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  1. Ok Filip , what shall I go for , I think the relay is the first suspect & scrap the car off if its the BECM 😉
  2. Hi Teabag & Filip , just to update my first post a bit , the glow plugs were replaced at the start of the month so I don't recon all six have gone faulty but as I said in the first post ( they don't seem to be working ) also the dashboard light is not illuminating , the FIP was renewed two years ago so I recon that is not the fault , also this happened all of a sudden , it started with no problem first thing in the morning with no problem & then it wouldn't start 12 hours later when I wanted to come back home ,
  3. Hi peeps , the glow plugs on my car don't seem to be working so I recon the first port of call is going to be the glow plug relay , what do you think & where is it situated ? Hope you are all well regards Paul .
  4. You're correct Simon , that is cheap for a Range Rover , I wonder if you have to go through a main dealer or can a independent source the new handle & lock ?
  5. Sounds nice & expensive , I think I will stay with what I've got 😉
  6. If you ever find a way of changing the lock over on one of these handles let us know will you bud . Good luck with your repairs .
  7. Hi Simon , remember the door handle that you sent me ? exactly the same problem & they are still making these in plastic 😉
  8. Hi Filip , only asking cause my cousin had one of these with a heavy metallic gold roof , I would go as far as to say it was metal flake & in real nice nick , it has bought back some fond memories seeing your Elan , regards Paul . PS , what's the best water pump you can get for the P38 , plastic or metal impellor ?
  9. Hi peeps , what is the best water pump to go for , plastic or metal impellor ? Cheers Paul .
  10. Hi Filip , how long have you had the lotus for ? Regards Paul .
  11. That's OK , I'm good at wigglin 😏
  12. Hi Filip , is that the lock assembly that is in the handle or the latch assembly , IE :- the latch half way down the side of the door ?
  13. Hi everyone hope you are all well , I have a problem with the interior courtesy lights on the car , when I open the drivers door they don't come on but they are still working when the passenger door is opened , I recon its the switch but where do I find it & can it be repaired ? PS , the new radiator is still ok 😉
  14. You're right there Filip , I did not relax until I got back to my house , I locked it up & then had a few beers , I have now run the car all week going back & forth to work with no problems with overheating , I don't think the head gasket has gone , but I recon it could be a mixture of a bad thermostat & possibly a faulty expansion tank cap . PS :- I need a holiday 😌
  15. Hi elbekko , I didn't know that they made stuff like that , that's why I put an urgent request out to you guys for info on a rad change but at the end of the day I think that I made the right decision as the crack was seven inches long , it was just doing the job with limited tools that was putting me off in the first place .
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