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  1. I've been asked to install a Falcon Predator MK2 in a Defender 1991 had a quick look, looks a nightmare. Anyone fitted one of those in a Defender before?? Cheers James
  2. Jamest535

    No Go

    The diff lever is in the normal place all the time ie bottom right.
  3. Jamest535

    No Go

    Sometimes in the past week or two, i have started my 300td1 auto up etc and put lever in Drive and the car just sits there goes not go. Diff lock etc in gear etc then all of a sudden the cars goes in gear Any ideas
  4. got myself a DC clamp meter to check current etc. When engine is running got a current of 10 amps give or take. Does that sounds right or is the ALTERNATOR knackard??
  5. I am looking into placing a 2nd battery in my disco but where? Looking around i see alot of the 2nd batts going where the air filter is and replacing them with a sorkel. I dont really want a sorkel. I got the 7 seater verson so maybe take out one of the seats of the back??? Any tips ideas etc
  6. Any ideas where, got any webstes with them on??? Been looking can't find them
  7. Done It, will i need to replace the little clips / tags that go on the plastic?
  8. Trying to remove the NSF wing off my discovery 300tdi, got top and bolts off by the door, how do u remove it from the bottom etc any tips?? Thanks James
  9. All cables wires ok, when i switch then ingition on, the radio sound cuts out. Display is all lite and says stereo etc on the screen, so it got signal. Think i might just get a new stereo i think
  10. Question I removed my Disco radio from my disco and replaced it with a new all singing all dancing one etc, anyway. My second car is a Rover 25 the radio in there went U/S so i removed that one and replaced it with the one from the disco, same plugs etc. Right.......... When the car is not started or running the radio is great, but as soon as you start the engine, the radio keeps cutting out, like very poor signal or someone is getting the volume and moving it up and down really quick. Anyone ideas or anyone had this before??? Thanks James
  11. Its a high pitch noise (whistle, not the turbo noise tho), but i aint heard it for afew days until first time today for the past couple of days.
  12. I got a High Pitch noise coming from my engine when i put my foot down my my 300tdi, just changed turbo intercooling pipe cos of spilt, but still doing it............... Any ideas??
  13. Got a 300tdi auto, 9 times out of 10, the knob in the handbreak sticks in, any tips to getting it working better?? Thanks James
  14. Our local council our going to start to use bio-fuel for there lorrys and vans etc. Says dont cost much to convert. So my question is, Is bio-fuel the best way to go or not or half bio-fuel and half diesel? Does it bugger ur disco up?? James
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