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  1. jordan_meakin

    200/300tdi into series

    Great news
  2. jordan_meakin

    200/300tdi into series

    TDi's are hanging around more and more on the market these days, particularly with the bad press diesels are suffering recently. My local Land Rover specialist said recently that he's getting more and more people coming back wanting their old petrol engines back. Apparently, they simply aren't available due to being scrapped post conversion. Think very carefully, I would suggest. Is the noise (which is always far worse than a petrol regardless of sound proofing), cost and negligible improvement on mpg and performance really worth it? The money spent would pay for a professional rebuild a couple of times... I love my 2.25 petrol.
  3. jordan_meakin

    Excitedly wait its return

    I recently and for the first time in my 13 years of Land Rover ownership, had to send my 1983 SWB away for repairs. With a house move and job change in progress, I had to admit that I wasn't going to have time for some pretty involved jobs. So, it duly went away to have a new pinion seal/flange, new clutch, gearbox work, reconditioned cylinder head and a multitude of seals and gaskets while the engine and gearbox were out to get rid of some oil leaks - new MOT rules look tougher on leaks and mine had a self lubricating under-carriage (the landy, not the Mrs). I pick it up Saturday having been away for a month - very excited!
  4. jordan_meakin

    6cyl SWB?

    Mine are like that, too but not sure why. Also considering replacing mine but no idea what with yet. Far too many options for my liking!!
  5. jordan_meakin

    Turbocharging a 5MB petrol?

    Dunno how the adaptation would work but how about Volvo LPT, think they're Garrett, fitted to 2.3 4 cylinder engines from the late 80's...
  6. jordan_meakin

    Series 2a clutch bleeding

    Sounds like there is still air in it. Keep bleeding it, have you tried with air pressure? I once had that problem and ended up just pumping like mad and it came up a treat.
  7. jordan_meakin

    Series 2a ignition switch

    I'm no good with electrics but I do remember that my first 2a diesel once started, would run with the key removed which sort of makes sense for what you've said. The sprung start position warmed the glow plugs and to engage the starter, you pushed a button. It had a pull stop that looked like a choke to cut the engine out.
  8. jordan_meakin

    Gearbox help and advice needed

    If you are thinking of selling, whole heartedly agree with the above. If you want to keep, go for longevity considering your engine and fit lt77.
  9. jordan_meakin

    Goodbye or Live on?

    Purely comes down to preference. The fact you're questioning it probably suggests that you're not happy with your series.
  10. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 Brake Lights

    Well it's great to give all this input and hear absolutely nothing.
  11. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 Brake Lights

    Do your rear side lights work normally?
  12. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 109 Buying Guide/Tips?

    Take a blunt instrument and poke about. You can get bitten by rot on the bulkhead and chassis even if it appears superficial or "just a small hole". Remember to check the bottom of the door pillars. Footwells are likely to have some rot but is less of an issue. The engine should start with ease and run smoothly. Gearbox will make more noise than you're used to but only a low whine - no clunking or banging. Remember to check reverse. Also check for judder when moving off. Essentially, how long is a piece of string. If rot is there, simply avoid unless you're hoping to rebuild or learn how to weld. There are loads of these about so be realistic and sensible (not meaning to sound patronising!).
  13. jordan_meakin

    Spring chassis bush holder stress fractures

    Nice work. Seeing inside like that, it's understandable why they go rotten.
  14. jordan_meakin

    Booster packs

    Perhaps save the money and solve the starting issue?
  15. jordan_meakin

    6cyl SWB?

    They were originally only fitted to LWB. It's an adaptation of a P4 engine, essentially detuned. They are lovely, sound great but realistically give very little extra power. Parts are scarce (water pump for example cannot be replaced, refurbishment only) and maintenance is more complicated. They also have a habit of overheating. Top mpg regardless of how you drive is 17 but mainly in the region of 14. The bulkhead (more similar in shape to a Defender) is different with a shorter gearbox tunnel. Annoyingly, you can no longer buy the gaiter for that tunnel either. I did a nut and bolt rebuild of one. Many of these models were subject to Perkins engine conversions because of the extra room or indeed great for TDi conversions - not that I'm an advocate for this. You'll struggle to find an original model. However, when I last looked, there were plenty of unused 2.6 engines around...

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