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  1. Hello I’ve just fitted a 10 row power steering cooler to my rear engine Tomcat. I’ve fitted the cooler on the lower pressure side between the reservoir and the power steering pump. Since fitting the cooler and starting the engine the pump make's a horrendous sound and the reservoir overflowed. The symptoms lead me to believe the cooler is restricting the flow to the pump. Is this just down to fitting to smaller cooler or should I have plumbed the cooler between the steering box outlet and reservoir? Thanks Tom
  2. I’m thinking of doing the odd comp safari event next year in my Defender 110 I’ve spent much of the Christmas period trying to work out what more I’d need to do to get my 110 to survive an event. The piece of information I’ve not be able to find is regarding the chassis strengthening involved. Obviously on vehicles like a Tomcat the space frame welded onto the LR chassis gives a huge strength increase. Being a 110 the chassis is deeper than a 90 and the full external roll cage will also help. I’ve noticed a few vehicles have a bracing going between the front the rear suspension arm bracket
  3. I have removed the three bolt plate on the transfer box (red circle) and have been able to remove the diff lock selector shaft and move the shaft it bears on forwards and back. Apart from this very little can be seen Obviously if I could remove the plate on the side of the transfer box (yellow arrow) I would be able to determine the issue however this is not possible as the gearbox prevents the fixings being undone. I can’t see what I would achieve removing the 6 bolt cover (circled green) as I believe this only allows access to the low/high range mechanism.
  4. I own a 200tdi Defender 110 which has done 190,000 miles and from what I know has its original transferbox After fitting a front Double Cardan propshaft the vehicle developed a grinding sound on overrun above 50mph. The grinding sound was avoidable as long as I didn’t jump of the throttle quickly or if I applied only a slight throttle so I left it as I was for a couple of 1000 miles. I determined this grinding occurred due to a worn front transferbox output bearing and changed it however the issue was not resolved. After using the vehicle off road I noticed I could not engage the transfer
  5. Thanks for the reply. My 110 is pick up, I took the measurements unloaded and with barely any fuel, so yes it is very light at the rear.
  6. Hi My 110 200tdi Defender has standard springs and seems to be far higher at the rear than the front. I’ve taken some measurements and I have 2” between the bump stop and axle at the front and 5” at the rear. The front springs look fairly original; do you think this difference in height is due to spring sagging? Has anyone recently fitted some original springs to their 110 and would be able to tell me what measurements they get? Thanks
  7. Thanks for you help! I think I will buy NRC4171 as I'd really like a third mount on my rockslider before its used in anger.
  8. Evening I recently fitted a set of Terrafirma rock sliders to my 1993 Defender 110 pick up. The rock sliders have three brackets on each side. One goes to the bulkhead outrigger, the other goes to main outrigger (just behind the cab) and in my case there isn’t one for the third. There seems to be an unused bracket on the chassis the same distance along as the third bracket on the rock slider however there is nothing to fill the gap. I’d like to fit this bracket if it exists and wondered if anyone knew anything about it? Tom
  9. Evening Looking for some new wheels and wondered if anyone had purchased or could give me a review of the Challenger steel wheels available from 4x4 tyres. Being a copy of Mach 5's I'am concerned of there quality however the price is far more manageable. http://www.4x4tyres.co.uk/defender/16inch-7inch-challenger-black-steel-wheel-p-1571.html Cheers Tom
  10. Thanks for the reply, did arb just renumber the same locker? Its seems plenty of places still stock rd20's, which one am I best of buying?
  11. Just a quickie I have a 1993 110 Defender, I’m planning on fitting a ARB locker to the sailsbury rear axle. ARB seems to offer two diffs for a 3.54 Salisbury axle, one being a RD20 and the other an RD161. Does anyone know the difference between these two diffs and which one is more desirable? Thanks Tom
  12. Thanks for your help, am I correct in thinking this switch has 4 pins at the back?
  13. I cant seem to find the correct fog light switch for my age of vehicle. The vehicle is a 1988 Defender 110 High Capacity The vin is SALLDHHVEA349842 If someone could provide me the part number for the switch for the rear fog light it would be great. Cheers Tom
  14. Mid September I’ll be starting an automotive engineering degree at Oxford Brookes. I will be in accommodation however due to the location of the university there are no parking facilities on offer. How this is at all Land Rover related! Well.... I own a 100” tomcat which was built and provisory owned by ‘MikeTomcat’ a member of this forum. I am after a safe and secure place to park my vehicle in the nearby Oxford area, preferably in Wheatley. If anyone in the area has or known’s of anyone who might have a suitable parking place could you please let me know 07813 590048 Thanks Alot T
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