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  1. jordan_meakin

    Indicator stalk

    Oh okay, cheers. The last one I looked at didn't have that. It's a late series III so should be fine. Thanks!
  2. jordan_meakin

    Indicator stalk

    Has anyone replaced one of these? Easy parts wise but they have funny little brass rivets that I certainly don't have a tool for. Currently have not lights as it's buggered.
  3. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Paddock seem to like Britpart or S**tpart as I call it. John Craddock stocks a good range.
  4. jordan_meakin

    bringing a neglected series back to life

    I'd be spending a lot of time looking at the state of the bulkhead and chassis along with body structural supports. These are probably the most likely things to prevent a successful MoT test. Has it been covered? Why's it been off the road?
  5. jordan_meakin

    New user new 2a owner

    Great! What's the plan? You're brave driving it with dodgey brakes and clutch!
  6. jordan_meakin

    My 88 series 3

    Good to see another project. What was the running problem? More pictures and info!
  7. jordan_meakin

    Running hot

    You could use an infrared thermometer to see what temperature it's actually running at? Have you checked your timing recently? The next thing is to check for blockages - flush the system, hose pipe on the heater matrix, through the block and the radiator to get rid of gunge. Careful where the run off goes though! How's your water pump sound?
  8. jordan_meakin

    Series 3 Petrol, Cuts Out..........

    Check for vacuum leaks.
  9. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    Yes, quite! To be honest, I bought a load of other parts at a local supplier and enquired about them and he threw it in FOC to try. I can't say it effected running but saves setting points gap but realistically, that's no bother anyway! At least with traditional points they give you some warning of when they're getting knackered - these just gave up and could have left me stranded. Is there any significant benefits to the type you have used?
  10. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    S*hitpart - hasn't been on a year and done less than 2000 miles
  11. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    So, contactless points swapped for traditional points and fired straight up. Seems to be solved! Thanks for all your responses.
  12. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    Sorry, missed that - will try today.
  13. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    So, now testing the coil on the correct multimeter setting gives 4.1 ohms. Bought a new one before I realised and that read 3.8 ohms so I don't think the old coil is the issue. However, still no spark so I'm going to swap out the contactless ignition with the old points in case it's that that has died. To fully rule the coil out, can I put a spark plug directly in the HT lead coming from that, bypassing the distributor? Thanks for the thoughts on fueling. I'm tentatively thinking that the smoke was due to incomplete combustion if it was that the spark was weak/dieing but of course can't rule it out. As I've said, was running great and went very suddenly which in the past, I've associated with ignition problems...
  14. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    So I have checked for spark on the plugs and seems to be nothing... Surely it's the coil?
  15. jordan_meakin

    Running/starting problems

    Thanks - already confused with the electrical stuff but I'll try to decipher. Choke cable is free and as it was running well, I can't imagine float bowl setting is madly out, certainly not to stop it running entirely. Left it over night to rule out flooding, too. So judging by your advice, my coil is getting around 1ohm... Thanks for this - definitely had this connected to the negative before (not suggesting that's correct!) as it's on a joint connection with the other wire. You can hear it click on and off as you connect/disconnect - is that working?

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