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  1. That would an absolute miracle if they were watching Whitney Houston ...........
  2. Excellent. Do you realise you will ALWAYS be that penny better off 🙂 I MUST drag my twenty odd year old Fisher 1250 out of the loft . By next week we could be Millionaires !
  3. Firestone SATs (Gum dipped) always seemed to have a higher profile than other 750s ISTR ? I always liked the 1 Ton rims for the greater offset, I like the Disco 1 steel rims, but they are inset too far. At the moment my 90 has 33-12.50-15s on 8 spoke steels with spacers ATM (spacers already on it when I bought it) They stick out too far, but fill the arches nicely, so they are coming off at some time, and will be getting something else.
  4. This is the problem with them. On the face of it, it seems a nice easy inexpensive conversion, but by the time you have bought Top hat liners, camshaft, rings, shells, possibly rockers and shafts, then the carb and manifold, gearbox clutch exhaust etc etc. Then you might want to go to aftermarket injection and ignition, it comes to a LOT of money. (There, I have talked myself out of it too !) I wouldnt worry too much about originality, no one else seems to ! As long as its revertable its not a problem. I wouldnt bother with a "performance" upgrade on the Tdi either. Why not consider a BMW M57 diesel ? Will cost far less, and you can use it straight out of the Donor with not much worry, use its own ECU with not too much trouble, and you can get WAY more power and torque than ANY Rover V8, reliability (as long as you dont go stupid) and probably more economy as well. Loads of info out there on it.
  5. Not a good seal as such, just a nice sliding fit. On closer inspection, I agree that it it a gouge. I have never seen that before myself, but yes, deburr it and run it as is.
  6. Despite what the seller might say, I personally would NEVER install an unknown (to me) Rover V8 nowadays without stripping it first. They are all getting on a bit now, and EVERY one I have ever had has one problem or another. In my experience you will always need a new camshaft and followers as a minimum. Liners do NOT have to drop to give problems. If you look at your photo, you will see a small black line on the outer edge of the liner at the 7 'o' clock position, inline with the head bolt hole. This is where the water will be coming up when the engine is at working temperature. The cleaning of the pistons biased toward that flaw, so IMO there is a problem. Liners that have moved do not necessarily give problems. Its the cracks behind them that is the problem. Only way to check for sure, is to pressure test it with the block hot. If it leaks, it is either scrap or have it top hatted. It will cure the problem permanently, its a well known and easy fix, but its whether you want to pay for it. However, I would be more concerned about the tappet bore. I am not sure if it can be sleeved. Its not worth buying another block or engine if you want a 4.6, which more like as not will have something wrong in the same way, you may as well fix what you have.
  7. In the end, I reckon there will only one vehicle. Badge engineered.
  8. That is correct. Except I am not sure about the engine mounts.
  9. Agree with the others. They end up filled with crud and dont allow your balls (no sniggering at the back) to dry off. Only make the corrosion aspect worse IMO Only benefit will be the small protection from physical damage while off roading. Until they are torn off. Just wipe them off now and again and apply your favourite anti corrosion squirt
  10. I dont like that at all. Looks bling. Could you not make "something like" out of galvanised weldmesh ?
  11. ^^^^ What he said. When it was "rebuilt" I doubt very much anything was done with the selector
  12. Wibble wibble wibble. You guys have lost me with all this speaking in tongues, and now Ive got a headache. I couldnt learn any of this stuff due to lack of Gorm. With respect, If it really is that easy, why has none of the great and good done it ? Surely it would be popular conversion ? Im sure you would all be better off cobbling up a gearbox controller for my ZF 4HP24 😆
  13. The Daihatsu is a great engine. Much better than a TDi IMO. Its just very heavy. The Disco is a completely different thing to a Series. It has a lot of soundproofing, and transplanting the engine into a Series will NOT make it more "relaxing". A Series will still be bouncy, and needs constant steering correction compared to modern vehicles. You have to drive it, not just be a passenger. A petrol will be more relaxing (quiet) and a V8, even a 3.5, will be MUCH more fun to drive, and driver normally will return about 20mpg. That would be my choice, even though I am not a great fan of the Rover V8 myself
  14. It WAS a really hot day, and it did cross my mind, as most of the notes were the older paper type notes, but as they were not stuffed into a sweaty pocket or down me trousers, I did not think that it could be this. As has been said, I doubt if they have the most inexpensive Argos scales in a Bank, so I cant realistically see that being a problem. I have spoken again to the buyer or the vehicle, and he said that both of us counted it, and no way was it wrong. I am convinced it was correct, as does SWMBO. So after a lot of thought, I think I will report after all. Thanks to all those who replied for your input.
  15. Indeed. Got to factor in the wear and tear on the Defender plus the cost of tyres, which will be a lot if you are realistic. If you are worried that "someone might see you", well take it from me........ No one cares. Its the same with prestige cars. The only people who care are someone else who has got one. Buy a sub £1k Diesel estate. More practical and useable on EVERY level than a 90, except off road of course. You will be quids in. Also VERY useful to have a spare vehicle. Especially when the Defender lets you down. Again.
  16. IIRC Slave cylinder bore on the V8s is different. I cant remember if you can fit a 4 pot one to the bellhousing though ? Adjusting the pushrod to get no slip, and then hard to get in gear suggests the hydraulics, release lever, bearing or pivot............... Actually again its a long time since I have played with this stuff, but ISTR that the pivot length is different between the LT77 and R380, or maybe its the 4 pots ? I cant see that the standard clutch would slip as its quite big, not unless you are towing something VERY heavy.
  17. The buyer was a friend of Brother in Law, so I wasnt really concerned about counterfeit notes, although I do not really like taking cash now for that reason. I figured that if it was a sleight of hand thing (she left the desk) the difference would already be gone, so no point in me counting it. As you say, I have put it down to experience, but if there is a next time, I will count it out over the counter.
  18. At the weekend I sold one of our vehicles for £6k. The buyer didnt want to do a bank transfer, as he said he had a lot of cash he wanted to get rid of. All in Twenties. He insisted on counting it out in front of me, and insisted that I counted it again myself, which I did. All present and correct. Off he went with the vehicle no problem. I dont like having this sort of money hanging around, so it left me with the problem of having to take it to my Bank, but of course its not quite so easy nowadays, as my local branch, along with many others has closed down. So I had to go to another town. So, yesterday morning I counted it out again, (and got SWMBO to check it) into three envelopes of £2k each, and drove to the Bank. So far so good. Arrived at bank and presented cash and details to cashier, who then proceeded to count it herself, flicking through it herself, then using one of those electronic scales to weigh it. She then told me it was £60 short, and would I like to count it again myself ? I said it cannot be, as three people had already checked it. She then left the desk, to "turn off the aircon", as that sometimes affects the scales. She then weighed it again, and said that came up the same. £60 short. Of course, you start to doubt yourself, but I insisted the scales must be wrong. SO, with a puff, she counted it manually, very quickly. Twice. She then said that yes, the scales must be wrong, as it was actually £100 short. As I said, you start to doubt yourself, and added to that, people in the queue behind were huffing and puffing, so add some embarrassment to the doubt. I figured that she must be right, and that we have all miscounted, also that if the money was missing, there was no point in me taking it back and counting again, so I agreed it was short, so account was credited £5900. I felt uneasy driving home, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I had diddled by some sleight of hand. Back home, SWMBO said no way was it short. She worked for a Credit Union, and is very used to counting cash, as am I, due to my ex job. She also thinks something has gone on. There is no chance any of it has been "lost" or "borrowed". So, do I report it ? Of course I have absolutely no evidence, but I still cannot believe that three of us got it wrong, but I feel uneasy about it, and that, couple with the fact that this branch is closing down in a couple of weeks, is making me suspicious. I cant help wondering if other customers have experienced the same, but have said nothing because of self doubt, and not wanting to drop anyone in it with false accusations.
  19. Its probably for the best that we are NOT working on WW2 Fighters................ Actually, I wonder if aircraft mechanics have these problems ? 😲
  20. Reminds me of a few years ago when myself and a mate changed the clutch on his Sierra. His OH wanted to take the kids to the seaside in the afternoon. We did it in less than an hour, and as we sat on the garden wall with a celebratory cup of tea, he spotted the new release bearing, and said "we must have put the old one back in". I picked up the old one, which was on the wall next to me, and said "no we didnt". Luckily it wasnt anything complicated.
  21. First, try some PTFE tape on the bleed nipple thread. Not too much, a couple of turns. Then try bleeding again.
  22. I must confess I spend a fair bit of time taking things apart again, In order to install "bits left over", or have replaced stuff in the wrong order, so have to do it again
  23. Sorry, looked like a Goodyear AT. Anyway, General Grabber is one brand I would not buy. Back in the day, when I was into Custom and Hot Rods, they had a reputation for lasting well but being ditch finders, and perishing. Great for burnouts being that they had no grip ! Back to these days, I see many "TRs" with perishing sidewalls but lots of tread, so I guess not much has changed there. Maybe the UK climate doesn't suit them ? SWMBO has Goodyear ATs on her Jimny, and they have lasted well with no problems at all. I hate budget tyres, so I generally buy their Vector all seasons for my daily drivers, and again have had no problems, other than the previously mentioned sidewall tear, but that would have finished off most tyres ! I have got MTRs on my 90, but that hasnt turned a wheel for a few years now, but they are not at all perished. Dont know about Cooper. Lot of them about, but never has any myself, but in the past I have had Goodrich ATs, MTs, and my favourite all rounder, the Trac Edge, and all of them were fine, other than the MTs being a bit skiddy (and a bit noisy) on the road, but thats only to be expected. I would buy the Trac Edge again, I dont know why they were discontinued ☹️
  24. I have looked at the Paintman website, and they describe it as synthetic Coach Enamel. They then go on to say that it cannot be machined polished, which suggests to me that it is not hard wearing. Synthetic Enamel is a hard wearing paint used on plant and machinery. These would not normally be machine polished or waxed in any case, but machinery does tend to lose its gloss over time.
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