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  1. I use Gojacks every day and they are superb. For hobby use I would buy or make skates. A fraction of the price.
  2. Don't you just love the people who invade a post then talk 5hit!!!
  3. Rather than the relays just use LED Bulbs in the Bumper lights! So much easier! !!
  4. Hi,where are you in the country?

    I'm interested in the Rangrover.

    Cheers Barry

    1. duncmc



      Not too far from the NEC or Junction 4 of the M6 in Coleshill.



  5. I've an old Swiss Army trailer similar to a Sankey with a 60mm hitch....... Only good thing is nobody asks to borrow it...LOL
  6. What Lotus parts are you looking for?
  7. I cut out my bulkhead on my S2a 17 years ago and replaced it with...NOTHING!!! It's a Soft-top too and nothing has moved,the doors still shut fine. So......My answer is.....Don't waste your time fitting/fabricating one!
  8. Yes......Been going for about 10 years now.....Well worth the run out..
  9. NO....Still the same rules ...
  10. I've fitted Premier Hazard to mine and they are fine. Don't waste your money on the cheap china junk!
  11. I've a steel plate between the hoodsticks so it's hidden from view... A Mag-mount will grip through the canvas and the coax passes through the Door-shut to the radio. Mine's been inuse for 3 years now without any problems...
  12. I'm near you so.......Any chance saying who for the gas round here? Cheers
  13. I use that old-fasioned thing called a Telephone! Never had any problems talking to Ifor Williams staff....
  14. Good show but...... Most......No...... ALL of the work was done by others! Friend of mine had it back to his garage to finish off what other "Experts" had Balls-up Wait to you see the 80"
  15. Can't see the size but looks like a Mike Plug on a Key KM 450 PMR Radio