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    Music, live and generally, got mates who play and dj but havent really got the ear for it.<br />Playing with computers :D<br />and as you may have guessed laning and modding my baby, if anyone wants to go out in the south west or knows a good pay and play place let me know lol
  1. I'm quite intruiged by this as a first year engineering student, though i am doing electronics (but my first year is common across electronics civil and mechanical) why are you using cad not solidworks, as what use of it i have it seems to be very astute at multipart drawings
  2. cheers for the help guys, but i'm gonna abandon this one as i have talked to photography guys and they doubt i will get enough light for anything but macro work, and i don't really do macro work. But thanks for all the info, David
  3. yep those are the links, so sorry they were duds
  4. had some feedback from photography guys about potential brightness and they have doubts anyone know of a way of doing this without using heatsinks which would make it v ungainly
  5. hey guys i'm thinking of making something along the ideas of this http://brainerror.net/texts/howto/macroring/ but scaled up and crossed with this http://www.diyphotography.net/studio...ld-a-ringlight so i intend on using very powerful led's (these http://www.rapidonline.com/Electroni...s/78767/kw/led are the brightest i can acquire) and mounting them in 4 alternating rings of 9 (or possibly non alternating rings of 18 - bot colours not just one) which will give 36 (or 72) LED's which should be fairly bright each ring is to be wired as 9 (or 18) parallel leds each with a series resistor
  6. I could get you one but it would be week after next as i'm at uni :S sorry mate
  7. not 100% certain, someone brighter will be along shortly. Are the diffs sealing ok? do you know where the water got in?
  8. cheers i haven't been reading magasines for a while and hadn't realized the prices have slipped so much, well it may be on sale here at some point, a friend has just called to ask about it for a third party
  9. no real options about keeping her, so selling is the only option. I didn't want much i was hoping a grand maybe ? (fixed) and what is she worth as a project do you think (given that i could sell her engine running)
  10. Right I'm a student, and my landy doesn't get the time or use she needs and my home address is soon to be a flat. So basically she has to go. Right now she looks fairly rough doesn't go has no mot and is sorn. The windows are hideous, the ignition system doesn't like being sat (but i have replacement parts for a full service of everything inc ht leads) and the electrics are fairly shot. The big things like chassis gearbox engine and suspension have all beeen rebuilt and replaced in the last 10 years. Is it best financially and in terms of time investment to simply sell her as she is, or to
  11. do you have tree sliders, my brother changed his disco gearbox by putting ratchets round the box and tree sliders then ratcheting it down
  12. a website called chinavasion sells similar kits (poss the same one you can buy em in bulk cheap to sell on ebay) if your lucky its the price it says it is, if customs get it then you get a tax bill too
  13. when i fitted mine i had to compress them a bit to get em on, I jacked to the axle i think, odd, wait for one of the wiser hands to help you as i'm being a tad useless
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