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  1. When I drove over here I passed a landrover place (not a dealer) with lots of very nice looking well prepared landrovers outside it. I really dont remember where it is (but it was not far from nurnburg I think) and it was late in the evening and closed when I passed it so I didnt stop. I will be making a point of stopping at it on my way back next time (which will be August) so if you can wait till then I will come back with a full report of what they have.
  2. Thanks very much for such a constructive answer, the first one that is anywhere near to converting me.. I have taken all that on board as it makes sense so I will stop giving the advice that I was lead to belive. It is going to be hard/impossible to bring my self to use a nato tow hitch though as its been drummed into me for the past 12 years not to use it. As far as the broken axles... are you sitting comfortably.... then I shall begin It was a Series 3 with a trailer that tipped 5+ tones on the weighbridge. It was one of many specially modified ones full of sneaky beaky radio kit for the unit I was with. We since changed to Pinzguarers to take cope with the crazy amount of kit on board. We got it stuck on salisbury plane in deep mud from tank traffic (it managed to get up the hill but got stuck ont he way back down!!) We were about 100 meters from a dirt road and a friendly infantry guy offered to pull us out. He hitched it up to is 432 and drove off, all was well untill he turned left along the road and started to pull the landrover sideways. All the shouting in the world didnt help becuase his 43 was too noisy so we ended up with a very VOR Landy. When we got it recovered the rec mech went nuts for the meathod of recovery and why we didnt use the axle to recover from.
  3. Go for ebay or buy a disco as a donar and I'll buy the engine and transfer box off you But then How will I get it here... hmmm... anyone for a forum relay to Romania?
  4. No I'm not a rece mech, just had enough time on the ground and training to see what works, doesnt work and what is dangerous. Those figures for the nato tow hook tell it all. You are right on the edge of its breaking point in many recovery situations. Western, yes the is that danger with the break pipes but depending on the situation its a better option (rather than having some tit infantry man disapaer off over the horizon with your landrover on tow with his AFV having left the wheels in the mud). Thats a bit of a dramatisation but the vehicle was VOR for a few months from the damage.
  5. any chance you could get a picture?
  6. What made you laugh. They simply are not rated for recovery weights. You could end up putting over 4 tones of pull through a recovery point if you are really stuck seriously or using a kinetic recovery rope. The tow hitch is made to pull a trailer that even when full laden on a bedford is a rolling weight of just a couple of tone. Really. dont do it, you are dicing with death when you end up with a high velocity nato tow hitch comming at you when it brakes.
  7. does anyone have any links to some of this history? I have only seen history that reflects my replies, never saw jeep come into it. I'd be interested to read up on it..
  8. I dont thinik they are a good idea and a nato tow hitch is certainly a big no no for recovery. They simply are not strong enough. We had it drilled into us with our recovery training in the Army, never to use a bumper or tow hitch for recovery as they are rated forno more than 2 tones (or somthing like that,I forget exactly). I find it hard to belive that the recovery point pictured is any stronger than a nato tow hitch too. We were always advised to put a chain around part of the chassis or axle. We have had a vehicle so stuck badly that it was pulled off its axles (by a warrior AFV) becuase a chassis recovery point was used instead of the axle. Each recovery situation is different so its all food for thought. But im my opinion you should avoide tow hooks and that styleof recovery point if you are ever going to be doing serious recovery.
  9. ?? I never heard of anyone claim that before? Maybe jeep got there first with the 4x4 thing but Landrover was never designed for military application. It was desinged in the 40s for Farmers in england and I think its quite possible the designers may have started on it before the Jeep (willis jeep) came into service with the US mil.
  10. I would have bought it in a flash if he hadnt cut the roof off. I need an engine, transfer box, steering box, intercooler and axles. but I need them 1500 miles away from where it is sat there cut up. Gutted I guess if my thread talking about needing a disco over here wasnt in the wrong forum then you would have spotted it and told your mate before he cut it up. oh well ....
  11. Some of that sounds like it might be right but I think things like the windscreen, disc brakes and wind up windows are just natural progression and would have been there when they were without any influence from santana..
  12. is this a better option than buying a bit of box section and making your own rear cross member?
  13. I cant see anything that is interchangeable at a glance. When I said a copy.. I was meaning that its not a 4x4 that came about independantly of landrover. As you said, they were making landrover under licence and now they have this.
  14. Its not a copy? of course its a copy . Santana must have bought rights from landrover to use the design and when they first came out they were practically just a defender with leaf springs becuase Santana saw a need for leaf sprung vehicles for humping and dumping (better than a coil sprung landrover).
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