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  1. Thanks for that Filip , will have a go on Saturday when I get home , hope Snagger isn't right with it being seized 😟
  2. Hi Snagger , please read the second & third posts at the start of this topic as these wheels don't turn freely at all , maybe you could be right .
  3. Not that I know of but I will put it onto my check list .
  4. Both discs & pads were replaced each time , all of the makes have been different each time with the last set up being Mintex which I have never had a problem with before .
  5. The calliper & piston are both free moving , when the car is jacked up I have got a little free play on both of the front wheels & can move them back & forth a bit with my finger with no apparent sign of dragging , the better test would be if I could spin the wheel but the drive train set up wont allow that .
  6. Hi Snagger , the calliper is free & moves in & out with no issues , however just for piece of mind I will check it again maybe this weekend .
  7. Thanks for the detailed info on this brake problem , I recon the next move is to put the disc on a lathe to prove that its the disc that has warped again or if I have to go a little deeper into the problem , I just find it strange that when a new disc is fitted its fine for a couple of thousand miles or so & then gradually it starts to happen again .
  8. Hi everyone , I have oil leaking from my oil filler cap , I cleaned it all down & turned the rubber seal round but that only lasted about 6 weeks before it started leaking again . Now the other day whilst the engine was running I foolishly took the cap off & the oil sprayed all over the place including me & made a hell of a mess , my question is :- is all of this splashing normal ? it doesn't seem to be under pressure , just a lot of splashing about , I wonder if a splash guard has fell off under the rocker cover ? has anyone else tried this with the engine running & got the same result & what did you do to stop it leaking from the filler cap ? looking forward to your replies , Paul .
  9. UPDATE , the disc has just started to grab again although not to bad at the moment , just give it time , it was trouble free for 3000 miles this time & I know without stripping the brake disc off again that it is going to be the o/s one that has started to run out again .
  10. Hi Simon , I would see if the owner had a spare key first before putting a window through mate . Have you tried the other doors & are all of the buttons sticking up ?
  11. Ok Filip , what shall I go for , I think the relay is the first suspect & scrap the car off if its the BECM 😉
  12. Hi Teabag & Filip , just to update my first post a bit , the glow plugs were replaced at the start of the month so I don't recon all six have gone faulty but as I said in the first post ( they don't seem to be working ) also the dashboard light is not illuminating , the FIP was renewed two years ago so I recon that is not the fault , also this happened all of a sudden , it started with no problem first thing in the morning with no problem & then it wouldn't start 12 hours later when I wanted to come back home ,
  13. Hi peeps , the glow plugs on my car don't seem to be working so I recon the first port of call is going to be the glow plug relay , what do you think & where is it situated ? Hope you are all well regards Paul .
  14. You're correct Simon , that is cheap for a Range Rover , I wonder if you have to go through a main dealer or can a independent source the new handle & lock ?
  15. Sounds nice & expensive , I think I will stay with what I've got 😉
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