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  1. You could take the gamble and try rebuilding one out of the two. The seal replacement kits tend to fail as the part where the seal lands on the shaft tends to be worn and pitted. If it's been a good dry unit then I can't see why it wouldn't work. I got an alledgedly rebuilt unit for the white one which didn't last...a refurb unit varies from about £250 up. I ended up "borrowing" the 250k td5 one which still remains as dry as a bone (yes, there's fluid in it lol). I'll just save my pennies and buy a new one as it appears to be the only way to guarantee no leaks.
  2. Well, say what we all like about the blue boxes but my Teflon coated swivels are 4yrs on and still look fresh, no fitment issues either. I did buy the OEM kit that supplies corteco seals and timken bearings.
  3. The company I contacted was Kustom Covers and they've been more than helpful. I sent through the dimensions as requested and got a quote of £49 to create a standard cover but as I had explained it wasn't actually a sandpit cover but for a rooftent they asked for some pics and details. Turns out they are willing to recreate the OE cover with the Velcro corner tabs and top buckle straps so I'm just waiting on an amended quote as its a bit more complex than first quoted. I will update as things progress
  4. Thanks for the offer, I've ordered one online from a cover maker....which can only be best described as a sandpit cover but made from nice heavy lorry tarp. It's not expensive so should do until I hear back from the manufacturers (not holding ones breath )
  5. Thanks for that. I’ll take a run up to the local marina that has a chandlery/sail making shop and see what they can do. 😉
  6. It's a fairly comprehensive "tweak" to the tub...the kit includes the recessed skins for inside the tub as well as the strengtheners that go underneath and the chassis brackets. It's as close to factory as possible
  7. I'm hoping after 8yrs the OP has finished lol
  8. My roof tent cover has seen better years, I've tried the uk importer of the tent with no joy...they say they're still waiting on the manufacturer getting back to them but it's been a month now. At approx 1.3m square x 0.25m high it's an odd size compared to the competitors (that would have been too easy ). It's an Echo4x4, made in South Africa which seems to be quite a popular point of origin, their website isn't much help either. Anyone used a "bespoke" cover manufacturer or know a tent repairer that could make one up? My fall back option is a howling moon one at 1.4m tweaked to fit.
  9. I cut a chunk from mine and bonded it back together. I had the same issue that as the seal compressed it didn't do it in a uniform manner and ended up squeezing itself out at one side. Seems to have worked...no leaks in 4yrs
  10. My van has a 24” eBay £50 Chinese special with the flood/spot combo lenses. It’s been on 3yrs and still works perfectly. The van used to sport a pair of Hella Rallye 3000s too which were great but not the same spread as the lightbar
  11. Re my lightbar. It's individually switched, the pic is on my driveway (farm road end). The bonnet glare is due to then pic from inside the cab. No issues when being used off-road. Every time these questions are raised the C&U regs are touted...pretty sure there will be more serious contraventions done to land rovers than a set of lights.
  12. Ok trawled the d2 td5 electrical library... Brown/pink and an Orange?? Going by your pic and the one above this is it...however the cct code means it's on Japanese spec vehicles only...so maybe it wasn't connected at all?
  13. Well, none of those colours tie in with the defender looms. Only green multiplug of that type under the bonnet goes where I said previously. Looked through the >02 onwards electrical library and couldn't find another green plug of that type.
  14. I had Rallye 3000s across the front of the 90 with osram night breakers fitted and they were very good... Plenty bright... but in response to your led lightbar query... they are no where near as good as my Rigid lightbar...it has Scanias dipping their lights miles away lol The lightbar wasn't cheap, but neither were the 3000s.
  15. On re-installing the dash I fitted a cable duct to ease fishing cables from one end to the other so save a bit of stripping. I have the under wing washer bottle so plenty of free space. Like you I fitted my control switch upside down on the first attempt
  16. It's a pressure reduction valve so it won't boost anything. Fitted on 90 models to stop the rears from being over braked, it's a ball that moves inside to limit flow to the rear circuit dependent on vehicle attitude under deceleration.
  17. Mine is on the front, my wiring runs along the inside of the dash above the heater plenum and then out the near side grommet...
  18. Yes, great piece of kit. A bit short on the loom for RHD models as it was designed for the LHD blower unit. It's plug and play on td5 looms, I'll be getting another unit for project 2.
  19. Colour of fluid and pics may help..."transmission fluid" usually means red/brown depending on state so could be from the powersteering pipes/steering box or from the gearbox itself. The transfer box has EP90 (be it whatever grade) so is the usual yellow/gold colour with pungent smell. Hard to say without looking, wipe everything clean as best you can then see what develops!
  20. Oooft! I've seen one of their 90s with delivery miles advertised at £80k...you got a link?
  21. I can see where your coming from, but JLR are not alone in their strategy. They don't make small cars like other major brands but focus on what they do, the freelander and now disco sport/evoque were their foray into smaller 4wd (note I didn't say affordable), JLR have the jag side of things to bolster their car portfolio so no need to produce a "car". Porsche aficionados weren't chuffed when they started making the cayenne as it was a dilution of the brand but they saw a market and went for it... they're now into the smaller territory with the Macan. Lamborghini, Bentley and Maserati are now producing niche market SUVs so at least Landrover hasn't decided to produce a sportscar... But had/having current Landrovers since the D2 was released up to the current D5 I assume I must be their target audience! Lol (be that good or bad!). I've tried other marques but always went back to a Discovery.
  22. That's Land Rover themselves asking that for their "works V8", considering the price of the autobiography and adventurer run-out models (£65k+ iirc), for a full on factory fit v8, warranted...homologated (I'd imagine) and rare (199 being built) then good luck to those that can afford them.
  23. The old "farmer up a mountain" is certainly a moot point in regards to electronics, if anyone has been in a modern tractor then they have enough electrickery to put most cars to shame. The most recent farm addition (MF7748) even runs two independent alternators for its systems...one can't cope. They're all diagnostics and info centres these days.... Ive toyed with the notion of a wrangler/Cherokee/jk, they share the endless customisation and adaptability that the defender does but this side of the pond lacks in the aftermarket availability...and buying spares from a jeep dealership makes genuine LR parts look like the budget option! Would be nice if it looked similar to the jeep above but I think deep down we all know it's going to have all the current ranges' corporate cues.
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