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  1. Those lifters have no oil in them. When they are full, they will feel rock solid. New ones especially will not bleed down that quickly, even overnight. If the others on that bank are working correctly (and it sounds like they are,) IMO the lifters have either dirt in them, OR, and I have come across this before, no oil feed hole in the side ! In all the V8s I have had and worked on, I cant remember any that have taken longer than about ten seconds to go quiet from first start (new lifters) although this does feel like all eternity while you are waiting ! I would be inclined to pull the offending ones to have a look, and maybe disassemble them, clean, and fill with oil manually. There does not appear to be any (or much) oil on and around the lifter, which would run down the pushrod. I dont know if this is significant ? Is oil getting to the top of the engine ? Anyhow, without trawling back through the threads, are you sure you have sufficient oil pressure ? When adjusting the preload, aim for higher end of adjustment. Remember that as the valve train wears (or beds in) you get less and less preload. It must be done with the lifters dry. The only proper way to do this, is with different length or adjustable pushrods. Anything else alters the valve geometry, but this only becomes a real problem on extreme lift camshafts, causing side loading on valve stems. I personally do not subscribe to this rubbish about running the engine for 20 minutes or whatever at high revs straight from first start in order to "run the cam in". As long as the lobes are coated properly with lube, it should be fine. A high idle speed is sufficient, and serves to fill the lifters. I cannot imagine they bu**ered about like this at the Chevrolet/Ford/Chrysler and even Rover factories doing this to every engine ? All these engines were basically the same format, and they made millions of them, and premature camshaft wear was never a feature. Sorry you are having all this hassle with it. So disheartening. If you were nearer I would give you a hand with it, although I wouldnt have a Scooby Doo with the Megasquirt.
  2. I know a couple of independants. Landmark Services on the Challock to Charing road, and Pegasus Garage at Newington near Rainham. Details on the web. Not any sort of recommendation though, its many years since I used either, and I believe both have had a change of ownership since then.
  3. At the moment it seems to me the whole blame is because of the ICE. CO2 emissions by petrol vehicles seems to have fallen off the radar for now, if favour of demonising diesel, until the next thing. The bottom line is that there are too many humans on the planet. So, my way of thinking is either I kill the planet with a petrol vehicle, or kill some people with a diesel. For the benefit of the planet the choice is clear ! Steam locomotives, heritage lines, Traction engines etc. are not privately owned in the same way as a motor vehicle. By and large, you have to go somewhere to see them (in your polluting vehicle) in what is effectively a living museum, so they are very few and far between in comparison to motor vehicles, so this is why they will still be allowed to operate IMO
  4. Really ? The only benefits of these as far as I can see is that they are quieter (for a while) and accelerate faster (for a while) Where do I even start with this ? So I wont bother. No way would I take one of these anywhere off piste, or away from civilisation. ESPECIALLY in winter I did however like the series 2 door hinges and mirrors, and I would bet that the mirrors were put on in a futile effort to decrease drag and increase range. Presenter is particularly annoying.
  5. In my experience the exhaust valve is also cleaned both sides, and the inlet on the cylinder side. Back of inlet will still be dirty.
  6. Remember, measure twice and cut once ! Mark which side the line to cut.
  7. Not just me then. I am already older than both my Grandads, and my Dad, same age as my Mum, when she succumbed. I have the symtoms and am waiting for results ATM. Has been a real trial getting GP/NHS to do anything though, but thats another story. Try not to think about it carry on regardless as much as poss.
  8. Probably right there ! Before that though, we will only be allowed something like a Picanto/Aygo/Smart car type thing anyway.
  9. But wouldnt the wheels stick out a long way on a series ? Disco 2 axles are wider than Defender type
  10. Sounds like it, but to go through the gears with engine running and no drive, the cylinder must have jammed somehow ? Piston come out of bore somehow ? Release fork broken/bent/jammed ? Can only guess. Never had this happen on anything before, normally you just have no clutch.
  11. Noooo. No Character, no beating heart. Might as well just get yourself a Tesla Milk float ☹️
  12. I agree with this. You will find a lot of them are made of thinner material and some ring types have less OD for any given interior.
  13. Sounds very similar ! If you got any on your skin, even for a few seconds, you had to rinse with water quickly, and even then, it would burn skin. One of the guys had a similar experience with a go faster inlet manifold. Dangled it on a hook in the morning, to retrieve at lunch time. Spent the afternoon accusing everyone of hiding it, when it was, in fact, dissolved ! The tank was a similar size to yours. Not heated though. I did my Land Rover body panels in it. SO labour saving. 30 second dip and then hot pressure wash. Stripped, etched, and ready for paint. Also took off any aluminium corrosion. De rusting steel etc. Its primary purpose however, was to strip carbon from engine parts. Happy days ........ All you can get now, in this country at least, is stuff that doesnt work !
  14. I have been thinking about this lately, and I think its a load of b*****ks. So its quite OK to "rebody" a Disco or RR chassis and make it into something it isnt, being that these chassis are not as heavy duty as Defender ones. Remember that Defender chassis have a deeper ( taller) section that the Disco or RR, so is therefore already stronger. Its also OK to add extra frames and brackets, which have not been subject to any sort of approval, or even any sort of checks regarding material and QC, ie carp welding etc. Also OK to tack on crossmembers and "repair" plates, however badly , up to a point, misalignment, dubious welding etc. You can buy a replacement half chassis to "repair" a 90 chassis, again with no sort of checks, which is essentially EXACTLY the same as a "cut and shut" job. So I see no problem whatsoever with putting the join in the "wrong place" and making the chassis a bit longer and "rebodying" it in the same way.
  15. Tell me about it. This morning, SWMBO is helping her son (not mine) aged 20, Grammar School and Uni educated, who works in GDPR, book some tickets for a National Express coach FFS !
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