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  1. ok lads, all sorted, I have bought a "GPS" speedo, which should fix everything, no worries about tyre size etc., the only prob is it's diameter is only 85mm whereas the rover unit is 100mm. I'll have to think of something clever to mount it.... .. Thanks everyone, Norm.
  2. G'Day lads, I'm having a bit of trouble, locating a Servo. overhaul kit, any ideas Fellahs..? I'm located in Australia, but that doesn't preclude my importing same. Thanks a lot, Norm.
  3. G'Day Fellahs, My beast is a series 2a, 1967 and built in the UK. I live in Australia where the metric system has been adopted. What I need is a speedo calibrated in Kilometres, with the same dimensions etc. I had thoughts along the lines of just addng an alternative scale, but I wouldn't have a clue on how to proceed. So lads any ideas or does someone know where I can buy one....? Many thanks, Norm.
  4. As a matter of interest, many years ago, I was bought, as a present, a kit which consisted of a coil former, some heavy gauge copper wire, and an aluminium casting which made up the handle, this was the gear to create a DC welder which ran off batteries. I wound the coil, assembled the unit and it proved to be excellent. It's action is that as you scratch the electrode, the current thro the coil withdraws the electrode into the coil, thus providing a vibrating tip, which consequently established the arc. This was 45 years ago, at that time, I used it to carry out sheet metal repairs to my mate's father-in-law's Morris Minor, it is tremendous Tool. Since then, I've never had occasion to use it again, but I still have the tool, taking pride of place in my tool case. If there is any interest I can post a photo. Norm.
  5. I'm sure and have felt for quite some time that anti wrap bars are a definite advantage. The. Love of my life is a series 2a 109 built in 1967 and is the subject of a 20 year + rebuild, so I am encouraged by the comments concerning same, I intend to fit both ends but will advise once I get into it. Norm.
  6. That remains to be seen, as it will be some time before the vehicle is ready for the road. Having said that I'm pretty confident, I had a mate with his milling machine, who milled the business side not that it really needed it, and installed it with a 10 thou gasket, plastered with lashings of Stag..! Further, the studs which were loose in the T/C casing, we're cleaned up and loctited into the casing, so there is no possibility of a leak there. Norm.
  7. Hi Guys, Attached is photo of my transfer case cover. To the left is plywood pattern, in yellow, next top centre is attempt No.2, in which the melt was too cold, and on the right is the finished article in Blue hammertone. No prizes for guessing that the bottom centre is the original. Norm.
  8. Thanks chaps, I'm pretty sure it is a Series 2a..! It is ex- Australian army. Norm
  9. Hey Fellahs, Some years ago, I bought a series chassis, my question is where would I find the chassis No. Did they in fact number them...? Thanks Norm.
  10. I had no idea that Rocky Mountains did one, but yes it's very similar to the flat one ..! Norm.
  11. Further to the gearbox re-installation, my attention was drawn to the cover plate at the bottom of the gear box. I've always experienced oil leaks, and I've always wondered why...? Anyway I concluded it was due to some degree to uneven expansion rates between the steel cover plate and aluminium transfer casing. So I decided that an aluminium cover plate was in order. I reckoned that maybe the way to go was to cast one from scrap aluminium, complete with cooling ribs to the outside. I was pleased with the result but it took 3 attempts before I got it right. Hopefully that's the last of oil leaks in that area..! Norm.
  12. Yes mate, they are exactly what I mean.. ! Pls let me know how you get on. Norm.
  13. Unfortunately Gazz, I never got around to getting part Nos. I went to a crowd here in oz called "Seal Imports" who deal with a no. Of suppliers. To be honest I think you would have a much better chance obtaining seals in Europe. In hindsight I should have gone ahead and got the two that were available, after all they are used far more frequently, than the reverse, but SWMBO was on my case on the amount of cash on this project. As I say, two seals were no prob it was the third on the Reverse selector rod that was bit difficult. To be honest I think you would have a much better chance obtaining seals in Europe. Googling "Hydraulic Seals" brings up heaps of suppliers. Good luck, Norm.
  14. Indeed that channel WAS the breather for the T/Case, but is now blocked, and an alternative arrangement installed to the casing. Norm.
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