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  1. Could you not use a worklight, of floodlight type thing ? Unless you want it looking original. I think a lot of it is to do with the lamp units themselves. For example, the reversing lights on my old Astra estate are brilliant, but only use the standard 382 bulbs. Not quite so good with my Master van with the same bulbs. But the Freelander and Jimny with the same bulbs are effing useless.
  2. Yes, Ferm stuff is OK, but stiil not as good as the old cast iron machines. We have a 6 inch linisher at work, and they are one of those tools that once you have had one, you could not do without. Great for refacing thermostat housings, exhaust manifolds etc. And for refacing Rover V8 cylinder heads
  3. Totally agree with this. Its all smoke and mirrors by those with vested interests. To me though, it seems to be swapping one type of environmental damage for another. Another issue for me would be the lack of character, which I believe IS important for most of us who have these vehicles. I could live with a vehicle that takes me to work and back though, but I still do not believe the environmental damage (ATM) to generally third world countries is acceptable.
  4. Clutch manufacturer LUK do a small pot of grease for precisely this purpose.
  5. How could you consider this for going "off grid". Just isn't viable IMO
  6. I would have thought G3 is a bit coarse for plastics. Also needs to be used wet to get the best of it. Screwfix or Toolstation (cant remember which) do a glass polishing kit which works a treat on scratched windscreens. Its very fine and might work ?
  7. I have tried various LED sidelamp bulbs, and all of them have not lasted long, so have reverted back to standard 501. Have also tried interior festoon LEDs, and the non canbus ones do not work well as they keep flashing intermittently, but the canbus types with built in resistors are really good. Not that this helps you much with the H1s
  8. I didn't say anything about skills or trades, or even education or qualifications come to that. I was talking about the perceived monetary value to a paying customer.
  9. I don't want to be GIVEN a liveable income. I have never been unemployed, and TBH I don't believe in benefits either. My father always believed that you had to work for what you have and not be expected to be given anything, and I guess that has rubbed off on me. It seems to me that a lot of those who acquire a "liveable income" by whatever dubious means, and have time on their hands, seem to go out of their way to make other peoples lives a misery, rather than doing anything beneficial for themselves or others
  10. Exactly the same thing with the coal mines which people still keep banging on about. Bag of English coal £30, or from Poland £10. Which would you like sir ? I am/was in the furniture trade making furniture, and it always amuses me when things are described as "hand made". It conjures up a mental image of a chap in an apron and half moon glasses at a bench covered in wood shavings, using basic hand tools. While I can do it that way, machinery us used as much as possible. I am also an apprenticed paint sprayer (mid1970s) but have done nothing professionally since 1982, mainly because its a s****y job, and nobody wants to pay. As someone on the bottom end of the pay scale, and who is only any good at what you would call manual work, I do worry about what is going to become of people like me who are not academic, and do not get of well with tech, and only have six brain cells. How are we going to earn a living ? Not everyone can do admin or office type stuff, like all the people on TV dramas and films. Someone, somewhere, actually has to make something. Sadly doing any sort of hands on job or craft has no perceived value when it comes to paying for it, whereas tapping a few keys in a trendy office seems to worth a fortune.
  11. That's just it though, you have to drive it, not it drive you. Just the same with all the turbonutter sports executive type things. If the electronic aids were removed, they would also be found to be somewhat "unnerving" to drive at speed.
  12. You could fit some of these too ! More weight saved, wiring, motors, switches etc More exercise for you too.
  13. Theres a thought. Have a look at the label on the gearbox. The 4.0 will probably have a 4HP22. The 4.6 SHOULD have the 4HP24 which is a heavier duty box, unless it has been swapped sometime. So Yes, swing the whole lot in one lump if you can, less the transfer box as it is b heavy. They are the same, but I guess one would be handy as a spare.
  14. Provide they are BOTH the same management system, i.e. Gems, or Thor, it should be a straight swap. I believe the engine ECUs use the same map for both engine sizes.
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