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  1. It is exactly what I have got abandoned here. Done in 1992/3 with a new UN galvanised (money saving at the time) Designa chassis. Not "legal" to use now. If you look at the photos carefully, and study the features, it is clearly a late seventies Series 3, so just from that it is no way a 1960 vehicle as claimed. I like it though, but is it worth that sort of money ? And Fridge, its not about being a "Tightar5e" (which I have to be) Its about A, having no money, and B resenting paying more tax on a vehicle that is seldom used !
  2. Do you mean the four barrel Weber and manifold, or a two barrel 38DGAS conversion that they used to do by modifying the standard SU manifold ? 3.9 camshaft is not great for carburettor engines. 10.5 pistons were only fitted to early engines, and will not take much more than 5500 rpm. Lots of modern engine run that high though. Cant comment on Megasquirt as I have no experience of it personally, but from what I read on here, it can be very problematic unless you are a tech genius.
  3. Sorry, but I do not see the point in paying so much for a door hinge. Seems an added attraction to me. None of them are battery powered angle grinder proof. In order to remove a door, it has to be unlocked. Undoing the hinge bolts and pulling the front edge forward does not allow enough gap to get an arm in to unlock the door, not without damaging the door which sort of defeats the object if they are trying to sell it on. Guess the door must be unlocked with slim jims first, so all the time the door can be unlocked, it is vunerable, so some sort of deadlock would be in order, like th
  4. Or spend ten minutes looking for something that you already have in your hand ?
  5. First thing to do will be to compression test it. If you have unequal compression pressures, it will never run properly. I guess its a 3.5 as you say you have 10.5 pistons ? Assume it already has EFI or is it on carbs ?
  6. When I was a teenager, we used to find it a LOT more fun if it was someone elses car 😔 My friends had a couple of those, or very similar Honda buggies on their farm , but they were called a Honda Pilot ? Good fun but dangerous, even when strapped in. Used to do timed runs round the fields, usually during parties. I broke my arm once and done my knees a couple of times when they rolled. However, none of the guys could get anywhere near the times of one of the girls. She used to do horse trials and steeplechase and is pretty fearless, but she ended up facially disfigured and had a broken sh
  7. Must surely be a snapped stub axle, for whatever reason ? I must confess that I don't have complete confidence in the Police ? examiners competency, but on the other hand, I doubt very much if the Journos had sight of the actual report in any case. As for journos, you only have to see the poor gramer and spilling in sum artikles. At least use a spell checker ?
  8. Coward 😄 Clearly not a PROPER test then ! All joking aside, anyone have access to a Brinell ? tester ?
  9. I thought this, but surely it must have come off when the wheel detached and disappeared in grass/down drain, not to be found at the time. Also, the retaining nut and lock washer would not be able to be used, and surely the wheel would have sat an an "interesting" angle.
  10. This is exactly why I despair at those mainly young people who look to Youtube etc for guidance by some other know nothing bodger. Here is a pic of one of mine. Coil sprung series 3 made from what was then a good RRC chassis. built in 1993. I cant use it any more because of the points system, and I cant "prove" it was done more than 10 years ago, otherwise I would buy a new chassis. Its fully road legal because its MOT exempt and is insured, but no way would I use it on the road, but sadly, Im sure there are loads running around like this.
  11. Not a Tdi fan, but I always thought that Bosch DIESEL injection stuff had a part number beginning "04" but its been 20 odd years since I was in the Agri and Plant industry, so maybe that's changed. Could be the ground one highlighted by VB is an old stock item, and had a different manufacturing method now that machining has come on ? It has a different part number. Also might explain the lack of hologram, which didn't exist a few years ago. It certainly doesn't look crude, as a lot of non genuine stuff does. I would hazard a guess that it IS genuine, but old stock. You could gr
  12. It would, but the problem is that the air is thinner (less pressure) at that height. So although the different cam may help slightly, you are still only relying on the outside air pressure to fill the cylinders. The real solution is a super/turbo charger. Or a bigger engine, or one that produces more torque in the first place. Like a diesel The Torquemax or equivalent would be my choice BTW. Reasoning being that less revs will give the cylinders more time to fill, and give you enough to use a higher gear. The carbs are always going to hobble you though. EFI would be a good choi
  13. Recently changed from BOC. Last Argoshield 5 cylinder lasted 7 years......... Gone to Hobbyweld (not Ultra with the integral regulator). 20 litre @£80 for refill inc VAT They do pure Argon for £100
  14. Look at the state of that jubilee clip 😲 Where has it been for the last 50 years ? I guess the hose is the same age ?
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