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  1. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    Did you solve the vent seal problem? Have you tried warming it? Some parts are made relatively hard plastic as opposed to the old fashioned rubber...
  2. Building my 109 CSW in Seattle (lots of questions)

    With your expectations, I think you've picked the wrong Landy. Try a Disco or a Range Rover classic. The amount of work to make a 109 drive like you describe is going to be unbelievable, back breaking and extremely uneconomical. They are for pottering, fun and tinkering. My opinion, anyway...
  3. Look what I brought home last night ..

    So are you going with the TDi? Has an adverse effect on the value of a series I...
  4. Self lubricating underside

    Thanks for the replies but I meant what seals/gaskets are good ones to replace to reduce the problem.
  5. Self lubricating underside

  6. Self lubricating underside

    Like most Land Rovers, my series 3 self lubricates it's underside or as some say, leaks oil. Whilst the anti corrosion benefits are clearly beneficial, it is making a terrible mess to the concrete. It leaks all over the place. What are the best things to replace to reduce this? I did the engine sump gasket but that still leaks...sod... Also done the output flange seal and in the process of doing the pinion seal. I suppose transfer and gearboxes need attention next...
  7. Main shaft nut retaining lock plate

    If your question is simply what price are second hand overdrive units making, then usually above £300.
  8. Timing!!

    Thanks again - I know it is really, just spent shed loads recently. Pointless ignition: https://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-GRID010339 I like it!
  9. Timing!!

    Thanks for the help. Hoping to avoid buying new kit at the minute though!
  10. Timing!!

    So I have electronic points on my distributor with both a positive and negative feed. How do I go about wiring up a test lamp for timing? I've done it by ear/feel and runs well but spits/pops a bit as you let the revs run down during a run. I've never actually set timing up properly, always guess work! Also, if I set the timing, which marker do I use on the pulley wheel? It has a pointer then 5 marks. It's a 5 bearing 2 1/4. Serial number suggests high compression but the characteristic marking on the flat bit of the head is missing...
  11. Valve stem seals

    Thanks very much for the guidance chaps!
  12. Valve stem seals

    So, my 2 1/4 petrol is a bit smokey on blipping the accelerator. It's developed over the last 18 months and is using oil. It does it hot or cold. I have done a compression test which is good and consistent over the four cylinders. Are the stem seals a likely cause? Next question, is it a ball ache to replace? I've never really delved into engine mechanics beyond changing cam belts on Volvos but happy to try...
  13. Potential purchase

    Bloke cancelled. Actually quite disappointed desperate for a RR!!
  14. Potential purchase

    So I posted recently as a long term series owner looking for a RR Classic. I've found a potential. Quite a tidy 1994 300 TDI auto. It's had the suspension changed to coils and various bits of minor work. No advisories on MOT but I have checked history and has had some welding in the past so will investigate - current owner seems to think it's been done well. Going to look soon - any advice??
  15. S111 gearbox

    Sorry my error on the springs, meant spring! But, you get the just.