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  1. sheltie50

    P38 Cold staring problems

    Are you sure ALL your heater plugs are working and of good quality, seen lots of the cheaper ones failing almost before being fitted.
  2. sheltie50

    P38 dse pudding stick gear stick

    On my one it was the detent units, they are screwed into the remote shift unit and have spring loaded balls, these can and do faill with time, I replaced by removing the centre consol and remote shift cover but shreaded all my fingers in the process, it woukd have been much easier to lower the rear of the gearbox a little, unless you have experiance I suggest you have someone do it for you.
  3. sheltie50

    300tdi Rebuild

    Just to throw a spanner in the works-- Might save you a lot of bother just to find another engine.
  4. sheltie50

    TD5 wont bleed after filter change

    Sorry missed your post! (baccardi) Truly is a surprise if it's was a genuine L/R part but that could be the "sods law" effect, if the in-tank pump is noisy it's in trouble and might not pump with conviction. I bought one from a well known internet department which was a genuine part except that it wasnt :-(
  5. sheltie50

    TD5 wont bleed after filter change

    I would suggest that this is your problem, it really shouldnt be noisy, if it is it's in real trouble!!
  6. sheltie50

    200tdi will not run propperly

    Maybe already though about but, is there any chuffing from the oil filer, what would happen if the front seal in the injection pump was shot, thats been seen before.
  7. sheltie50

    TD5 wont bleed after filter change

    The recommended proceedure can take a few attempts, Your in tank (lift pump) could be faulty and could be the reason for other issues,can you hear it running.
  8. sheltie50


    Had the same last year, the clutch fork on the P38 Diesel is a two peice unit held together by silly little roll pins, the pins wear and snap causing the contents of the slave cylinder to run away in fear, all the fluid will have left home as well. Unfortunatly it means removing either the gearbox or engine, I've always removed the engine. Roll pins are cheap but the job will take a while, if you replace them with normal pins push smaller ones inside to give a little more beef.
  9. sheltie50

    front bearings

    Assuming you have a Disco 2 (td5) unfortunatly the bearings are not servicable, you need to replace the hub, it's not such a bad job but costs a bit.
  10. sheltie50

    discovery 300 tdi loss of power

    Have a look at the air pipes to and from the intercooler inc the steel section which can rust through, and of course the air filter itself.
  11. sheltie50

    what to look for when buying

    You will enjoy it and Orkney is a good and interesting place to visit.
  12. sheltie50

    P38 Glow Plug Feed

    It does sound as if you have a faulty relay but---Are you checking the glow plugs voltage when the engine is cold as the on time is reduced as the enging warms up, when hot you might not even get a blink. Any difference in starting cold or hot that could point you in the right direction. Any bubles in the clear fuel pipe at the injection pump. You tried another battery, any chance that both were low, and the cranking speed is slow, starters can wear without the owner being aware then the cranking speed is simply not fast enough to fire up. Maybe a little mor detail on the symptoms and effect of the fault would help.
  13. sheltie50

    what to look for when buying

    If you look at my location, Rust could be an issue but might not be depending on it's use, ie: launching boats, farm work, climbing hills etc,
  14. sheltie50

    P38 Owners Manual

    Have a trawn around the net and find a good copy of the RAVE cd, on it you will find everything you need to keep the P38 going.

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