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  1. so it isn't possible to reprogram mine for an automatic disco? Thx
  2. Hi guys, I had some problems with my TD5 disco ECU and some oil ( they really don't like one and other xD) Now got my hands on a NNN500020 ECU (td5) What do I need to do to make the disco take that ECU? it's an automatic TD5 disco kind regards and all info is welcome HJ
  3. Thx, I hate having no car to drive... thx for the reply, still have to know how to work with this forum
  4. Hi, since my manifold is warped, I'm looking for the best option. Since I was in contact with PORNY, I'm taking the tubular manifold+turbo and remap... NOW CAN anyone help me how to get in contact with him? Tried a few mails, no answer tried his phone numbers from his website, no answer... All help is welcome!! kind regards henry
  5. ECU is remapped, and should normally give enough diesel to the engine trough complete rev-range ;-)
  6. thx, I will :-) would IRB be at peterborough with a stand?
  7. ECU has been remapped, biggest intercooler mounted as possibly could find, Griffin performance 3" exhaust, EGR removed etc.... looking for more torque as I'm going for an autobox but more since I'm going from 1,4 transferbox to 1,222 Torque is what I want.... but what is the best option, is there a difference between twisted performance - BAS - TD5alive - IRB etc? all do turbo upgrades...
  8. i don't think you can take this part out of the exhaust... this part is uset not to make the exhaust break when vibrating (as the engine runs) don't know if it's this part for sure, never heard of one of these to fail.... but, might be wron, I'm sure there is someone here who can be of more assistance ;-)
  9. Hi, been thinking of changing the turbo on the TD5 to a VV-one or hybrid... is there a difference? wich one is the best wich one is the biggest and prefereably bolt on... I know that IRB/TD5alive and BAS do them, but is there a difference? kind regards henry
  10. mad enough will probably first eprom the thing, (normally got an ECU WITH the engine) and MS is on the list, but will come over when I got the cash first of all, now I'm looking to re-use the TVR headers and downpipe to get a better gasflow than the original so called spaghetti headers.... thx nige!! always a big help.... next time I'll PM you instead of asking here thx HJ
  11. as donorparts, got a complete 4.6 out of a P38 incl ALL WIRING and a complete 14sux hotwire 3,9 engine INCL complete wiring from all of the above, could I make this twin plenum work with hotwire? (and later MS)
  12. this is it... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ROVER-SD1-TWIN-PLENUM-INJECTION-INTAKE-MANIFOLD-TVR-/180556117251?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2a09fbb503#ht_871wt_1139 I wanted it to convert it to hotwire... is this possible? no home jobby i think.... was my best idea to give the 5.0 some more air...
  13. Hi, I'm about to buy a twin plenum from an old rover SD1 now it has the "old" flapper type injection and stepper motor etc... can I make this plenum work with a newer steppermotor from a hotwire 14SUX? will it fit? kind regards and sorry for the silly questions :-)
  14. sh*t..... will wait to put it in "3" untill the autobox will have had a rebuild under NORMAL conditions (no drag racing at red lights etc....) will it hold untill I've got the money to rebuild it by ashcroft?
  15. +300 bhp +450LB/ft +5ooo rpm something like this....
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