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  1. Im not 100% here but does it run under the roof lining?
  2. I have had both,the v8 first,then the deisel.V8s are great loads of power fantastic sound but for me that wore quite thin very quickly,do the diesel conversion mate you wont regret it.With that said I dont know much about megasquirting,I would just go for the cheapest and easyest way.
  3. I have had a simalar problem with my 300 tdi and found it to be my ball joints/track rod ends,my groan was embarassingly loud.Upon inspection I found two of the four so badly seized I have no idea how they even worked.As for testing them the way I did it was to pop it out of the swivel housing and try to move it by hand,they should move freely in every direction if they dont or the small rubber gaitor is split you can bet that all the grease is gone and its metal on metal causing the groan.The free play is where the ball has worn away the pocket in the top of the joint and thats only going to get worse.Another thing to check is the splined rod that comes from the steering box theres a coupling/universal joint type thing just check that all the bolts are tight.
  4. Hi chris,I have those DA4202 springs fitted all round on my 300TDI and your welcolm to pop over and have a look/feel of mine before you make your mind up.I like you,was unsure of what to expect from the hd springs but I was glad I decided on them oppossed to the normal ones.
  5. Thanks for the offer chris but I have got both types ready and waiting and if all else fails I use my pulley puller,thank god there already filled those little metal spring clip things look real awkward to get on and off.cheers,paul.
  6. Cheers lads for the info and tips,they arrived today so im going to tackle it at the week end.Now forgive me here as this maybe a stupid question but do i need to fill them with grease or are they filled at the factory?
  7. I have just rebuilt my front hubs with new bearings and seals,whilst there I noticed that one of my track rod ends/bottom ball joint is totally shot,Which explains my creaky and notchy steering.Now I have searched the techy part of the forum but cant find any info on the job and wondered if you guys had any tips or tricks when you change yours.Im going to be doing all four,whats the best way to tackle it?Do I remove the hole lot at once or one at a time?Will I need to get it tracked up again at the local tyre place or can this be done by me at home.Do I need to be soaking them in penatrating oil or will I be wasting my time,also am I going to need anything else other than the ball joints/tre a large hammer a splitter and some very colourfull swear words?Thanks,peasey.
  8. I have done exactly the same as you have,and have the same problem.Im certain its the stem seals on the front most cylinder on mine as when i removed the glow plug at the front it was oilly on more than one occassion.I did ask the question if it was posible to change them with the head on but I cant remember if it was on here or not.If I remember correctly I was told that it was possible but difficult and you would have to make your own compressor.I couldnt wait for them to arrive so reassembled it and thought I would try at a later date,really wish I hadnt now.If you find a way thats easy post it up,as I for one dont want to take my head off again.Oh and someone also told me (I think) that you have to be real carefull with the collets dropping deep into the bowels of the engine and causing major problems.Best of luck mate.
  9. It will be the window lift ecu under the glove box,IIRC,its the top "black box" bolted to the side of the car where the passengers feet go.Remove the circuit board and look at the soldered blobs you will see one thats dry(cracked and just ropey looking)re solder that puppy and your rear windows will be well again.Be careful not to drop anything on the second black box down as this is the crash sensor and your indicators will flash constantly until its reset(dont ask me how I know) a real easy fix that should only take about ten minuites once you have located the board.
  10. I had the same trouble as you describe but I did a lot of fording that week and the conectors were corroded,I removed cleaned and then filled the connector block(lift up the plastic flap )with silicon and refitted then silconed all around the rubber bit in the back of the head light and have had no more issues.
  11. Hi fella,my experience with springs and shocks is limited but like you cost is and issue,I opt for the armstrong shocks avalible from paddocks for about a tenner a piece oil filled and well up to the job in my opinion.As for springs im using the britpart yellows +2 HD ones and after a month no probs yet but most say avoid these.The reason im suggesting the standard shocks is that they are cheap and you could carry a couple of spares.Please bear in mind that I have no experience of overland trips and im only basing the info im offering on local laning.Hope your trip is problem free.
  12. Could you post up how you get on as I have got to do mine as its on its way out and want to sort it before it just lets go,thanks peasey.
  13. I havent done mine but I think they are located underneath the door trim on the inside of the door,I did hear talk of there being 2 of them one visable one not.Come to think of it im sure there was a post recently about how to replace them,do a search and im sure you will find it,best of luck.
  14. I like the ones that are shaped to the roof,I think they are made by safety devices awesome looking rack,but really rare and you wont get one cheap,belive me I have been searching for what seems like an age for one myself,mind you Im really tight with my cash so Im told
  15. Well,I have just fitted +2 HD springs to my discovery from britpart and its transformed the truck,made it so much more stable and all round more useable.With that said the paint finish wasnt that good and was easly chipped/scratched,I didnt like the yellow colour so I painted them with black hammerite after a good rub down.
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