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  1. Nothing to do with being under the thumb then eh Filip .
  2. Hi Kev , sorry to tell you that I dumped the old radiator when I got home from my holiday & never thought to take the bottom tank off . Good luck with getting one sorted & I'm sure one of the peeps on here will be able to sort you out , regards Paul .
  3. How about some photos Filip 📸
  4. My mistake , just another nine to go then , what are my chances of getting that many ???
  5. Cheers for that bud , just another seven to go for a full house 👌
  6. Found the ebay listing , £3.80 each + 0.88p P&P At that price I would rather glue it on , has anyone got some of these clips spare that they want to sell ?
  7. As above , Part number :- BTR 4428 , does anyone have any of these clips new or used ? Because when I removed the trim to clear the drain holes 10 out of the 14 snapped upon removal & they seem to be unavailable from any of the parts suppliers 😢
  8. Thanks for that , sorry if I hijacked the thread but was having to wear wellies when I went to drive the car after it had been raining .
  9. Hi Blanco , what do you check for in these areas ? Are there any drain holes in the pollen filter housings that may be blocked as I am also are suffering from wet footwells , regards Paul .
  10. How quiet is it on this forum ? Are you all waiting for me to go on holiday at Easter & blow another radiator to get you all motivated again ? LOL .
  11. Time has come to replace the fuel pump again on the P38 , this will be the forth time I have done this job with the last one only lasting around 15000 miles , can anyone advise me on a brand that may last a bit longer than this aftermarket one that is currently fitted to the car , cheers .
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