Part numbers were correct, my 110 is normal, not SV, at that time was running basically empty but the ride was scary and positively dangerous. I then fitted LR original parts springs and Armstrong shocks and ride is excellent and predictable. I think some parts are best replaced using a degree of circumspection. YMMV but that was a cautionary experience for me.
  7. Jocklandjohn

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    Thanks Ralph, good to know where to obtain. First need to see what the dealer has in stock. What a pain in the buttocks!
  8. Jocklandjohn

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    Ok update. Figured out how the movement is altered - yes as Western notes the little piece of white plastic that forms the ramp can be levered off the cog and re-inserted on the opposite side and when the power plug is connected to the motor it immediately whirred a half turn and parked correctly. Hey ho brilliant! Nah.Not that simple! Put it back together again and switched on, all looked good until I attached the wipers and the drivers side goes right off the side of the windscreen! Seems I have a TD5 motor with a wider sweep arc (140 deg) as opposed to the required 120 deg. Groan. Back to dealer for replacement.....
  9. Jocklandjohn

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    Cheers Ralph - I was reluctant to start poking at it until I was sure that was the correct route to go down. Will give it a go tomorrow.
  10. Jocklandjohn

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    Yes I understand that its the rampy plastic lump thats the culprit, but does that separate from the big gearwheel somehow?
  11. Jocklandjohn

    AAARGH! Wiper motor...

    New motor, installed, runs opposite way ie wipers go down from the normal park position. Only way they would work is if parked vertical. Now, I know I need to remove the big cog and alter so that the ramp which depresses the pin in the park switch is 180 deg from its current location. So I removed circlip, pulled the cog clear of the gear drive and reinserted 180 deg around. Started it and it rotated clear around and stopped back where it started in the 'wrong' position again. Am I right to assume that I need to actually separate the white plastic geared piece from the metal backing plate and rotate it and reinsert, as opposed to simply turning the whole assembly around? Only alternative I can see is assembling the tubes with the drive rack into the wiper boxes with the boxes inverted ie the tubes at the bottom so the spindles rotate the opposite way. I found this old guide in the web archive but its not entirely clear about the cog/plate: https://web.archive.org/web/20170506170613/http://www.reedx.net/landrover/maint/wiperparking/
  12. Jocklandjohn

    Electrical gremlin ID help please

    Cheers Ralph.
  13. Jocklandjohn

    Electrical gremlin ID help please

    Cheers Western - are they accessible via the headlight hole or through the inside gap in the engine bay?
  14. Jocklandjohn

    Electrical gremlin ID help please

    Thanks Mutley - will have a look when I get in about it. From what I can gather there's an earth point on each inner wing as well (although I might be wrong about that!)?
  15. Jocklandjohn

    Electrical gremlin ID help please

    Driving through some big puddles in pitch black torrential rain the other night 9pm in the middle of nowhere, aiming for a comfy sleep in the back of the 110 before catching a ferry early next morning, windscreen wiper flick-down-to-wipe-once stopped working occasionally but wipers still worked ok on up1 Slow or up2 Fast. Meanwhile a dash light (ONLY the one on the speedo) started to flicker, and the main beams aux spots started to flicker ever so slightly too. No other lights on dash flickered, only speedo. It was the same with the engine switched off, one flickering in dash, spots doing a little flicker too. I could get the speedo light to flicker by moving the lights on/off steering column switch, getting the flicker as the relay engaged. Wiper screen wash press still functioned ok when wipers themselves were not working. Then the wipers stopped completely with both engine on and off. Next morning they started again and worked ok but when in torrential rain again they occasionally stopped but then started to work ok. Now I think this may be two separate tihngs - I've had the wipers apart several times recently and found a pinched wire that was in behind the motor, but motor is original and nearly 30 years old now so I've ordered a new one and a new stalk for the steering column so hopefully that will rectify it. However the dash light flicker and he headlight anomaly suggests something else - should I be checking earths? There's one on the bulkhead isn't there, near fuel filter, but are there any other earthing points for lights up the front end I should look at? I cant think of anything that would be a common cause of wipers, lights, dash.

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