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  1. Hi Charlie... I have a 2a to Ford 3ltr V6 adapter plate for sale. I removed it from my 2a when I fitted an Automatic transmission. Barry
  2. Hi, bit of advice required please! Would a LT77 V8 gearbox fit a 200 tdi engine? I have my old gearbox to swap the bell housing over. Are the first motion shafts the same or.. Easily swapped? Finally is £300 a reasonable price for a good low mileage LT77 ? Cheers Barry. ..
  3. I'd leave the galvanised finish... No need to protect it and..... No paint sticks to Galvwithout a GGOOD etch primer!!
  4. Hi,where are you in the country?

    I'm interested in the Rangrover.

    Cheers Barry

    1. duncmc



      Not too far from the NEC or Junction 4 of the M6 in Coleshill.



  5. I cut out my bulkhead on my S2a 17 years ago and replaced it with...NOTHING!!! It's a Soft-top too and nothing has moved,the doors still shut fine. So......My answer is.....Don't waste your time fitting/fabricating one!
  6. LOL, I remember that but it wasn't a Scammell then it was still a Safari. Were you in the S1 burning out your clutch?

    I am going electric and building a tractor for a little smaller pulling.



  7. Hi Alfred....Last time we met you were towing an ANTAR with your 109 Scammell...LOL

    Regards Barry

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