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  1. Update in case any one comes across this post after searching for similar problems. After finally getting a free weekend to work on the 90, I dropped the box and split it to see whats wrong. It appears the pin on the selector shaft has jumped out of the guide in the reverse idler arm. I'm not sure how this has happened, but after realigning it to where it should be the box is now going through the gears ok on the bench. Before I put it back together, if anyone knows how this could of happened and has any recommendations on what parts need replacing to stop it happening again would be appr
  2. Thanks, unfortunately everything looks ok from what I can see from taking the top off so it looks like I will be dropping the box out and investigating further.
  3. After a few years out of the fold I have recently returned to Land Rover ownership with a ‘86 ex-mod 90 fitted with a 200tdi. Today whilst driving in a muddy field (low range, diff lock on), the gearbox has become stuck in reverse. The gear stick is seized solid with no side to side movement and only slight play back and forth. Even with considerable force it will not come out of reverse. I have tried with both engine on and off, transfer box in neutral and in gear with no luck. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this or is it a case of dropping the gearbox out and strippi
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