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  1. That is actually a FLUX capacitor ! Cant believe no one recognised it.
  2. They sell a lot of these things to soften water too. Apparently they work !
  3. And to breed...………….
  4. Another vote for the multi tool. Bought one from Lidl a few years ago branded Parkside, although I am pretty sure it was made by Bosch. Have a Dewalt recip saw bought ten years ago and hardly use it now. If you get it wrong and don't have it held really solidly, you can get hurt. Anyone who has got one will tell you. Does have its uses, but I wouldn't buy another. Not even for demolition.
  5. This is interesting. Although it is an aftermarket add on, the system is similar to that used on the BMW M47 (Freelander 1) and m57 (L322) diesels, also fitted to loads of other BMW vehicles. On these engines, it is built into the engine top cover. The original setup used a filter, which would quickly become saturated with carbon and seriously inhibit crankcase ventilation. The "cure" for this was (and still is) to use a modified vortex insert in place of the original filter. However, this does not work well either IMO, as your intake system and intercooler still fills with a lot of oil. All of these BMW engines I have come across suffer from this, and is considered normal by what I have read, but I feel this is a base problem with the engine/materials/design, as they all suffer from a LOT of piston blowby, which is just not apparent on other very high mileage diesels we have run in the past ( and present) It cannot do any harm though.
  6. Mine has the fuel burning heater and it is up to normal temp in two miles or about four to five minutes.
  7. A long time ago I had a Sunbeam Rapier series 4, which had a Laycock overdrive. That had the problem that the car would run in the low ratio (direct) after starting up, but after engaging O/D, would not disengage until the car had been stopped and left for a while, and then after restarting would repeat the process. Turned out to be a tiny piece of friction material stuck in the dashpot/relief valve, not allowing the oil pressure to release. Probably not your problem, but worth a look ? I do remember when reassembling, winding down the case against the spring pressure
  8. Animal prints would have given it character, such a shame ! Whats wrong with a nice traditional coat of oil and grease, hammer marks, welding spatter and splashes of paint ? All too contemporary and minimalist for me 😄
  9. I couldn't run to CNC anyway, and in any case I cant even get catch up TV to work properly, so what chance do I have ?☹️ I can never see how any self respecting man can live his life without a welder. Space...…. The final frontier, is a problem. I do not have much, and a lot of machines are either too high or too deep (front to back) As Bishbosh rightly says, size is everything. Same as buying anything else, like a shed or a ladder or a van. Its never, ever, quite big enough. I am still looking though.
  10. Is that an Old Man Britpart steering damper ? I do like the idea of the Disco steering arm.
  11. Sorry, forgot that bit ! Also, I remember the engine I had did NOT have a power steering pump on it, but the 19j pump and bracket will fit straight on if necessary, as I don't know if the Disco one is different.
  12. It will bolt straight up to it no problem. Clocking the turbo means to turn the inlet housing from its original position. There is a big circlip that holds it to the iron main body which you will have to remove first, but that's the only difficult bit. Swap the engine mount brackets from your original engine Use the Steve Parker conversion exhaust for simplicity, if its still available, or make your own You will also need an intercooler and hoses, and a glowplug relay. Not vital, but make the thing nicer to use. I THINK that's about it but its 25 years since I did this.
  13. If I were you I would staple/drawing pin or something, the membrane over the shuttering, or it might be pulled below the concrete or the concrete getting behind it, spoiling the nice edges. Didn't they say, NEXT Wednesday ? 😄
  14. Wow. An awful lot of food for thought there. Have spent a few evenings watching milling and machining videos, plus the inevitable sidetracks. For the time being I have the best part of a house build to start/finish first, or I will be getting some serious handbagging from SWMBO, who wants a stable built FIRST (priorities 🙄)on a difficult site. I dont suppose anyone wants around 200m3 of soil and chalk ? Free to collector but no vehicular access …………... I have realised over the weekend that I seriously need to thin out some of my projects before starting another potential unfinished one !
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