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  1. The numbers stamped on the forgings are the non machined part numbers HRC1197 on the a-frame mounting, from memory you will see HRC1705 and HRC 1706 on the a-frame arms.
  2. Here is a link to the 2.8 TGV manual, not sure if ti will help? http://landrover.narod.ru/DEFENDER/TGVWorkshop_Manual.pdf
  3. As someone who worked for Adwest about 20 years ago, I know that about one third of all Adwest recon boxes failed within twelve to eighteen months. Fundamentally once you have wear on the sector shaft then the box will always leak again. I don't know if anyone is machining up new sector shafts etc., but I would put money on the failure rate of recon boxes nowadays being just the same as it was. Mind you looking at the prices its probably worth going recon and hoping you get one of the two thirds that doesn't fail!
  4. I'd say that's the remains of a cap that has worn through - bet if you check the sump you'll find some bits in there!
  5. Koni on my heavy 110 Dormobile - absolutely great.
  6. Having got a 6x6 they are great, but there are are a few issues to consider - it will almost certainly be over 3.5 tonne, so will be an HGV! Mine was, but had been run on a Class 7 MOT (illegally) for years, and before that it was mobile plant and so had never been plated. It took me six months with DVLA to get it down rated to 3.5 tonne (which makes life much simpler). However it is great - go for it!
  7. Talking to someone about these the fronts are the arches only, they don't come with the inner section like the OE ones. This mean you need to cut up your old ones to have the inner section when you fit them, makes it a bit of a non-reversible job!
  8. Here's the link to the Gazette appointing the liquidator: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2911762
  9. I'm running 35/12.5 x 15 BF Goodrich on zero offset rims. They are actually very good, I have the wider arches and its quite reasonable.
  10. I have already checked this with Admin as I know IVA is a contentious issue. According to the latest update on 10th October on the Government website all vehicles over 10 years old are exempt from any IVA: https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-approval/exemptions-from-vehicle-approval 2. Exemptions from vehicle approval You don’t need vehicle approval for: heavy goods vehicles (more than 3,500kg maximum weight) over 25 years old light goods vehicles (3,500kg maximum weight or less) over 10 years old cars and minibuses with 8 passenger seats or less (not including the driver) over 10 years old At this point I shall step back, but I hope this is a useful for some folks!
  11. The option I've done in the past is to lift the carpets as much as possible without removing them, but taking off the dorr trims, and then cut the insulation underneath out, and remove that to dry it. That gets 80% of the wet out immediately and allows the water to drain down from the higehr areas of insulation. Once dry the insulation can go back in and nobody knows about the cuts.
  12. I've just collected one in my trailer. Two of us could barely lift it, so no chance of getting it on the roof!
  13. It was an excellent event, taking the Discovery 3 around was interesting to say the least - its a bit fatter than all the 90's! Still it got round with nothing more than scratches on the bodywork, which is more than can be said for the tree sliders and the winch bumper, but they saved the bodywork. I would thorougly recommend it to anyone, but it is tough - half simple green lanes, quarter interesting and quarter full blown challeng tough. It was great to meet Nige and Steve, and a thoroughly good time was had by all.
  14. Hi Chris, Assuming its a business purchase and you will be reclaiming VAT, you wont want to be buying anything thats classed as a car - so that rules out Station Wagons, you will have to buy the Utility Wagon (if you're going for five doors). Also bear in mind that VED is much lower on a commercial vehicel than a car (ask me how I know having just bought a 57 plate station wagon car for personal use). I dont have figures but my thoughts would be to go for Utilty Wagon, take the seats out and store them until times come to sell. A Utilty Wagon is only £2k more than a hard top (list price), and you get much more versatility in it. An XS is the only one that gives a/c as standard, but is £4.5k more than a basic, while a/c is only £1k. I'm guessing that an ex demonstrator coul be an option if you need VAT qualifying, or foes it have to be new? Jonathan
  15. For my sins I was working in Land Rover (in purchasing) when the Discovery was launched - I cant remember much from back then but I do know for a fact that both the inlet and exhaust valves were different for the non-turbo Tdi. Dont ask me what the differences were - from memory the 200Tdi valves were ERR1156 and ERR1157, so the non turbo ones were probably ERR1154/55 (or possibly ERR1158/59). The supplier was TRW who I think are still in the same place. At a guess it would be either material or heat treatment, but its entirely possible that they were a different shape. I realise this doesn't add much to the whole debate, buts it is one more (slightly anorak like) statistic. A quick comment on the tooling for the cranks as well - at some point in its life it would be refurbished / replaced, so the old BL logo could have disappeared, equally well if the supplier had changed then new tooling could have been made. For castings tooling has a relatively long life (i.e. years) for forgings its much shorter - so a change in position of logo etc. really doesn't mean anything.
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