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  1. Before I commit to buying it, any confirmations that http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300688632371?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2648'>this Discovery 1 300TDi steering column on ebay will be 3/4" 48 spline please. Thank you.
  2. Would it be worth thinking about a detatchable or tow ball mounting winch? I guess it depends on if he is able to hook it on and how often it is needed. I have hauled logs with a 1500kg winch on the rear hitch of my car. 10-12" logs at 10' long up a stupidly sloped garden using all my winch rope and all my old tow ropes to reach them. Using a makeshift log arch there wasn't too great a load on the winch until the last 45deg 12' 'bump' up to ground level. The winch is powerful enough on a single line pull to drag the car back over chocks and to lift the back end off the ground so I d
  3. Would this work, given the holes only need to be accurate enough for the inserts to hold? Make a die, a lump of steel with a 7mm square hole filed into it. Get a length of steel bar at 7mm square. Turn, grind or file it so that one end is tapered, like a rat tail, to form the punch. Drill your 7mm round hole, place the die behind the hole, place the punch into the hole and strike it home with a hammer. The tapered punch would square up the hole to match the hole in the die. You may need to allow a little clearance in punch/die fit, or make them manageable to wobble them loose afterwards.
  4. Cheers, I will look out for Jag stuff and keep searching for parts suppliers.
  5. I figure they might be strong but I am using an MGB rack so I am stuck with 3/4" x 48 spline. Same size as in 3/4" x 48? I will look up Summit Racing, etc. Thank you.
  6. Cheers. I might have to have parts made, eventually, if I can't get 'off the shelf'. I am trying to adapt a column to an MGB rack using Land Rover parts. I need to get two joints close to each other and then another for a tilt on the column. However, I am trying to do it all without any cut and shuts on the critical components as I can't be sure of the strength of the parts post (my) welding. Initially for the setting up to see if the clearances work I am happy to get cheapo patten parts and then replace later with original good quality ones. The 9/16 x 36 seems to be the more commonly
  7. I have searched but no luck so just a quick one... Are the steering UJ splines used on the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover all 3/4" x 48 spline, like MGBs? Also, on the off chance, anyone know what other common vehicles use the same size splines in the steering column? Cheers.
  8. At the scrap yard I found a couple of wheel bearings, those wide double row ones that you get in the front hubs of some front wheel drive cars. Not too large a diameter and very smooth on the outside of the bearing. If you can get a couple or three from a car garage you could put a spot of weld into the balls and then drive it from the inner race. Otherwise I'm sure most folks have one of those mini pasta makers in the kitchen that have never seen a second use since their wedding.
  9. Could you use winch rollers for the rolling mill? I made my 6x6's three speed transfer box out of LR S3 transfer box gears and shafts, cut and shut and reworked to get what I wanted. My electric tractor is about 95% scavenged scrap, the other 5% is secondhand purchases and a few new electrical bits. The scrap metal yard I frequent is happy for me to poke about and buy as much, if not more, then I take in to them. My workshop has a scraps pile where, today, I was scavenging some diff gears, from an exploded diff, to make a right angle gearbox. I also recycle trees cut for firewood, and oth
  10. I am admin on that forum. Sorry your thread didn't get any replies. The project would not have worked with the components you were planning on using. Reading about similar projects threads, and the information and wiki forums, may have been more helpful to you in determining what you would need for your project.
  11. Just to throw a 'spanner' in the works.... If I was building a powered trailer I would give it electric drive. The throttle pot for the controller would be linked to the overrun brake damper in the drawbar so that it only drives when the drawbar is pulled and brakes when the drawbar is pushed. That would allow the trailer to drive only enough to counter its own rolling resistance and never push the towing vehicle. It also removes all the drive line complexities leaving only the tow hitch and a set of control cables for reverse, power on, and emergency disconnect. A reversing contactor set
  12. Here's another way of achiving what I was describing. [http://www.shinjeong.co.kr/e/product.html?p=isas⊂=isas/url] It keeps the wheels vertical instead of the swing arms tucking under during full drop. Drop boxes to the diffs would save having a drive through diff made up.
  13. That would be sort of how I would do it now. A space frame back bone supporting diffs and double wishbones. A single propshaft line running above and to one side of the diffs with a dog clutched drop box to each diff pinion. Any or all diffs can be clutched in/out as required. It does mean running with only a single drive axle on tarmac but that is less of an issue for the sorts of thing I would do with it.
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