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  1. I will. In all honesty, the battery box thing has been more of a PIA when someone else needs a jump. really looking forwards to the heated seats also, nice after a cold winter bike ride.
  2. So I went with the Recaros with the Defender rails and the removable seat bases from LRI Solutions leather/leatherette. In my research everyone seems to talk about the SVX seats and how there are different from the Recaro cross sportster, the SVX being better. To my eye with the addition of the removable seat bases and seat rails the aftermarket Recaros actually seem nicer.
  3. Thanks. This picture reallly shows it. I hadn’t seen such a good picture before. I just checked Twisteds site, I see they sell the same seats with removable bases. I wonder if they’re the same seats, or if not, which is a better setup?
  4. Thanks. This picture reallly shows it. I hadn’t seen such a good picture before.
  5. Thanks for the reply. These seats are designed with a lower thigh booster which is why I like them. I have a set of Corbeaus that do have the higher booster and it does get a bit annoying, but the real rear I want something else is the battery access
  6. Has anyone put these seats in their defender? I’m wondering thoughts on how comfortable they are and how the removable seats bases workout. https://www.lrisolutions.co.uk/part-leather-recaro-pair-of-heated-front-seats-fits-land-rover-defender-90-110.html i know they’re expensive, but I’m a stupid American and you know how we love to thrown money at our trucks! Thanks
  7. Ok thanksgiving i actually just ordered the 2752 to replace my 2755s i have a Crew Cab and am hoping to lower the rear end a bit and soften the ride. Ill let you know what happens
  8. Old thread, but. Prith, how did this swap work out for you? Specifically, how did the rear RKB 101111s compare to the 2752s in the rear of your 110? (Ride quality and vehicle height is you noticed a difference)
  9. Revived thread I have the option to go in either direction with this, breather or no breather. Breather is already installed on my rebuilt motor, but I have the blanking plate and blanked valve cover if that's the better way to go. Does it really matter one way or another? Thanks
  10. Thanks, from what I read it seems it's just a bit shorter
  11. Digging this up From the dead, but as far as the slave pushrod goes, Dave from Ashcroft says to use the one from the 200tdi/lt77 has anyone used the original one when doing the LT77 to stumpy380? Thanks
  12. Pulling this up from the way back. I have a lot of white vapor coming from the fuel tank, when it's running, not just after fill up. It's a 1985 with side fuel tank. Never had the problem before, but I did switch from an old style cap to a new style.
  13. I got it, sorry for all my stupid questions. I couldn't get away from the thought that the lead had to come directly from the ignition switch, like the old style. Plus I wired the glow plug timer backwards, I looked at the pic of the spades on the bottom of the timer relay and then reversed them on the plug. My mind has a block when it comes to this type of thing.
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