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  1. As Steve says we have only just launched this as a production product and the web site is very out of date. The shaft is intended to be a direct replacement for the original, fitting without any modification, no screws or holes to drill. It has had the known failures engineered out, the retaining groove (where they snap) has been removed, the cam is an integral part of the shaft rather than a seperate part (which can split). The circlip has been replaced by a positive pin which can't ping off. Made from the finest heat treated EN36 steel for ultimate durability. At the moment available from us directly but rolling out to dealers around the world. Contact me, nick@delta-tek.co.uk, forum members get 10% discount, but you will have to tell me you are a member! Priced at £190+VAT (£238 inc.) retail. I will post some pictures tonight, when I get to the computer that they are on.
  2. Thanks Andrew, it apparently has the required paperwork to register, my assumption is that it has never had an MOT so hasn't been registered since release. I'll add some pics when I pick it up.
  3. Thanks guys, I reckon I can get it together enough to MOT and go from there. Sorry for the delay getting back to you, been trying to make room!!
  4. I am getting a 101 which is yet to be registered. It has no engine at the moment so I'm planning to fit a tdi. My question is, does the engine fitted have any bearing on the registration process? Obviously it will be a different number and type, not to mention fuel type. Any help generally on the process to register will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Does anyone have a top or bottom (or both) casing for an 8274 which is too broken to use? I want to make a cut away display and cutting up a good one seems excessive. I'm not looking for it to be free, necessarily.
  6. Thank god, someone beat me to it! The request was for welding tips (which I feel have been adequately covered), not design critique.
  7. I would buy a used industrial machine, this is a nice little DC tig. I have a Murex Transtig AC/DC 200 (ignore the 3 phase plug), which is not what you would call portable but runs on single phase (32A supply) and will weld Ali lovely. I can't find one on ebay at the moment but that's where mine came from. Approx £300-£400.
  8. I think that realistically I will sell it on as is, thanks Henk.
  9. I have some experience of Huskys, the gearbox is lubricated with a red grease, there seems to be nothing other than the non liquid consistency to stop it going into the motor. The difference between a husky specific motor and all the other splined motors on the market is the circlip groove in the end of the armature shaft. An angle grinder with a thin disc will fix this as a last resort! First Four supply parts.
  10. I would like to use it but i'm having a break (waiting for a tempting project) and I picked this up in a deal on another winch. I might take it to Newbury and see what the interest is like next month, if it doesn't sell I'll stick it under the bench, it looks almost new.
  11. By the way, £60 is slightly more tempting than £50 , not tempting enough yet though.......
  12. Thanks for that, the ports facing backwards are marked T and P, the pipe to the end of the motor is marked BRAKE, the other port facing away from the drum is marked T1, the hex port below it isn't obviously identified but has a screwed in plug so I assume it is the pressure relief valve. Google did throw up this LR4X4 thread, which seems to be on the same motor. Sadly no conclusion there either.
  13. Thanks guys, thanks for your help. The motor has the valve block, solenoids and I assume pressure relief mounted on it, the part number is 185-2478-002 but I can't find any reference to it. The winch looks barely used, the anodising on the fairlead is intact so no rope has been across it in anger for sure. Any suggestions what it might be worth?
  14. I need help from someone who knows Mile Marker winches. I assume that that is what I have, but I can't find a picture of one with a motor quite like this one. I would like to know if there is a pipe work diagram somewhere, although I will probably sell it rather than use it. Any help would be appreciated, I searched the motor part number but found nothing useful.
  15. Not so much a bucket thread entry but how can this be a 1977? ebay.
  16. Not mine but I know the seller, might be a bargain for someone. Ashcroft CVs on ebay.
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