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  1. Jocklandjohn

    Helper spring top plate idea on 110 with airbags

    Aha - so they've known about the problem for a decade and done nothing!
  2. Jocklandjohn

    Helper spring top plate idea on 110 with airbags

    Thats interesting - looks like a proper AirlIft thing. One of their UK agents did say a fix was being worked on so maybe thats it.
  3. Jocklandjohn

    Which Suspension

    If you DO go down this route you might find this thread of interest and some use:
  4. Jocklandjohn

    Which Suspension

    I did this - works perfectly. What I saved by NOT buying fancy shocks (and instead using standard Armstrong ones) I spent on Airlift bags. LR springs all round - rides great, and the airbags allow great flexibility.
  5. Jocklandjohn

    Running cool or wonky temperature gauge?

    I'm going to re-suggest the IR gun so you can get an accurate idea of the engine temp and can then relate that to the readings you're seeing. For what little they cost its well worth it. Any other faffing about without a good idea of actual running temp is chasing your tail to be honest.
  6. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Well some success! The front window wash motor power feed is the one that was not working, I established that by putting a new local earth from the motor to chassis in the front wing. Bingo - it now works. However easy the cure seems in retrospect, it was puzzling because there are two relays on that circuit and triggering different items and some strange combination of wiring had got both relays knocked out and blown a fuse. One relay is used to trigger all the auxiliary stuff off a separate fuse board - dash gauges, aux interior lights, fan etc -and the other relay triggereing a set of roof spots all of which had ceased to function. Once I re-established the earth at the washer motor it all came back on, relay clicked in and everything works. I still have not figured out where the missing earth that caused this is lurking nor how it got messed up, although given the wiring its possible the culprit is the folks who renovated the van a decade ago and who did some seriously dodgy stuff with the loom which I am slowly unearthing as time goes by. So thanks all for the help - the wiring diagram was particulalry useful.
  7. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Thanks for doing those for me - thats really helpful!
  8. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Ok thanks Ralph. Whats the actual set up from the ignition to the fuse holders - does a wire from the ignition switch a relay to activate them?
  9. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Well I removed the earth straps from gearbox and batteries to chassis and gave a good scrub, also the small bulkhead one beside the steeering column. Appears to have made no difference. I messed about with the multimeter and I have to say the internal shenanigans has got me stumped. Here are some of the anomalies: The windscreen wash motor, which started all this, apparently wont work because its lost its earth. Earthing the pump locally at the front inner wing will allow it to work. So far so good. I could do that but.... The Auxiliary Fuse Board I installed with several items running off it is switched through an ignition-dependent relay (using an ignition fed supply from the now redundant rear window wash power wire) and its now NOT switching on. Also, a pair of relays triggering other items, both of which were also using that rear wash/wipe power feed are not working either. Reconnecting ALL of them to a new 12V supply WILL get them to function. So that points to some problem with the rear wash wipe power supply or its earth. But its behaving oddly. Its the ONLY fuse in the bulkhead fuse holder that shows 12V across it! Despite not energising any of the attached relays as mentioned above, it shows 12V when the meter is across the fuse. However with the meter across any of the other fuses in the two strips there's no 12v (although all the individual stuff is working ok). BUT if I meter across two separate fuses - one from the left fuse strip and one from the right fuse strip I CAN get 12V. If I remove a fuse (eg I tried this with the indicators - pulled both L and R side the fuses out) - the indicators still work. That seems really weird? As far as I can recall when I started trying to track down the washer issue ALL the other auxiliary stuff thats ignition-relay-triggered on my additional fuse board was working fine (although I could be wrong). Only thing Ilve done I can think of is when I decided to run two new wires through the dash to replace the wash motor wires I poked a very thin plastic rod through to fish the wires back with. Is it possible I've pulled something off in the dash wiring behind the steering wheel thats created this issue? Is there any specifc wires in the main loom that are in there that mght cause this if easily diconnected/broken? Any suggestions whats going on with the fuse holders that they only show 12V across 2 fuses and not one? Thats got me baffled.
  10. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Ok thanks. Into it shortly....
  11. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Ah - I remeber seeing that - I'm pretty sure I cleaned it and refixed but worth checking, Are there any other local earths in the central dash area?
  12. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Good shout - yes forgot about that one. I noticed it recently when doing the bulkhead repair.
  13. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Ah ok thats good to know.
  14. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Getting there! Weird behaviour on the metal fuse panel on the inside though - when I put the meter pos and neg one on each end of any fuse I get no meter response (and the same behaviour if I do the same on the other side strip of fuses). However if I put one probe on the outer (left) side on the left line of fuses, and the other probe on the right side of the right-hand fuses strip the meter reads 14+V (engine running) so it looks like some earth problem. Will loosen and clean the chassis earths tomorrow.
  15. Jocklandjohn

    Wash/wipe wiring advice please

    Simon - where the relay in the supply to the stalk - is it tucked down the back of the metal fuse holder on the bulkhead above the tunnel?

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