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  1. I have an '08 Puma 110 std sw with 60k miles on it - noticed the inner sill rails at the bulkhead end are corroded badly. In my old 90 you could bolt replacements in and out but the rail on a 110 goes from the bulkhead all the way back to the C pillar. I understand that you can unbold the bulkhead end but then need to drill out the spot welds on the b and c pillars to remove and then fit and re-weld etc. Sounds a right faff and whilst I can do the bolting and unbolting bit the welding is well beyond me. I presume that "just" bolding rather than spot welding would not provided suffici
  2. Update - and good news - you guys were right it was an airlock in the pump Now runs sweetly and no leaks - massive thank you to all those that have helped - greatly appreciated tim
  3. So am I looking for the banjo bolt shaft of the return spill lime or something else.... sorry if I am being dim...
  4. Thank you both for your help and suggestions. i am stuggling to identify the "the tiny bleed hole is blocked in the return line banjo bolt at the top rear of the pump".... is this it ? thanks https://www.paddockspares.com/mjn100910-fuel-spill-return-pipe-300tdi.html
  5. Removed the fuel stop solenoid again and refitted it without the plunger Same result - engine turns over no firing, no fuel being pumped out of injector - so must be a goosed fuel injector pump - right ?
  6. The head seal on my Bosch VE fuel injection pump has been leaking for a while; having read the internet on the potential of fixing it in situ with a nitrile seal I set about the task. it all went well - right up to the point where it was all refit, primed and ready to turn the ignition . Engine cranks on the starter - no firing. poop - checked the pump was getting fuel and the stop solenoid had voltage and tested it on the bench all good. However, despite checking and rechecking i just cant get any fuel through the pump and out of the injectors. i fear the worst. so now I h
  7. Having fixed the wayward steering with new UJs I thought I would track down what I thought was an oil leak. Turns out its a fuel leak from the injector pump as shown in the pic below It seems as though its tracking down the seal line and you can see a drop of fuel collecting below. All fuel lines an injectors are dry. Looks as though the seal as blown ? What's the progosis - is it DIY fix ? thanks as always - Tim
  8. so OP reporting back for some further wisdom ..... panhard rod bushes changed and it’s helped a little but it’s still wandering ! i have checked the steering UJs and can’t get any movement out of the top one - but the lower one has slight movement in it which you can feel by holding the spline and applying up and down pressure. I presume that may be the culprit or should I be looking elsewhere first ?
  9. Thanks Mike and Western track rod ends recently replaced so next stop panhard rod!
  10. Drove my wifes 90 300tdi for the first time in awhile and nearly put the thing in a ditch due to the vague steering i find a need to constantly adjust the wheel by significant 3 inches either way to stay on course i know these things have vague steering but this is verging on the dangerous i have checked everything is tight and secure on the column - the steering box is a recon unit of about 4 years old how can i tell what needs to be done - whether its the box adjustment or bushes/UJs ? Treat me like an idiot and you wont be too far off the mark!
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