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  1. jordan_meakin

    Downpipe collar not lining up

    Agreed but make sure the other end is loose to give it the best chance of getting snug.
  2. jordan_meakin

    Downpipe studs

    Might be a good idea - get the goggles and waders on!!
  3. jordan_meakin

    Downpipe studs

    Could be coming from anywhere in that region - gearbox, transfer, output seals etc. If it's leaking a lot, try cleaning it all off to see if you can trace it back to the source. Typical area that Landys self lubricate underneath!
  4. jordan_meakin

    Downpipe studs

    I just used heat and lock grips, damages the thread but was replacing anyway.
  5. jordan_meakin

    Sump Gasket removal

    It's only a thin gasket. Razor blade is a good shout.
  6. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 exhaust , do I need to use exhaust paste?

    Buy some new ones!! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F321971177185 Brass nuts in the related items. You can have them both for under £10 and will do a much better job.
  7. jordan_meakin

    2a sump plug

    Oh dear! They're fairly robust so I can't imagine it'd snap but you never know with a Landy! Remember a new copper washer when you put it back in. I suppose, as the oil is coming out, there's no harm in a bit of heat to help it...
  8. jordan_meakin

    2a sump plug

    Lol! Worth checking though! You got it out?
  9. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Nice and clean. Colour usually means 3 bearing.
  10. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 exhaust , do I need to use exhaust paste?

    To be honest, I didn't pay much attention, just did it. Used axle stands to give a bit of height but that does make reaching the studs from the ground a stretch. It's a little awkward but perfectly doable.
  11. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 exhaust , do I need to use exhaust paste?

    Crashing this post, put my new stainless exhaust on today. Has a lovely throaty rasp now and I'm sure it's breathing better. The only shiny bit on it!!
  12. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Absolutely - does no harm and will certainly help.
  13. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Get a stud set!!
  14. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 exhaust , do I need to use exhaust paste?

    When you say what size nut, do you mean thread or head size? It could be that the thread on the bolt is knackered - I would always replace those and then refit with brass nuts. Last one I did I used a light smear of paste but it's probably fine without. Front pipe from underneath (I think - was a little while ago) but it is awkward (that I do remember), assuming this is a 2.25 petrol.
  15. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Is the bottom picture after removal or before? I've just bought a stainless system for £160

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