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  1. Sorry chaps, not been able to reply owing to tech stupidity...…………………. The engine is a BMW M57 (or might be a Lexus 1UZ FE) and will be fitted to a ZF 4HP22/24 Hybrid gearbox, so nothing too exciting TBH I have not looked at the bolt sizes, but from memory I think they are both M12 with some M8 around the bottom of the bellhousing (engines are 20 miles away) I don't think torsional stress with any conversion plate/casting is a particular problem, unless it is stupidly thin. Its axial stress, if that's the correct term ? Lengthways bending in other words. There is not a massive difference between the sizes, between 30 to 50mm radius at a guess. I guess an alloy would be easier to work, but I have no idea what grade, but steel would be stronger. Or is it ?
  2. As the title says, I will be needing to make an engine adaptor plate, but what material to make it from ? It will need to 11 or 12 mm thick (no thicker) and will need to have some tapped (or maybe nuts on the other side) and some countersunk holes. So do I use mild steel, or aluminium of some sort, and if so, what grade ? My worry with alloy is the strength of and tapped threads, and that steel is heavy. I see many adaptor plates commercially available that are alloy, but they tend to be thicker than I can use. Thoughts please ?
  3. smallfry

    New user new 2a owner

    Looks good from here. Its a Land Rover. Its not meant to run properly 😄 Pedal return spring missing ?
  4. smallfry

    300tdi with ZF auto box into 2.25 with LT77

    We have got a dead Tdiauto Discovery here that I could take some photos of. Trouble is that its behind a few other dead vehicles at the moment, and surrounded by nettles. I can try at the weekend if no one else comes up with anything
  5. smallfry

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Can't go wrong with that ! What I find with the modern DIY/budget drills, Clarke , Axminster, Sealey etc, is that when you put some pressure on the tool, the table deflects down, which of course affects accuracy and gives oval holes.
  6. smallfry

    Smith’s gauge refurb

    Can see the problem ! I must confess I have not seen a Smiths gauge like this. TIM maybe ? Also looks a bit deep for a Smiths voltmeter. Is the main case plastic or metal ? Would probably cost more to have it refurbed than to buy new ?
  7. smallfry

    Smith’s gauge refurb

    When you look at the rear of the bezel, does it have tabs that fold over the main case, or is the whole perimeter rolled (right word ?) over. If its the former, it should come off by twisting it...…………...like a light bulb. However, I usually find there is some sealant/adhesive used too.
  8. Non runner in bits ? We have just bought a 1989 Turbo diesel complete and running but very tatty and no MOT for £300. Best put it on ebay. Might be pleasantly surprised. Depends who wants to buy it, and why. Difficult question to answer really
  9. smallfry

    U-Pol Raptor Chassis

    If the chassis is galvanized, presuming it IS a new one ? I reckon you are best off T-washing it and brush painting good old chassis paint on it. I know its relatively soft, but its cheap and is easily touched in or recoated. Once you get a few coats on it, is adds some age, which I like ! Depends what you are trying to achieve. A workhorse, to disguise it, or make it a bit flash (thief magnet) Waxoyl is another sh1te Hammerite group product. Wouldn't waste ANY money on it all. For a few quid more, buy either Bilt Hamber, or Dinitrol and get something that actually works..
  10. smallfry

    Rear chassis cross member replacement - from where?

    I believe Blacksheep no longer do them...…………. not sure though. They had a lot of hassle with Land Rover owners. If they DO still do them, they will do it while you wait, and wait...…………..it takes a while ! Clive, the guy who does the welding, is superb.
  11. smallfry

    Disco 2 4.0 into Defender 110?

    Interesting you want to go from diesel to petrol. Can you live with 17ish MPG ? What would Mrs Peaklander make of that ? If you want it offer £500, but as he is a suspected trader he is unlikely to take it...……………….unless he has had it too long. If he doesn't accept it, walk away. There are still plenty around. If it has done 135k though, realistically you should budget for a rebuild, just in case
  12. Yes, beeping will be a low keyfob battery. Its a CR2032. Most supermarkets or Toolstation will have them. Knocking will most likely be the crankshaft pulley separated. Its a two piece bonded rubber to metal thing. Sounds like your big ends have gone ! Smoking could be lots of things unfortunately...…………...
  13. smallfry

    Which Tyres

    Sorry, just to be clear, when I said XL, I meant car type tyres !
  14. smallfry

    Which Tyres

    Whatever you choose, make sure they are marked XL (extra load) and they will be fine. You COULD go up to 60 profile, or even to 65s (which I have on mine) which will give you more choice and range of prices. Only "problem" with this, is that it makes the speedo read slightly slow...…………...not really a problem as they tend to overead in any case, but you do lose a bit of grunt for heavy towing and full loads. In practice though, I have not found this a problem for me. I wouldn't like to "recommend" it as such, but its something you could consider.
  15. smallfry

    Freelander TD4 Auto 2005 NO START INTERMITTENT

    Thanks for the replies gents. Scanner not actually here yet ! As I suspected, I tried it when I got home this evening, but as the temperature is only 14 degrees here, it started no problem. Have already tried all the things suggested, except the ignition switch, and when the items are put on the other Freelander, that one still starts no problem. I suspect that its something inside the cabin rather than the engine itself.

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