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  1. If you missed KevTD5, grab a beer and some pop corn and have a read here and here.
  2. Earlier this evening there was a piece on the local news about a few local companies, one of those featured was www.bitsfrombytes.com
  3. Too many classes and you only end up beating yourself, and there are enough of those around already
  4. The other thing to consider is the tendancy to bugger detroits when a shaft goes under load. So don't think just sacrificing shafts will keep the diff safe, it may not.
  5. Seems we do know the same person. Small world eh. The current car we race is CDS, but the old one that was rolled and is being rebuild is/was blue band, both are acceptable for MSA spec cages.
  6. Ok, I'll give you a 30 sec head start and see who gets the prop off quickest
  7. Hi Sam, there's a few of us local to you (Nailsea) who race with AWDC, and I know of someone else in Clevedon building and 100" comp safari racer. If you are looking to buy a cage, or have one fitted, rather then build from scratch I would look at.... http://www.whitbread-offroad.co.uk http://www.northoffroad.co.uk http://www.ppcages.com If you're looking at building then there is a lot of good info in the tech archive as white90 says.
  8. Wouldn't it be simpler to both visit the gents with a ruler
  9. Ex James Tennant comp safari car.
  10. Oh not again, you always make me wear that. You're almost as deviant as Mo
  11. I think Bish means he needs to load up with jaffa cakes and french fancies, I don't work for free
  12. This one? www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=367140291538
  13. Thanks mate That's what happened last time when I slipped off without them. Should be much less likely to slip off now. Not yet but soon I'll give them a good work out for you
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