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  1. smallfry

    The new Defender is now pointless

    If all this REALLY is about air quality and pollution, why is it that the Elephant(s) in the room are conveniently ignored. Aviation and shipping. Aviation spreading pollutants evenly into the atmosphere ? Dumping TONS of fuel in flight ? How many aircraft in the air at one time ? I am told by a friend in aircraft engine refurbishment that your average airliner produces around the same amount of NOX during the take off run (not climb) as 6000 diesel cars do in 0NE hour. But of course nothing will be done about that because that will affect the world economy. Then there are the cruise liners...……… another completely unnecessary polluter
  2. smallfry

    The new Defender is now pointless

    And what about the rape of the planet to obtain the precious metals for the batteries ? Holes in Africa as big as London for a bucketful of Lithium or whatever ? We DO have a problem with generation looming in this country I fear
  3. smallfry

    The new Defender is now pointless

    And also remember how your cellphone/laptop/torch gradually loses capacity after a few months. Will the current 25 mile range slowly become 12 ?
  4. smallfry

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    The one I have spare looks porous...…………….speckly (technical term) black look over the bronze In oil on top of the boiler or radiator, or possibly in the oven after it has been used. Careful with this though, or you may earn yourself a handbagging !
  5. And I have another transfer box you can have for nothing (Filip had the other one) should you want it.
  6. smallfry

    2.4 not starting

    If fiddling with the key starts it, surely its the ignition switch ?
  7. smallfry

    Intercoolers and other bits

    Bigger intercooler is to cool a greater volume of air if you have bigger turbo and pipes, not necessarily to make the air any cooler than a standard one. Ambient temperatures have a great bearing on this too. Incoming air will be a LOT cooler in the middle of winter than the height of summer.
  8. smallfry

    Diesel fuel filter for petrol?

    Only possible problem I can think of is that petrol ,might degrade the rubber seals ????? Wouldn't have thought so, but keep an eye on it ?
  9. Try as I might, I cannot find any info on these ! On a Discovery 2 V8 4.0, fitted to the oil pump body (crank driven serpentine) there are two blanking plugs. These close off the oil feed and return to an engine oil cooler if the cooler is NOT fitted. I assume the Disco 2 did not have a cooler fitted, unlike the P38 RR which did, or maybe as an option only. However, I would like the part number of these plugs, or the info/spec of them please ? Thank you
  10. smallfry

    V8 into series 3

    You will also have to get the flywheel redrilled to take the smaller series clutch. Standard V8 one will not go in the series bellhousing. You can fairly easily make the engine mounts and the spigot adaptor (lathe) Attached is a bad photo to help. I believe a friend of mine has got a complete kit in his barn somewhere, I will try and find it when I am there. No promises though, there is a LOT of stuff.
  11. smallfry

    Breakdown Cover

    That's the same policy I am on Jon, and I think you will find it covers both you and your "partner"(I do hate that word) in ANY vehicle too. Handy as we have four vehicles between us plus the Renault Master van. They are also not vehicle ageist
  12. smallfry

    3.5 + Thor -> 4.6 + Thor

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that the THOR pump produces too much pressure for the steering box and causes some sort of problem ? Cant find the info now though
  13. smallfry

    Breakdown Cover

    Been with the AA and the RAC. Never again. Now with Brittania Rescue. Will recover the car to anywhere if you wish, or a local garage if you must. Only needed to use them once (Freelander) Birmingham to Kent. Took my word for it what the problem was, so didn't have to go through the charade of taking it to a local repairer to be assessed, so they can have you over a barrel over cost. I only want my vehicle taken home, as I don't want anyone else touching it.
  14. smallfry

    Parts described as OEM

    While all the above is true...………... On the other hand, if LR stuff is that good, why are most of us swapping it for something else ? 😄
  15. smallfry

    2.5L Diesel vs. 2.5L Petrol

    My 19j 90 I had a couple of years ago only did around 24 - 25 on average too. so its no surprise to me. The early 90 CSW V8 I have now only did around 15. The PO "tuned" it, and as usual never ran properly. had no engine in it for five years now, and although I OUGHT to keep it originalish with a 4.6 I have, I still don't know which way to go using that, or the Lexus V8, or even the BMW M57 diesel...…….both of which I also have. The problem which I have with diesels (which I prefer TBH) is the expense of fixing them when they go bad. But if the series were mine and I wanted to use a four pot, it would have to be petrol

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