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  1. eBay watch lists....now there's another whole topic!
  2. I've bought so much recently I have an unlimited supply of bubble wrap and boxes. Our local removals and self storage firm sell all manner of packaging materials...so may be worthwhile trying one if you have any local. I also have a load of brown masking paper that I use to wrap around the boxes so that there's no hint to its contents.
  3. Those Hozan crimpers are now reduced by $20, good excuse to buy a set!
  4. If it's "CE" marked then I'd imagine it's been approved?
  5. I suppose a comparison between resistance readings of the fitted (goosed) one and the replacement will confirm its status?
  6. I got the two last tins of dumdum putty last week from my local paint supplier...he said that they no longer make it (not since 2010) Woolies trim sell caulking strips which appear to be the closest equivalent to dum dum.
  7. It's held into the rear of the housing by 5 studs (8mm nuts) I don't think you'd have enough space to drop it clear and lift out...that's assuming you could even get the nuts undone. Was a long time ago I stripped mine down but I'm pretty sure the footwell mounting bracket on the heater assembly restricts access to a couple of the nuts....plus it's tucked under the wing too.
  8. Depending in your wiring ethos, this was the base I got for the tdi timer relay NEW RELAY FLASHER MULTIPLUG HOLDER SOCKET BASE KIT CARGO 192160 4 5 6 7 8 9 pin Can't get the link to copy in, but do a search on eBay and you'll find it. It's better than faffing about with spades. Also if your looking for a relay do a Wehrle part number search for 51216003 and you should find one a bit cheaper.
  9. Just wired one into my 200tdi with td5 looms last week. Your wiring is correct, just follow the pic in Les' link for terminal location. No5 is the glow plug warning light on the dash panel. Not really needed but it does confirm the relay is functioning . As for connecting the brown/red wire per the NA set up...this was how my 200 was wired when I bought it and it seemed to work ok. My td5 ign barrel switch didn't have the "preheat" stage between ign and starter when turning the key so the timer relay was the best option.
  10. 3/4 gets my vote. My dad was an old school mechanic and taught me that way...always handy to have a helper...pedal down slow with the nipple open...hold down, tighten nipple....pedal back up...loosen nipple and repeat. As the fluid runs clear and bubble free you can tighten the nipple on the downward stroke and this should lead to a firm pedal. Never had a problem doing it this way
  11. Ouch that's a sore one! It's only metal, when my wife wrote of my vectra gsi many years ago the assessor asked me straight out if I wanted it back/repaired. He submitted a huge repair list (to be honest it was FUBAR) and I managed to up their first offer by almost £4k in the end by submitting ads for similar spec cars. Onwards and upwards as they say
  12. I am fortunate enough to have the gained my licence when you got all the towing entitlements, does up to 12000kg combined weight on c1e and d1e.
  13. In a car, petrol. A defender or disco...diesel. I loved the sdv6 in my d4. The gearbox (8sp ZF) was so much better than the 9speed fitted to the evoque. You shouldn't expect to be able to drive a diesel in the same way as a high revving petrol...both have their merits. The sdv6 in a defender sounds like great fun though. So, for a land rover the heavy oil gets my vote
  14. True, our fleet operator has access to the DVLA for our driving entitlements now.
  15. I had the latter berg cap (chequer plate) fitted to my L200. It did have a rubber seal around the perimeter but it leaked like a sieve. The manufacturers instructions were to remedy this by drilling holes in the tub. The roller type came with drain tubes which also required the tub to be drilled (poor design IMO). The single piece lid was very restrictive when carrying tall loads but it did unclip quite easy. The joys of a pickup...canvas or fabric is more adaptable but less secure, metal more secure but can limit loads...I do remember seeing a folding style lid which had about 5 sections on the bed and could be folded to any opening and locked in place If you don't have the metal working tools then what about using hardwood or marine grade ply? Plenty strong and robust and if need be could be chequer plated over.
  16. You may have a point there...wish I did my HGV rather than my bike license all those years ago. I'd jump at the chance if I could convince my work to pay for it!
  17. Ok, I gave in...owing to the massive response to my plea for info (lol ) I have a 300tdi axle on its way. I'll just need to break the wire brush out of retirement and scrape the skin off the can of black smooth rite that's been undisturbed on the shelf for a long while. I did fit the later calipers to my td axle and I'm pretty sure I still have the metric caliper bolts (£5 each!!) still lurking in a box....so those will hopefully transplant without too much drama. Just need to order some bearing and swivel rebuild kits, as well as some thicker polybushes for the wider trailing arms....I am so glad the wife doesn't get to read this! I'm pretty sure gambling or a cocaine addiction would be a cheaper hobby....
  18. Your receipt will be billed for the appropriate fuel pump and have the price per litre/gallon marked on it...this will verify what pump you drew from. Was it 5 gallons from empty or 5 just to top up? It must have had enough diesel to support combustion or it would have just died a painful death (hydro locked but with petrol not water) As for running rough...it's a tdi.. It's meant to be rough. Is it still smoking when running? May be worthwhile adding a fuel treatment, check the oil too, if there's been enough petrol it may have washed the bores and contaminated it. It's hard to say what other damage may have happened as it severely reduces lubrication through the injector pump components etc.
  19. They do make things as clear as mud. But I agree, if the potential is there to exceed the capacity of the tow vehicle then you shouldn't be towing it. We have lots of younger employees who can't tow the mini excavators at work due to their licence restrictions, they aren't allowed to tow the empty trailers.
  20. Is your loom in the chassis? Possible chaffed wire? Have you checked continuity from the light to the switch/fuse?
  21. Thinner edge to top is correct...has the skin popped open a bit and is now creating a gap between the skin and frame?
  22. Just had a look on parcel2go and it's about £8 postage
  23. Yes, it's no good to me now. I have the later td5 column fitted now (48 spline). It weighs in at 2.15kg, PM me your address and I'll get some postage quotes. Pity it's just over 2kg as it bumps the price up a fair bit on parcels
  24. Well, the TV was rubbish so nipped out and got the wheel. No nicks or gouges on the rim, biggest mark I can find is this one... Cover... This has some marks on it, didn't want to drown it in plastic treatment although some trim care would restore this...rather you saw it as is. There are signs of wear, it did come off my 87 4c, I've wiped the dust off for the pics....its in "good" condition..I'd say the cover is the worst although I'll stick some trim restorer on it and see how it looks.
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