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  1. Cheers, thanks for the info. It's a full soft top.
  2. As per title, has anyone fitted a CB radio aerial to a rag top?. If so, where on the Landy? and where can I get a mounting from?.
  3. Hi to all, not been able to update, health probs. Managed to solve the problem at last,..........fuel delivery! Removed fuel pipe before in line fuel filter next to the carb, placed pipe in a large container, turned engine over, not much fuel coming from the pump. Removed fuel pump and found a hell of a lot of play in the actuating arm. Sent off for a new pump (not the blue box of death), free play on the actuating arm exactly the same. Took original pump to bits, made a spacer for the internals, fitted, fired up and will now go over forty, acceleration much better. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  4. SIII, 2 1/4 petrol, I'm looking for the part number for the hose between the carb and the breather cap on the rocker cover. Thanks.
  5. Electronic ignition fitted, renewed fuel filter on last episode. Not in 4WD, checked again. Webber carb fitted. Fires up no problem, ticks over o.k. revs like hell when on the drive, same as last episode. Will look at everything suggested, many thanks.
  6. Back again for help and inspiration. Was away at the weekend, driving back I couldn't get over 40 mph, it would start kangarooing. Runs at 40 mph easily, but cannot get any faster. Any ideas, pointers and advice will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Update. Removed spark plugs, checked gaps, O.K. and cleaned, although not that dirty. Checked each plug lead and coil lead, all O.K. Checked distributor cap and rotor arm, both O.K. Removed coil wires, cleaned coil spade terminals. (Although very clean). Checked engine oil level, radiator, brake and clutch master cylinders, also the steering box while I was playing under the bonnet. All fluid levels O.K., although noticed a new rocker cover gasket will need to be fitted soon, hopefully this weekend. Fired up the engine, started first kick. Set off down my road until the junction, changed down through the gears, then applied brakes, came to a halt with the engine running!. Went for a fifteen mile test run, taking many junctions and traffic lights, with no problems. (Up to press). Whatever the problem was I'll never know. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, gratefully received.
  8. Electronic ignition, servo brakes. Only happens when braking. Can fly up and down the motorway all day.
  9. Many thanks for rapid replies. There are no symptons, it just suddenly cuts out a second before coming to a halt. Will check everything as suggested and update later, hopefully with success.
  10. Series 3 2 1/4 petrol, Starts perfect, ticks over o.k., can rev like hell when parked up. Drive to the bottom of the road, brake for junction or traffic lights and it just cuts out. Restarts no problem. Any ideas people, or is there something stareing me in the face and I've not seen it?.
  11. Series III petrol, 2 1/4 petrol, when starting engine the starter motor turns very slow, as if the battery is flat. (New battery fitted). Wiring fully connected, nothing missing or loose. Anyone any ideas?.
  12. There are four holes in the end cover. Undo everything and you will find only two wiring connectors, (live and earth), will try and post a photo for you later.
  13. Been away for a good few days, now able to catch up. Carb has insulation block, fuel pump and all fuel lines renewed. Fuel disappears in the see through fuel filter near to the carb.
  14. 2.25 petrol engine, mechanical fuel pump, Weber carb with a stainless steel exhaust system. Fan cowl bought early last year and fitted. Fuel evaporation occurs when been out for a run and parked up, will start and drive for 100 yards, then it's bonnet up and manually pump fuel pump, (new unit fitted, still the same as the old one).
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