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  1. I got two front doors and replacement footwells from SP at the end of 2017, and I have to say I'm delighted. It all arrived safely (to North of Scotland) with no drama. Footwells were a perfect fit, did them both in 2019. Doors took longer because I was working on other stuff but I fitted them last year - they were prepped and painted by me, and then offered up, and fitted perfectly once I'd fettled the hinges and strikers. All the holes were perfectly aligned and threads clean and usable. I've no connection with them other than as a customer, but based on my previous experience I'd use them again. YMMV!
  2. Thanks Peaklander and Ralph. My foray into contact cleaners revealed a lot of stuff that's apparenlty pants so its good to get a solid recommendation.
  3. Oslo Blue is a weird paint (!). Depending on the lighting it can range from 'almost black' viewed from some angles to very much 'light blue' from others. If the Oxford has a a 'micatallic' version that might account for the almost chameleonic colour shifts. These are all Oslo Blue.
  4. Excellent thank you! I shall try the rejuvo-juice first then! However given the state of some other bits of wiring I've come across in the van's bowels I suspect some of the trailer loom might be well past its sell-by date!
  5. Can someone explain the wiring set up for the trailer electrics connection. I know the colours etc its where the connection is to the main loom I need a steer on. Is it all connected into the loom at the point where it arrives at the rear driver's side where the loom comes off the chassis rail and enters the van? I need to replace the wiring I think as the recent connection of a trailer hitch, although it works, has proved to be as dim as a dim thing, so assume the wiring/connections have got corroded (30 years old). Basically just need to know if I start pulling it apart at the back driver side, inside behind the lights am I going to find the connectors or is this all lurking down beneath and behind the fuel tank? (1989 110 HT)
  6. Oslo Blue and Oxford Blue. This below is Oslo: This below is Oxford. Its 1K so roller and brush application is possible. Caveat - it eats foam rollers so have a copious supply to hand!
  7. I've just repainted mine with Oxford Blue (from its previous Oslo Blue). They are visually similar but Oxford seems a tad lighter, stays looking 'blueish' viewed at an acute angle (Oslo looked 'deeper' and seemed darker) has no sparkles and goes easily on with a roller!
  8. I'm pretty sure that shade of blue with glittery bits is Oslo Blue - I had my (1989) 110 sprayed with it once, years ago. AFAIK its the only glittery blue one in the LR official colour range.
  9. Can anyone recommend a 12v battery health test/voltage drop meter? Be useful if it did alternator output as well (maybe they all do that as standard?). I'm looking on Amazon and Ebay and its bewildering, with varying comments/recommendations from users. I need it to check all the usual stuff, CCA etc plus if it can do leisure battery health as well that would be ideal (maybe they all do that too?). Hopefully not more than £35/£40. Never used one before but have got weird battery stuff going on in the 110 and would like to figure out for sure where the issue lies. Thanks.
  10. Late to the thread (sorry) but for future reference in the Highland area Hamish Grant at Inverness 4x4 in Inverness knows more about Land Rovers than anyone, has a full garage facility & spares available on site or can obtain ASAP (usually overnight) with local & global delivery. Also in Edderton (near Tain on the Dornoch Firth) Tom & Morag Robb have a garage facility and large parts dept (doing mail order globally, they took over Davidson & McMIllan Parts in Inverness a few years ago and moved to run it from home during lockdown). Tom's whole family have LR's of various types from straight ones to unusual hybrids. He also does a good line in recycling old LR doors which he welds up and then takes to the galvydippers on the other side of the Moray FIrth and builds up to new on the clean frames. Either of these businesses will be able to sort you out with most parts, lots of knowliedge of TD5 and later electrigizmos too as well as encyclopaedic knoweldge of mechanical stuff. Crucially also well placed with courier knowledge & contacts so can get stuff to pretty much anywhere, even offshore on the islands. Interesting aside Tom Robb's mechanic whom I met recently was saying several local Estates are reverting to old LR's 90 & 110's because of parts and cost for Toyota/Nissan/Datsun 4x4's so they've seen an incease in business in that sector. I would highly recommend either of them. Inverness 4x4 is https://www.inverness4x4centre.co.uk/ 01463 233303 and Tom Robb is https://www.dandmlrspares.com/
  11. Ullapool is a small close community, and as you can imagine this will be the butt of many good-natured jokes for a long time to come! It wouldn't surprise me if someone 'hid' it on April Fools day.... 🙂
  12. Midges I hear you ask? Well depending on where you are its either not bad, or hellish. This is the latter, except rather a long way beyond hellish and heading for apocalyptic:
  13. It was a real pain. I loved the brake and the simplicity of it for its holding power, but try as I might I could not get it to work on any run longer than a few miles. Once warm it started to judder and then it was game over. The problem with such fine tolerances is that they're good until they're not in your favour!
  14. Well well. Ullapool.... Seems one of the couple who owns it drove to the shop and forgot they'd taken it, walked home and got engrossed in stuff. Then looked out window - no LR and panicked, called Police. It was found where it had been left. Sigh. Stand down chaps and chapesses!
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