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  1. 2.5TD leaking lots of oil

    So, it's lost approx 1litre of oil but no signs of where it's came from? That should make one huge mess regardless of where it's coming from. Is it burning oil (blue smoke?). As the air filter is contaminated then a puff of blue is almost inevitable but at the rate of loss if you can't see visible leakage then it must be going somewhere....any signs of oil in the exhaust tail pipe? Fair play for endeavouring to save the 19j, we ripped ours out the 110 when it started breathing heavy and fitted a disco tdi lump.
  2. 200tdi rear lights fault

    Earth points and bullet connectors...Land Rovers finest engineering lol
  3. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Bit of a gauge fetish Ralph?? Must admit, you can't beat a nice analogue gauge for some instant info...and being slightly less picky than James...the fuel gauge needs green bulbs lol
  4. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Yup, head gasket. My 200 did exactly the same to begin with after a long tow with a heavy trailer ...it slowly got worse and the heater performance started to suffer not long after. New head gasket and it's been fine ever since, I fitted a clear expansion tank too which made it much easier to keep an eye on.
  5. New Workshop Planned

    I've mulled this topic over several times. Regardless of what you go for any of the options are better than lying on your back with a crick in your neck trying to do stuff. I'm sure we've all suffered the joy of weld spatter in ears or running down sleeves lol. I did a fuel filter head on an RRS the other night from ramps and off-road height selected...bloody nightmare. A plus point for a two poster over a four....with a two you can do body off stuff ( think full body off a defender in one go, or a d3/RRS). It really depends on what you foresee as its main use. I would dearly love to install a ramp bay up the back of my shed with a spray booth next to it.
  6. Re-flooring my trailer

    Tek-screws, come in different varieties of self drilling flavour. We use a lot in the farm for roofing sheets...the ones Mav shows are what we use on z-purlins or box section. Coarse thread for wood available too.
  7. Er. Horn upgrade post (well additional tooter)

    Haha, my mate has train horns on his Scania, they're loud too. I recently installed a pair of two foot long "bugles" onto a coach for a good friend as he has similar "can't see the big white bus" moments!
  8. Share your LR Plan(s) for 2017

    Eh, re-assemble the td5 project into something resembling a 90...and put some miles on the latest addition to the green oval fleet.... Still have to fit the 1.2 transfer box and would like to overhaul the 200 in the 90...
  9. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    FB108141L http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/416178/0/bolt_m8_x_70mm_1st_25mm_threaded get the dies out to increase the thread if necessary...
  10. M8 bolts with a 10mm hex flange head

    Only 45mm in ss https://raceboltuk.com/product/flanged-hex-extra-small-head-bolt-m8-x-1-25mm-pitch-x-45mm-long/ or 50mm in Ti... https://raceboltuk.com/product/flanged-hex-extra-small-head-bolt-m8-x-1-25mm-pitch-x-50mm-long/ Worth an email to see if they've any longer ones?
  11. LED headlights

    No issues with my trucklites either. Would have no qualms fitting them to the new project, although would like a set of Nolden or JW Speaker ones to try...
  12. Bent Door ?

    That's interesting, I detailed a friends ML that's only done 4K because she hates driving it..came from a 90 and is going back to one.
  13. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Oooh no smoke... I can but dream lol Best finish one before stripping the other.... Hopefully they'll be gentle on the smoke test and not Rev it too hard
  14. Bent Door ?

    Holy thread revival! Some aftermarket door seals are a bit "lacking" at the top, I put genuine ones on mine as there were a few gaps in the patterned ones. They now seal all the way around... This is the LR gap info...with the usual tolerances lol
  15. Guess the switch/vehicle

    I hope they're just to move the seat and not the boat!
  16. Rev Counter - 300Tdi

    Cigarette lighter will have illumination and earth wires so easy enough to tap into them, then a constant live feed up from the fuse box for the clock. Its not much of a run either way, longest will be the alternator signal wire.
  17. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Excellent. Always nerve wracking after major surgery
  18. Defender Door Hinges

    The ones I put on the 200 were the washered up versions (about £60iirc), 3 years since the build and they are fine. No rust, no slop. They were galvanised so they got t-washed, etch primed and painted prior to fitting.
  19. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Also take into account any head skimming will negate the over bore to a certain extent.
  20. 200tdi battery recommendations

    Bit of a cop-out answer but the biggest one that'll go in the allotted space! Numax get a good review for reasonable money, then you have the Odyssey and Optima at the other end of the cost spectrum. Eurocarparts is good to try as they have some crazy discount codes most weekends or some 2hr evening specials. The bigger CCA numbers will give the starter a good shove, my Optimas are 880 and the Numax previous to that was 1000CCA on a 200tdi.
  21. 110 CSW 300Tdi shock absorber advice needed.

    Great minds Dave, great minds
  22. 110 CSW 300Tdi shock absorber advice needed.

    I think Paddocks may have no stock so rather than saying that they put a stupid price on it rather than removing the search... Other suppliers tell a different story.... https://www.lrdirect.com/STC3769-110-Front-Shock-Absorber/?keep_https=yes Armstrong unit second on the listing is more like it, even the LR bagged ones aren't too ridiculous. Personally at £25 a side I'd replace them, then you won't have to revisit them for some time.
  23. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Long nosed pliers may do the job, you need to get the clips out to give you enough material to strike on, otherwise you'll just keep glancing off. A rough bodge to tighten in the clips...get some copper wire (solid core not multistrand) that'll fit though both eyes then twist both ends together with pliers until it shuts the gap. It's not ideal and really depends on how strong the clips are. I've seen it work....cable ties can work too but the small ones wouldn't be strong enough. Rebuilding the LT230 without the LR special tools is doable...doing it with little to no tools isn't going to be easy
  24. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Aye that looks pretty! What about your turbo? Are you doing anything with that? (CHRA/rebuild)
  25. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Looking at the worn bearings I wouldn't use the existing races. With the circlip removed you should be able to tap the race out from behind, a swift crack with a decent sized hammer usually gets them moving. Just be careful not to damage the face of the gear. you could try sitting it in the sun but the heat wouldn't be localised enough...ideally you want to heat the gear without transferring too much to the race.