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  1. smallfry


    2004 model will only have one low pressure pump in the RH rear wheelarch. The high pressure pump is on the engine. You need to know whether its the low or high pressure side which is at fault . If its the low pressure fault, it is most likely the fuel pump at fault. DONT waste money on ANY non genuine item. It might get you going, but you will be wanting another one quite soon. If its a high pressure fault, the nightmare begins...……………………………... Most mechanics are unable to diagnose properly, and end up wasting LOTS of your money on unnecessary parts. You have managed 86k without it playing up ???? 😲 You have much to learn Grasshopper.
  2. smallfry

    computer says NO

    For many years I worked in Parts Departments, and this I one of MANY things that annoy me nowadays. No one seems to have much product knowledge. Most of them will not even look without the registration number, and even then, you STILL get the wrong items
  3. smallfry

    3.5ltr V8 oil leaks

    Yes, you just remove the big crankshaft bolt and the pulley assembly will pull off.
  4. smallfry

    OK, so who pinched my car then??

    More than your fair share of hassle ????? Get yourself a Freelander TD4 and learn the REAL meaning of hassle. 😩 I will swap you some rusty bolts any day !
  5. smallfry

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    Also, if you use Rocol J166 Anti Sieze compound ( better type of Copaslip) on the threads and seats, they will never give trouble anyway. Breaker bar vote. Got a Sealey Premier one that I have had for twenty years plus and also a proper Britool one that belonged to my Dad and must be fifty years old. Never broken either one. As has been said, required torque loading is not that high.
  6. Yes, the flexplate will me made of something other than plain mild steel. That's another reason that I do NOT want to weld or braze it. It doesn't really lend itself to drilling another set of holes because of the shape of it, but I guess I could do this, but again I am concerned this will affect the strength of it in some way. The converter is held in position by its center boss which locates in the rear of the crankshaft, and by its nose and gearbox input shafts. The bolts seem to only transmit the drive, and not actually support it...……. If you see what I mean I do like the idea of plugging nd redrilling the threaded mounting pads in the TC though, or maybe I could get a TC specialist to rejig the mounting pads to the correct PCD
  7. Not too taxing for some of you guys...……….. I need to fit an alien torque converter to a flexplate. The original had a six point fixing, but the new one is only three point fixing. This in itself is not the problem as I can just use three of the six holes. However, the PCD of the holes is different by 6.5mm. Now, the obvious and easy way is to elongate the holes in the flexplate by 3.25mm each. I am not really entirely happy with this though. I don't want to be adding weld to "move" the holes, because of distortion and interfering with balance. Thought about brazing some washers to it, but don't like this for much the same reasons. Only other thing I can think of is shouldered bolts in a much larger hole, but then there is the problem of finding something suitable. Or am I worrying too much ?
  8. smallfry

    Exhaust manifolds

    Is it an early carb model with a single downpipe each side, or an EFI with twin downpipes each side ?
  9. Freelander 1 TD4 I guess ? So many things it could be on these, and so hard to diagnose. You say the engine was changed. What does that mean exactly ? Was it a complete used engine from a scrapper and did they use any bits from your old one ?
  10. smallfry

    2.8 Tdi Dihatsu conversion power plant

    If you are going to use an M47, do yourself a favour and buy a car version. The Freelander version suffers all sorts of oil burning and breathing problems. Also, the inlet manifold on the car version will be facing the right way. Other than that, its WAY better than a Tdi
  11. smallfry

    Lidl smart battery charger

    Mine packed up after 3 months. Possibly me Renault Master is too big for it ? Couldn't find the receipt so cannot take it back. Worked fine with Freelander and Astra though
  12. smallfry

    Armchair diagnosis: snapcrankeritis

    Probably no real reason down to usage, just down to time. Most likely a small stress riser caused by or during production, or carelessness at some time during its life, and the due to the accumulation of time and miles has finally let go. Could have happened at any time I guess, and just "one of those things" 20 years ago, myself and a workmate had driven about 100 miles in a Transit DI. We were sitting in a traffic queue with the engine idling when there was a sudden almighty banging. Same thing, crankshaft snapped for no apparent reason.
  13. smallfry

    Total Parts out of business?

    Look up one of the neighbouring units on 192.com or whatever, and give them a ring to see if they know anything ?
  14. smallfry

    TD5 knocking and lots white smoke

    Other thing to check, IF you can get it running, as you say it is misfiring. With the engine running, take off the oil filler cap and see if its puffing out of there. If it is, it could be a cracked/holed piston. If its NOT puffing any more than usual, then it more or less confirms the injectors, or one of them !
  15. smallfry

    hot pressure washers

    I have had a Gerni hot or cold machine since 2002. Its a professional machine but I only use it for my own stuff, so its not had a massive amount of use. However, it always works properly, and never let me down. I am still on the original lance and hose, but then I do take care of it and do not run over the hose. I don't think they are sold in this country now, but they look mighty similar to the Nilfisk machines. Incidentally, I worked for an Agricultural and Plant dealership until 2001. We had a hot pressure washer there, which the guys all used, and when I left, I missed having one, hence I bought my own. We were a Karcher agent, and back then, the projected life of their small cold machines was...….. 8 HOURS !

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