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  1. Tool box porn, but what can you do now to distract you from actually building the landy?
  2. Back on subject, some gratuitous spam of Mike's stunning new truck, a real credit to you chap.
  3. Well done Mike, at least you've got a new list to work to and should get it through soon.
  4. Best of luck Mike, but knowing your workmanship you'll be fine. Looking forward to seeing it on the road soon? 7S?
  5. That was my plan A, followed by a D3 I think i'll have to test drive a D3 and see for myself, but the complexity and running costs are a bit off putting. I've not been a fan of double cabs to be honest, the lack of real security would still be a worry when carrying valuable cargo.
  6. Now that i've retired my defender for a long term rebuild and am selling my works transit I need suggestions for a replacement landy / 4x4 that will be my only every day transport. I think i know which model fits most of my criteria but am open to suggestions of something i haven't considered. It needs to be a comfortable motorway cruiser / everyday commuter / cross country tourer It needs to be reasonably capable off road and needs to be able to have a winch fitted Something that doesn't attract the thieves Must be able to tow 3t It needs to be able to hold a good sized cargo/ building materials / 16ft timbers on roof rack A budget of around 8K including winch, tyres and suspension upgrades Suggestions please
  7. Another fantastic event as all ways, even with an epic midnight winch recovery. Looking forward to next year all ready. A few snaps for those who couldn't make it.
  8. I've dipped two second hand chassis' both with great results, the one under my landy was done 12 years ago and still looks really good, not a spot of rust insight.
  9. Any one done it? Anything i should be aware of? Is Irish road tax and MOT recognised over here? The vehicle i'm looking at already has a UK registration plate so that's one less concern. It would be driven back so obviously it would need to be fully UK road legal as soon as the ferry docks.
  10. That's the perfect size Mike, just a shame they don't do an all terrain in that size.
  11. I'm struggling to find some 33" all terrain tyres that aren't too wide, they need to be available new and a good brand. Any suggestions? The closest i can find is 285/75R16 BFG AT which is a little bit too wide for my liking. Or am i going to have to look at 17/18" wheels? whats available that'll fit straight to a defender in that size?
  12. Long time no see, looks like a great mid life crisis.
  13. I went to AO last year for the first time, spent less than an hour looking around "the show", its more of a social gathering than a show in my opinion. Its good for looking at peoples rigs for ideas though as there is a huge variety of vehicles attending as campers. Plenty of talks and demos going on which helped kill the rest of the day.
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