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  1. We are pleased to announce The Terrafirma Everyman Challenge - a one day race aimed at vehicles with a limited technical specification offering teams a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of racing at Maxxis King of the Valleys 2014. The specific Technical Regulations for the Terrafirma Everyman Challenge will ensure a broad range of vehicles can compete head to head including those designed for Challenge, Comp Safari and Trials disciplines. Prizes worth £1000 will be awarded to the top 3 teams. Further information can be found at the Ultra4 Europe website
  2. Just to clarify why the events will not be running under an MSA permit and stop any of the speculation which is beginning. Because the events are part of an international series they would have to be run under full FIA regulations. That is all vehicles and competitors would have to comply fully which is not practical for this discipline. The events in the UK will be run with IOPD permits to provide the necessary legal protection and independent insurance which provides at least the same level of cover as the MSA for all concerned.
  3. You can find all the spectator info on the event website here... http://www.kingofthevalleys.co.uk/index.php/follow/spectatorinfo
  4. Just a reminder that entries for the Devon4x4 Last Chance Qualifier will close two weeks today on Friday 19th July. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after this date. For more information visit the KoV Website Follow the buildup to the event on the official Facebook Page
  5. With less than 6 months to go until the 2013 King of the Valleys I would like to find any volunteers with experience of the following to assist with the staging of this years event. If you have any experience and would be prepared to give some of your time/expertise please get in touch me at info(@)kingofthevalleys.co.uk 1: Network/Wireless Network Engineers 2: HD Video Cameramen 3: Live Video Production/Editing 4: Online Live Video Streaming 5: Heavy Vehicle Recovery 6: Merchandise Sales 7: Marshals, Marshals and more Marshals !
  6. There is a drawing in the Technical Updates section of the club website http://www.awdc.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=47&Itemid=72
  7. Sadly we don't have the choice of sites available to use to run a series in just one corner of the country. Some of the sites we used last year are not available to us this year. We had hoped that by adding a couple of premium sites to the series people would be prepared to travel a little further for the experience. Also bear in mind that none of the team that has stepped up to the plate to organise the events this year actually lives in the North West. The 300 mile round trips were the norm for Sue and co last year.
  8. The AWDC will be organising two 4 rounds series in 2013 - one Northern and one Southern. Points from both series will be collated towards a National championship. Dates and venues are still being finalised, hence why no official announcement has been made but in the interim you can find outline details HERE
  9. James, can you let me know where the offending rock is and we will see whether to can be moved. No point having something that causes unnecessary damage if we deal with it!
  10. I think there may be some confusion arising from your original post of the nature of the 'event'. You mentioned 'event' and RTV and to many that would suggest a structured competition such as a trial. Hence the need for a Clerk of the Course, Secretary etc And the drift towards talking about MSA, permits, insurance etc. Your subsequent posts seem to imply that this may simply be a Pay & Play day at a regular site used by your 'club', in which case there may be nothing more than a bloke at the gate who takes your money. The club maybe doesn't have any insurance and may rely on the landow
  11. Taking aside the technical issues regarding c&u, as a director of a club - and therefore legally liable in the event of a disaster - I would suggest you have three options 1. Leave the club because you don't like the rules 2. Comply with the rules 3. Become part of the committee and part of the rule making process to have your say You don't mention if it is an MSA club or one with alternative private insurance, but it may be the case that the rules are being changed to comply with existing rules from above which have previously flaunted, which is quite common.
  12. Here is the Special Stage TV program for those who missed it on Motors TV
  13. The Special Stage program should be on YouTube next week once they have finished the satellite repeats. We will post links as soon as we have them
  14. Don't forget - tonight at 8:00pm King of the Valleys 2012 - 1 hour TV Special Special Stage on Motors TV - Sky 413 Repeated at... Thu 23 Aug, 3:45pm Fri 24 Aug, 6:55pm Sat 25 Aug, 12:40am Sun 26 Aug, 1:45am Mon 27 Aug, 9:35am
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