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  1. smallfry

    forum relay from Lancashire

    I will be going to Cumbria on Saturday 17th and returning to Kent on Monday 19th Will not be going anywhere near Basingstoke or Portsmouth though.
  2. smallfry

    Legends of Land Rover

    29,900 Euros ? Its nice, but not THAT nice. As the others say, it depends on what he is going to do with it
  3. My Brother in Law has had problems with his batteries and the Good old boys on his truck, a very tall 4WD DAF thing So, he moved them to an armoured hard to get at box underneath, and filled some old ones with concrete, which live on the battery tray with dud leads connected. Wont be long !
  4. smallfry

    ZF Auto at jaunty angle ?

    This is the only solution I can come up with. But me two inch lift has ruined all that hard work...………………..
  5. smallfry

    ZF Auto at jaunty angle ?

    I also have a ZF 4HP22 from a P38 2.5 diesel and that also is clocked by the same amount and in the same direction as the others, and as you say, the P38 props are on the other side. I can see that LR might not want to invest in new castings for the V8 install in the P38, but the BMW engine was a new install. Makes no sense
  6. As I am sure a lot of you are aware, on RRC, Disco, P38 and Defender V8s, the ZF Auto gearbox is "clocked" or turned at an angle of around 10 to 15 degrees clockwise (looking from the rear) in relation to the bellhousing/engine. Any ideas why this was done ? Having looked at them, as far I can tell the transfer box linkage could have still been made to work, and the transfer box would not have interfered with the gearbox oil pan, so I am mystified why ! Transfer box to chassis clearance maybe ? Although it doesn't look that close to me, or propshaft angles ? Am I missing something obvious ? Would like to know the correct reason. In order to work out if I could run it could run "straight up" on a different engine set up. Anyone actually know, rather than conjecture or theory ?
  7. smallfry

    Improving Defender ride quality

    I have always found harder tyres better for braking, but all this stuff about changing the suspension ? Can you honestly, and I mean HONESTLY say that all these companies who sell this stuff have put more resources into R & D than Land Rover (and other manufacturers) have ? And clearly know better like the guy on Youtube ? Don't think so Unless you are modding for extreme off road or any other particular purpose, IMO its all the Kings new clothes.
  8. smallfry

    Defender 90 V8 Identification...

    All looks right to me. Mine is an 85 though. Later V8s had the split case LT85 that you have, and the transfer box will be 1.195 ratio, which you will find on a sticker on the top surface, but you will have to take out the middle seat cushion and take off the seat box top cover to see. Unless you can get a mirror up there from underneath. Also the V5 should state something like 90 V8SW in the title, which cannot be changed
  9. smallfry

    Megasquirt security

    Just wondered, as I like the idea of an ECU disable that cannot be bypassed like the old secret switches. Some good ideas though. I know it would never stop the vehicle being "lifted" but its food for thought, especially after one of our customers losing his genuine "Tomb Raider" a week ago from a private drive.
  10. smallfry

    Megasquirt security

    Does Megasquirt have any security capability ? Immobilizer coding and the like, such as BMW EWS for example
  11. smallfry

    Garage lighting

    Just looked. I have not seen them before ! They look pretty good to me. Only issue to me is that my T8 tubes are 36W, so they do not offer any power saving advantage, BUT they will not be fragile, and will not be bothered by being continually switched on and off, so will be worth having over tubes for those reasons alone. My other reservation with LED (we have a lot of them at work) is that do not seem to last anywhere near as long as claimed. ( just been looking at your old UZFE vids BTW)
  12. smallfry

    Garage lighting

    I have got eight 5ft T8 HF (slim and starterless) fittings with daylight tubes. Switched in pairs so I don't have to have them all on at once unless they are needed. Also a couple of LED pendant bulbs on another switch to use if I only want to go in and out, as it doesnt do fluorescent tubes any good to keep switching them on and off. I have not found any LED tubes that give anything like the same lumens, and although you can get LED lamps that do give more light, they seem to be more of a spot type which does not give such good light spread as a tube. LED id coming on leaps and bounds though.
  13. smallfry

    M51 and M57 block swap? P38

    He was, but what ancillaries ? Whoever wrote that article in LRO clearly has no idea what he is talking about.
  14. smallfry

    M51 and M57 block swap? P38

    The M57 has two inlet ports per cylinder, and the M51 only has one. So the M57 manifold has 12 outlets, and the M51 has 6 As I said, I do not know if the cylinder head COULD be swapped, but you would still be limited to 2.5 litres, as the 3.0 M57 has a bigger bore AND a longer stroke. So even if it were possible to swap the crank, you then would have the problem of a conrod and piston combo that would suit the smaller bore, and still NOT be 3.0 litre. Then of course, you would have to find an injector that would fit the head. Either that or go the whole hog and fit the M57 common rail system All in all, just fit an M57. It will be a lot easier, but not cheap, and probably more satisfactory. Although I have to say that the good old fashioned fuel injection system is much more reliable and dependable. I am still ponderering whether to fit an M57 to my V8 90 in place of the petrol engine.
  15. smallfry

    exhaust wrap

    I understand is helps to corrode manifolds and pipes quicker. No direct experience though

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