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  1. smallfry

    Any Colour gurus here?

    Looks like Arran Beige to me. Best colour ever for NOT looking dirty !
  2. smallfry

    "Blue Box" oil-filters...

    I used to work in the Agricultural/Plant industry, and took an interest in oils and filtration....................... The times customers would come in and given the choice between a Genuine Parts and a "will fit" diesel filter, would insist on the cheap one because a Genuine one was three times the price AND blocked up too quickly ................................ We also did a lot of warranty work as a result of filter failure. It is ALWAYS better to buy a GOOD filter for any application. Buy only Genuine manufacturer, or Mahle, Mann, or Purflux. and K&N air filters if you want one. Cr****and, W*x, F**m should be avoided. Faulty bypass valves, and poor filter mediums are the main problems. Tanuki was lucky. as there was an obvious symptom and fault. Poor filtration is normally insidious and gradual and in the long run will cost you a great deal
  3. smallfry

    R380 defender long stick to short

    Selector shaft, quadrant, remote housing and gearlever. Much easier to do a straight swap with my Disco box...........................
  4. smallfry


    I don't know what is "normal" for these, Fridge. I have been looking at it today, between the showers, and it looks like it has been leaking for some time, judging by the amount of oily grime under there. Even with the undertray and side covers off, I can't make out any one place that the oil is coming from, although it looks like coming from the top somewhere. However, I did find a nozzle from a mastic gun with cured clear silicone inside, which appears to have been used around the valve cover area. It has a noisy tappet/lifter, so maybe there has been an unsuccessful attempt to fix it. As its almost impossible to get at the turbo and associated hoses, looks like I might have to drop the engine in any case, to check it all out. I hate oil leaks
  5. I seem to have a big problem with oil leaking from behind the engine somewhere. I have not really had time to investigate properly yet, but from what I have seen on the net, seems like these engines are prone to this. I have read about misplaced grommets and a bolt/plug missing or left out..............although I do not know which one yet. Of more concern to me though, is the puffing from the crankcase when I remove the oil filler cap. It seems excessive to me, compared to other vehicles I have available to try. I have checked the breather, but have found it is fitted with the later "vortex" type, so it is not a blocked filter. I am thinking of changing the piston rings, but wanted to know if the pistons can be removed with the engine it situ ? The manual I have suggests the engine has to be removed first.............. Any ideas ?
  6. smallfry

    Turbo hoses

    Air filter blocked with oil or hose softened by oil leaks ?
  7. smallfry

    Defender - gearbox to transfer box drive shaft

    I must confess that having never bought a new car, I assumed that it would only be a year in any case ! As others have said, a goodwill gesture for a known fault would have been nice. I imagine though, that JLR would be making an awful LOT of goodwill gestures !
  8. ^ What he said. I would rather lose some lock than use spacers. They overload wheel bearings, king pins, and swivels.
  9. smallfry

    Defender - gearbox to transfer box drive shaft

    Warranty ? After four years ? This has always been a problem one way or another.
  10. smallfry

    Freelander TD4. Money pit, or ???

    Well, picked it up and its seems fine.............................Except Never having driven one before, I am not sure there is enough assistance in the power steering. There IS assistance, but it still seems heavier than a Defender. More of a concern though, is the engine breathing. When I remove the oil filler cap with the engine running, it seems to puff quite a lot. Not very much smoke/vapour with it, but seem a lot to me. There are lots threads on the internet about the engine breather filter being blocked etc, so I checked it, and it is already fitted with the "vortex" type, so its this normal for these engines I wonder ? Oil is weeping from various joints, which suggest crankcase pressure is high. It starts OK, but runs a bit "lumpy" for about five seconds, then runs fine, so could this be a piston rings/compression problem ? There is also a tappet type noise from the top end when engine has warmed up. Quiet when cold. Would be good to have something to compare it to, as I don't want to start pulling it apart already. Viscous unit working fine, and the rest seems to be just maintenance, so quite pleased with it really. Apart from the cost of the road tax ! Not bad for £1200
  11. smallfry

    Breakdown cover

    There really does seem to be great variance in what is written down in print and what they actually will do. I used to be member of the RAC, mainly because my best friend was a patrolman and it was the Full Monty for very little. I had two recoveries with 12 years in between. First one was the clutch diaphragm breaking up in Astra diesel. You could hear the broken fingers tinkling about in the bellhousing so obviously no clutch at all. They wouldn't take my word for it of course, and sent a man in a van to have a look before being recovered home. Was only 35 miles but ending up taking six hours. Other than that was fine. Secondly, owing to a masterstroke of design forethought, again on an Astra diesel ( I love them, sorry ) The nut on the oil pump pulley.......cambelt driven........came undone. It COULD have been threaded to prevent this, but no. Also, as there is no key, the pulley just spins. Anyway, no oil pressure obviously, so I had to call them out to be recovered. Again, wouldn't take my word for it, and once again sent a partrolman to confirm what I already knew, despite me telling them that I was Toyota time served. Body and paint though, didn't mention that . Several hours later a subbie recovery truck turned up, and was somewhat upset that he had not been told that he was going to have to drop me and the home, 150 miles away. The car was 150 yards up a private access road to a farm, and refused point blank to reverse his truck up to the car, and despite my insistance the car could be started without damage, would not do it. I phoned the control again, who said there was nothing else they could do as I was "refusing" recovery, and the the engine had likely had it anyway.........It wasn't as I did another 80k on it.......... As it was winter and was so effing cold, and I was quite peed off by then, I marched back to the car and drove it down. Went home in stony silence. That one took ten hours. After that I didn't renew. Any breakdown is going to be a load of hassle, so I suppose on reflection, despite whatever the experience, one should take solace in the fact that had we had to pay the full price of these recoveries without cover, it would be crippling. I am still looking ATM. I do not like or want anyone else fiddling with my vehicles so all I want is to be recovered home. Nothing else.
  12. smallfry

    Breakdown cover

    I would check that if I were you. They would not cover my 90 at 32 years old. Their limit is 16 years I have been told only today ! As it goes, I have been looking into this myself............... With the exception of the RAC, even if you have full UK breakdown and recovery, all companies will try and drop you off at a local garage and avoid "any destination of your choice within the UK" Britannia have an age limit of 25 years I seem to remember finding in the small print ? And despite a recent TV advert, I gather that any "off piste" recovery will be chargable, if they will do it at all. Its a bit of a minefield. I have several vehicles so for me, personal membership is the only way
  13. smallfry

    Freelander TD4. Money pit, or ???

    I don't mind doing the work either, just not every weekend. I am on my 22nd Land Rover and up to now not found anything that I can't do. Its the electronics that worry me ! And £1500 is way more than I want to spend Enjoyed the thread Fridge, very entertaining and informative. Somewhat worrying but I think I will go ahead anyway !
  14. I am considering buying a Freelander 1 TD4. Once I got over the shock of how much they cost to tax, I am still thinking about it. Just because I like the look of it. Interestingly, when I look up the MOT history for prospective purchases, I see that most of them seem to have an MOT fail almost every year, plus a load of advisories. When one looks at random other vehicles at similar age and usually higher mileage, they usually have very few in comparison. My old Astra estate for example, at 260,000 has never failed an MOT and not had much spent on it at all. I really don't need another vehicle that needs fixing every weekend ( I have a V8 90 for that )and constant expenditure. I know its a Land Rover and all, but is it likely to turnout one my life's great regrets ?
  15. smallfry

    Battery charging

    Buy a second battery charger ? from Lidl ? £5

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