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  1. If you don't manage a refund, go to a scrap yard as they'll often give you a decent battery for a fiver with the exchange. Haven't bought a new battery for years that way.
  2. Nice! A well worn grill but much better au naturel than silly black.
  3. Do you have a Haynes? Decent set up instructions in there. First thing is to make sure your timing is spot on. Then, get the engine up to temperature and follow the Haynes manual.
  4. I don't understand half the things that you've said but very pleased its working properly! Seems like you are, too.
  5. The lug is on the wheel itself so you wouldn't be able to fit it back on a defender easily but you would be able to fit a series wheel back on.
  6. Hi all. I'm enjoying my RRC but still have the stuttering that I mentioned on a previous post. I have realised that it seems to do this at a certain point in the pedal travel. If I take it easy, or boot it, it runs fine but it means I have to drive like a granny or a lunatic (albeit that's fun). Could this be a sign of a bad throttle potentiometer? The only contrary indication is that it doesn't do it when cold but that idle is a little erratic whilst cold... Any advice welcomed.
  7. Don't be disheartened though, it's what the fun is about. Keep it safe, keep it running and keep enjoying it.
  8. I have Britpart and been surprisingly good. They have GK bearings.
  9. So, all running again. Firstly, pretty sure the new module was faulty. Secondly, I had managed to knock the oil pump drive out of line from the distributor drive so it wouldn't all marry up, hence why the timing didn't make sense. Running again now but still with the original fault. Learnt a lot though so thanks for your very useful advice. Back to fault diagnosing!!
  10. Thanks for the help chaps. Any easier way of knowing if the exhaust valves are closed other than taking the rocker cover off?
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