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  1. For my 2 penny's worth Fit a simple rev counter. Works from the alternator and mounts anywhere you like on the dashboard. It can help your normal road driving as well. Definitely use low range. 1st gear becomes useless so ignore it. 2nd gear will help on the really tight turns where other cars will be using the handbrake. By dropping the speed it helps with turn in on the front axle. 3rd gear, you will probable (with a few revs) mean you will start in this gear. Gear ratio of 3rd low is nearly the same as 1st high but due to internal ratios being different it will accelerate faster. 4th gear is now lower than 2nd gear high range and quicker to engage than trying to find 2nd gear 5th gear is good for about 30mph, so I think will cover 99% of what you will need. By watching the rev counter it will give you a good idea when you should be going up a gear or when you have a gear too high andthe engine doesnt want to pick up. Look at your lines. By following FWD cars your nose will want to push straight on (understeer) Without spending money you will never cure that, and I fully understand and agree that you do not want to do that. The old aged theory of slow in/fast out will work a lot better for you. Therefore try to get a wider entrance to the corner to carry the speed. The earlier you can get on the throttle and get the turbo spinning the faster you will go. This is where left foot braking comes in. By braking with your left foot as you are approaching and entering the bend, the right foot is on the throttle, getting the turbo spinning so that as soon as you are coming off the brakes the truck is wanting to get up and go with no lag. Consider a smaller steering wheel. Again, it does actually make it nicer to drive on the road as well as it gives you more elbow room. But otherwise, just enjoy it. Looks a lot of fun.
  2. Can I recommend LRS challenge www.lrschallenge.com They have set up 6 rounds, which now include a class 0 Class 0 – Entry Level. Road Legal Challenge Class (P58.3). Vehicles must fully comply with C & U Regulations in ALL respects (a current MOT certificate is required). The maximum tyre diameter shall be 839mm (33 inches), and vehicles must have no more than a +3 inch spring lift. Only one, front, low line, electric winch may be fitted, which must have a minimum rating of twice the vehicle weight. Traction aids (locking/limited-slip/torque-bias etc) may only be used if original factory fitted equipment. Friendly club and whilst they will have some challenging punches, there will be plenty for you to still do with loads of friendly advice (ready pis* take, the advice comes afterwards )
  3. I was thinking more like Fanta..... Go off like a bottle of pop when rattled :hysterical:
  4. Plastic truck I'm sure we can come up with a better name for it that that..........
  5. Where is your sense of adventure? Never mind the tent just put up a hammock
  6. Ha beat you then. I can do 3 at the moment! Currently fighting work for three other weekends off. Really must find a more socialable job!!!!
  7. I'll pack an out board motor then Looking forward to it, just got to finsh rebuilding the truck from last 6 batterings
  8. It was damned tight at the top, We got punch 11 on the way back in with just minutes to spare, we now know that this is the punch that made the difference between 2nd and 4th This also makes a difference because we now managed 3rd in the championship
  9. Cracking event, lovely punches, well organised, good weather, oh and we came 2nd
  10. We're ready, although still waiting for the rear winch brake part which I have now given up any hope it will arrive in time. Still who needs brakes?
  11. Zim Thanks for the video, really shows I should have walked the course first as I had no idea it was so tight and challenging in places. Still it's all part of the fun, and at least I got to drive it :lol:
  12. Nice little site, but despite 6 hours we still didn't see all the punches (never mind trying to drive to them!) Only broke the rear winch (which was my fault) when i flicked the switch to winch in the front and didn't realise that I had accidently hit the rear instead, it was already in and so something broke. Still plenty of time to fix it Thanks to all the marshalls that laughed when the tree fell on me Roll on round 5
  13. If you don't break it, your not trying hard enough
  14. I have had dealing with both company's that are the main suppliers of air freespool systems to most of the challenge competitors. In fairness to both companies I have had dealing with both of them and they have replaced, repaired items that have failed without any quibble, and bearing in mind that the items were used in the heat of competition, that is very good of them. However when I see that one company is about £250 more than the other one it always makes you wonder why? Is it the way it works, build quality, easy of use? By asking you guys I stand a chance of finding some of the answers. So my answer will be that I will be going for the company that is cheaper, as it appears that they both work very well, are reliable and appear to have no major failings.
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