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  1. cypermethrin

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    Thanks Mike and Western track rod ends recently replaced so next stop panhard rod!
  2. Drove my wifes 90 300tdi for the first time in awhile and nearly put the thing in a ditch due to the vague steering i find a need to constantly adjust the wheel by significant 3 inches either way to stay on course i know these things have vague steering but this is verging on the dangerous i have checked everything is tight and secure on the column - the steering box is a recon unit of about 4 years old how can i tell what needs to be done - whether its the box adjustment or bushes/UJs ? Treat me like an idiot and you wont be too far off the mark!
  3. cypermethrin

    Removing back plate of handbrake

    Thank you AV8R
  4. cypermethrin

    Removing back plate of handbrake

    I have '97 300 TDI Defender - am planning to fit new handbrake cable and service the handbrake drum etc is it possible to get the handbrake back plate drum without removing the drive flange thing ? Thanks in advance
  5. cypermethrin

    Clutch master cyclinder : gunk

    Thanks for the advice - ended up changing both master and slave and all is now well.
  6. cypermethrin

    Clutch master cyclinder : gunk

    My '97 300 TDI Defender started weaping from the clutch master cyclinder into the foot well - so naturally wanted to replace it with OEM The new cyclinder is fitted and surprisingly I have most of the skin on my knuckles too; the old cyclinder had alot of black gunk at the bottom of the reservoir which I presume is from the degradation of the seals and the fluid was a muddy dark color. So my question - given the state of the fluid I was going to drain out all the old fluid from the slave and refil with fresh. Is there anything else I can or should do to remove any additional gunk ? thanks in advance
  7. cypermethrin

    Rear shocks : sqeak sqeak

    I replaced the rear shocks on my 90 300tdi about 6 months ago - the bushes were pinged at the last MoT and they also squeaked like b*gg*ery. Now the new ones have started to do the same - the squeak can be temporaryily cured by rotating the outer cuff - it stops for a day or so but then its back. They shocks I fitted were Armstrong How can I get rid of the squeaking ?? Thanks in advance
  8. cypermethrin

    300 TDi fuel pump leak : counsel please

    Thanks Western Can you advise as to the washer part number which sit either side of the banjo attached to the pump Have looked at all the tech diagrams and sadly they only show the banjo and not the washers or nut Cheers
  9. cypermethrin

    300 TDi fuel pump leak : counsel please

    I think I may have it as this ..... http://www.paddockspares.com/mjn100910-fuel-spill-return-pipe-300tdi.html
  10. cypermethrin

    300 TDi fuel pump leak : counsel please

    Hi WesternThanks for your help - the pipe shown joins onto the pump and then goes onto to the first injector as the bleed line So in the photo below its the pipe going from top right hand corner of the picture towards the centre where it attaches to the pump and then onwardso the first injector as a bleed line
  11. I was smug for 10 minutes having sorted the electrical gremlins - and then I spotted it..... I cleaned around the fuel lines leading to the pump to try and find it - switched on the engine and then is really Mildly miffed everywhere. The fuel line shown with the arrow in the picture is heavily pitted to the touch and needs to be replaced. Please can you kindly advise as to the part number (and if I need any of the other assocaited gaskets) and advice as to how its fitted - treat me like an idiot and you wont go too far wrong ! Many thanks Tim
  12. cypermethrin

    300 TDi handbrake switch

    I found the problem which was the bullet connector from the handbrake switch underneith and behind the drivers seat had been damaged - all is now well. Thanks everyone
  13. cypermethrin

    300 TDi handbrake switch

    Thanks Western - will have another rummage...
  14. cypermethrin

    300 TDi handbrake switch

    Handbrake light on dash has stopped working; removed handbrake gaitor to examing connection and th connector is clearly broken on the switch. However if I hold single wire to the handbrake housing to ground the dashlight remains off Is there a fuse to check too ? As always thanks in advance...
  15. cypermethrin

    300tdi: headlight fault diagnosis

    Thanks guys ..... You are right changed the indicator stalk...... Same problem.....so definately the main light switch....

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