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  1. What about a poll of who has what and what for ie Make Model Output etc etc
  2. I would go with the makes Paul and Nick both mentioned plus maybe Esab.
  3. Will call you in the morning,i know 3 companys who could sort that out.
  4. I worked along side Colin for a number of years,he was a true gent through and through. Thoughts must go to both the familys they have both taken a big loss. Gods speed Colin.
  5. Gutted Si but at least you walked away from it without a scratch which is the main thing.Pip says keep your chin up.
  6. Peter Glad you liked the anchor,the end of the boom being flattend is stronger than welding in a bar like some of the other manufactures do + it keeps weight down which was one of the main aims.Nick fields took one away with him @ Billing and he loves it. As for mounting it 3 quick fist is the fav so far but i have designed a mount for it but it is'nt really for release just yet but will be in the next 2-3 weeks (ready for Peterborugh show). As for the Johnny Joints yep we have EVERY size of joint,jam nut and weld-in bung in stock that Currie do with tube to suit all applications.If you need any bits just give me a call and i will sort you a good deal out same as any other LR4x4 members. Chris
  7. Long time no speak Mr Turner hows tricks? You should have stopped by at the show for a beer or UFO The anchor has been done by me and Si as a joint venture,god there has been over 200 hours put into the design and protyping alone!!!!! We went through 16 varations of boom length,boom angle and blade angle until we were happy with the results,if you measure the angles they are ALL different to any other on the market past or preasent.As regards the materials used we have nothing to hide,no unobtainum or top secret metals used just good old Domex and Clubman 500.I would be more than happy for you to try one @ the next AWDC event if you are up for it??? Chris
  8. Will can't you just press a stud in then cross drill and pin it?? It would,nt be a hard job.
  9. Or just use a small raw bolt or even spend some of your wealth with gigglepin???
  10. Have a chat with John from here- http://www.brunelperformance.co.uk/ He will give good advice.
  11. So what's the right part number?
  12. Not sure who,s part number that is For Reiger parts i normmaly use M-Sport. What size are they Jules?
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