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  1. Hello!


    on your conversion, who made your canvas?


    i’m looking to replace the canvas on my dormobile but don’t want to use SHB



    1. Jocklandjohn


      I bought the fabric from https://www.pennineoutdoor.co.uk/fabrics  and took it to my local tarpaulin/marquee/lorry drops side fabber in Inverness  https://www.tm-tarpaulins.com  with a design and they took it from there.  Not sure where you're located but if you have a similar operation near you give them a buzz and talk it through. Sailmakers also have the expertise and sewing machines to take it.

    2. Badger110


      Thats brilliant, the pennineoutdoor place is great for the material.

      Which did you go for and is it any good?  Would you try something different if you did it again?


    3. Jocklandjohn


      I got (I think) the P51PU Acrylic canvas PU coated fabric. Its been good - not much stretch and proved very water-resistant - never ;leaked through the fabric and only ever weeping through the stitch holes although that was solved by a smear of clear silicone mastic. It does have a shiny pu interior which gets condensation on it when  the temp drops, although being shiny its easily wiped off with a  j-cloth. Condensation is a problem with any single skin material unless very breathable so not sure what might be better - perhaps a more canvas-type material that has a more open weave and then ensure you reproof it (spray) every season. I'm not entirely sure which fabric I got - can't find the emails to/from Pennine but if you wanted to have a piece to look at I've got a cutting I can send you a bit from.

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