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  1. Thanks for the replys, Cosecon - that would be very useful, Kiwi_110 - because I have a 101 and use the bottom pto for the winch CwazyWabbit - thanks for the offer but i'm right near the Kent border in Rye. Its all part of a plan to make the 101 5 speed, but without moving the engine or transfer box, using a LT85 it looks like the bell-housing would have to be around 100mm long! not sure this in enough space to fit the clutch and cylinder. David
  2. Hi I know this is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone have the mounting bolt pattern for the LT230 transfer box to gearbox bolts? I assume they must be the same regardless of which gearbox is bolted on. I have a silly idea to see if I can bolt a LT95 transfer box (the main gearbox has been cut off) to a LT85 or R380 5 speed box, so I want to make a adaptor to bolt the two together. Hope this makes sense Thanks David
  3. Hi I'm trying to work out the part number for the gears in the attached picture. I think the top left is FRC3201 ? Top right FRC2720 ? Bottom left 5th gear maybe LT77 or LT85 ? Bottom right 511205 ? Any help would be much appreciated Regards David
  4. Hi The part number for the flange you need is 539993, its the one fitted to the front output of a series gearbox. Hope this helps Regards David
  5. Hi Does anyone recognise this land rover genuine part? it came in a box with no part number and I have no idea what it is or what it fits. (Its 50mm tall if that helps) Any help would be much appreciated Thanks David
  6. Hi I have a drop pto to fit the LT95 4 speed gearbox. I might be willing to sell if the price is right. PM me if you want more details David
  7. Hi I’m modifying a Fairy overdrive (as fitted to the LT95 gearbox) to allow a pto to be fitted as well as the overdrive. I have modified the overdrive input gear (pictures to follow) so it now has the pto drive dogs, I just need to make an adaptor to fit between the overdrive rear cover bolts and the pto. I want to keep the whole assembly as short as possible and think that a pto unit as fitted to a LT230 box is the shortest land rover unit. I haven’t managed to find a mechanical or hydraulic pto for the LT230 for sale yet and don’t have a LT230 box to measure to allow me to make the adaptor, so Please could someone tell me the dimensions marked on the photo. 1. The pcd and thread size of the pto cover bolts (black arrow) 2. The diameter of the recess (red arrow) 3. The height difference between the gasket face (green A) and the bottom of the recess (blue C) 4. The height difference between the top of the pto dogs (green B) and the gasket face (Green A). I’m assuming that the pto dogs are below the gasket face Hope this makes sense! Many thanks David
  8. Hi What is the part number for the pto (rear facing, not drop or hydraulic) to fit the LT230 transfer case? Thanks David
  9. Hi Does anyone know the bearing number that matches land rover part number 1D3790 (as fitted to the rear of fairey overdrives)? I want to cross reference to a bearing number so I can find the sizes and also purchase from a bearing supplier. Many thanks David
  10. I need to refit the glass in to the windscreen frame, any advise on the type of mastic / putty / sealant I should use (and where to buy it) would be much appreciated. Thanks David
  11. Hi Is it possible to identify the transfer box ratio fitted in a LT95 by the serial number? David
  12. Are there different diameter lower spring mounts for coil sprung vehicles? I bought some springs (at sodbury) marked as 90 rear heavy duty, but they are a larger overall diameter than the original ones and don't locate correctly on the lower mounts. David
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