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  1. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    You're right there Filip , I did not relax until I got back to my house , I locked it up & then had a few beers , I have now run the car all week going back & forth to work with no problems with overheating , I don't think the head gasket has gone , but I recon it could be a mixture of a bad thermostat & possibly a faulty expansion tank cap . PS :- I need a holiday 😌
  2. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Hi elbekko , I didn't know that they made stuff like that , that's why I put an urgent request out to you guys for info on a rad change but at the end of the day I think that I made the right decision as the crack was seven inches long , it was just doing the job with limited tools that was putting me off in the first place .
  3. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Trumpet fanfare , IT GOT US HOME . Cheers for everyone's support , I couldn't have done this without the forum I'm sure . The journey took just over 6 hours as I took it very steady from the start & didn't drive above 60 mph , I kept the cap loose for all of the journey & checked under the bonnet every half hour , the temperature gauge is still a bit up & down but seemed steadier on the motorway maintaining about one third of the way up the gauge , it lost no water whatsoever during the whole journey . Here are a couple of pictures I took or the rad & the recovery of the vehicle , sorry about quality of the photos but it was getting dark after a 8 1/2 hour wait for recovery . Last two pictures are the split on the top of the rad , around 4" long .
  4. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    D Day , Here we go .
  5. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Hi Dave , is it good or bad that there seems to be no real pressure in the system ? There are no apparent leaks anywhere that I can see & I have not had to top the water up .
  6. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Hi Piloti , no , not towing a caravan thank God , however today I took the car out for a run to warm it up & pulled into a layby , everything was hot even the small black hose that I blew through the other day , so I carefully undid the expansion cap to check for any bubbles & not one bit of pressure in the system , just a small hiss , the water was hot but no bubbles at all . However the gauge is still showing half way up a hill & into the blue coming down the hill , on this occasion I had the cap on tight for the test . I will give it a longer run tomorrow before the dreaded trip home on Monday.
  7. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Will do David , thanks for your advice .
  8. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Hi all , I have refitted the rad & it took just over an hour , cable tied the lower fixings as they only supplied the nuts & not the bolts so that will have to do till I get it home , I also had to trim one of the lower brackets to get it past the viscous couplings it was just to wide . I blew through the small tube to clear any fluid inside it & then refilled the system with just water for the moment , I then started the car & drove it for a couple of miles the topped it up as necessary , I then drove it carefully for 10 miles & noticed that the tempreture gauge was very erratic, it was climbing to just under half way when going up the hills & into the blue when coming back down so I don't think that's to bad , maybe it just needs to blow out any trapped air that is still left in the system . Just an idea , but would the lack of antifreeze make it run hotter or cooler than it normally does ? Am going to risk driving it home 160 miles on Monday , wish me luck .
  9. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Ok then lads & lasses the rad has just arrived , it's in the middle of a hail storm & I reckon I am going to get wet , wish me luck . Hello Piloti , what is this expansion tube that I need to blow down , is that the small black plpe that runs from the expansion tank to the rad & why does it have to be cleared of any old coolant ? Will it not do that itself , regards Paul .
  10. P38 Paul

    Urgent request P38 diesel.

    Just got the old rad out of the car & everyone is correct " WHAT A PIG OF A JOB " the two bottom bolts are a rusted mush but have now been cut out , the fan & shroud are still in place & what a tight squeeze it was to get the rad out , let's hope that I don't damage the new rad when I try to put it back in . The tools I have are very basic & consist of a small set of spanners , a pair of pliers , two screw drivers & a collection of cable ties , glue & gaffa tape so no chance of removing the fan . So here I am at the caravan awaiting the arrival of the new rad & will update you on any progress or failure that I encounter when refitting . Thanks for your help & any more suggestions on the refitting of the new rad will of course be most welcome . Paul .
  11. Hi , I am on holiday at the moment & the rad has blown in the car , can I change the rad without removal of the viscous fan as I only have a very basic tool kit , will order a new rad tomorrow if I can fit it , your urgent attention would be appreciated .
  12. P38 Paul

    p38 sagging material repair

    Excellent 😂
  13. P38 Paul

    Early P38 workshop manual / diff overhaul

    cheers for that , been looking for the Rave manual for ages .
  14. P38 Paul

    P38 fires but won't start

    My thought would be the glow plugs if its a diesel .

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