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  1. Cruise control not working. It's a very late model 300tdi ES auto. Seem to remember it worked when I bought the car about 10 years ago but never really bothered with it - would like to get it going, it's the latest thing on a long list I've been working through! So far I've replaced all the vacuum hoses - including the one to the brake pedal. Taken the pump out, direct wired to a 12v battery and system vacuums up ok - can see the bellows contracting, pump works ok etc. I've now replaced the pedal switch with a new one, still no joy. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the old one (on a visual inspection) but it was the cheapest part to replace. I've checked all the brake lights, they work ok - I'm not sure if that would make a difference but checked anyway. ABS light comes on with ignition, goes off when moving etc all as it's supposed to. CC switch lights up when button pushed so power to there. It just doesn't do anything when I try to set it with the steering column switches. Noted that speed needs to be above 28mph so made sure I was going over that when testing. So, where do I go from here? I'm not an electrician but I tend to think it might be an electrical fault. Is there an easy way to check this (don't have a multimeter). Over the years the only things I've changed have been installing a tow bar (LR specialist fitted) and I did have the brake light switch replaced - not the CC one - when I realised I had no brake lights! (dealer fitted at same time as MOT). Not sure either of these would be a cause but I'm noting it to give the full story. Any ideas gratefully received! Have been looking through loads of posts on various forums about this, most seem to suggest hoses or brake light switch - but that doesn't really help me i'm afraid.
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