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  1. mat2495

    Demister tube in Dash

    I got the 40mm ID, it was a bit tight, but i think 45 would be too big
  2. mat2495

    Demister tube in Dash

    I bought a length of this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLEXIBLE-DUCTING-AIR-INTAKE-INDUCTION-HOSE-COLD-AIR-FEED-PIPE-VENTILATION-TUBE/301742462766?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=600569937242&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2648 which solved the length issue. I don't think the heater blows hot enough to cause any problems
  3. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Just thought I would update this topic, as I hate finding old ones with no answers when I'm looking for something. I got a mate to sanity check the timing belt set up for me, then took the injector pump to my local diesel injection specialist. long story short there wasn't much on it that wasn't knackered. One bill later, I should be picking it up on Friday. Anyway, thanks to everyone for the suggestions, tests, help etc
  4. mat2495

    Replacement for a NATO hitch on a Defender

    There is a version of the jaw that Western posted without the standard tow ball, if that helps https://www.trailertek.com/bradley-towing-jaw-5000-kg-capacity and it's even on sale!
  5. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Funny you mention that, I had a cam pulley for a V8 where the timing mark was 90° out in relation to the keyway from the original one! and the supplier of that one didn't see why it would be a problem... I did replace the camshaft in this engine, but so far as I can tell it seems okay, though I haven't come up with a way of measuring it very accurately. I will try and get some pictures of how it is set at the moment next time I am at the workshop, but I don't think there is too much to go wrong in lining up dots and arrows etc.
  6. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    The pump was working okay when the engine was laid up, which I believe was circa 5-10 years ago. And I use the term laid up loosely.. suffice to say it wasn't in the best condition when I got it Compression checks out, no more than 20PSI difference between cylinders, and that was with the battery starting to go towards the end. All around the 370-400 PSI mark Yes, to be sure I re-printed the manual and followed it to the letter.
  7. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Well, good news and bad news! the good news is I did get the timing belt set up correctly, the bad news is I still don't know what is wrong. Is there a mechanism in the injector pump to adjust the advance for increasing engine speeds? I'm just thinking if it is timed correctly statically, it would then be retarded at 700RPM, and even further retarded at 1200RPM etc. which would explain why advancing it past 'correct' improved the idle, but it still wouldn't pick up any rev's cleanly. I think it may be time to take the injector pump of and send it away for testing
  8. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Oh good, that's worth knowing, I wasn't brave enough to try that last time, thought the fact that it was still on and engine stand probably didn't help!
  9. mat2495

    Brake flaring tool

    I upgraded from a cheapy one to the same as Cynic-al mentioned, and found it much easier to get consistent quality flares out of it. Not cheap, but nice to have
  10. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Sounds like my weekend plans are sorted then! Be a bit embarrassing when it turns out I missed by a couple of teeth! I was so careful as well as I have never done a 200tdi belt before. I don't know, I'll probably be slandering a couple of the design decisions before I've finished! The correct one is about 4-5mm I think? I know what you mean though, the other one is much wider. Thanks all
  11. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    TDC verified with a probe down the glowplug hole, which agrees with the timing mark on the crank pulley, and the slot in the flywheel. I'm beginning to wonder about the cam timing as well, I don't suppose there is any way to check it without removing the front cover is there? I know when they are supposed to open and shut is in the workshop manual, but i'm not sure I can reasonably measure that many degrees before/after TDC with any real accuracy. Ah well, timing cover off again it is! Nevermind eh Thanks for the thought, but I would hope this isn't the case as I have re-used the original fittings from this engine.
  12. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Righto, time for an update! I got a DTI kit, and set the FIP to 1.54mm of lift at TDC ( I also checked that no 1 was at TDC when the timing mark on the flywheel said it was) and it is actually worse.. 1.54mm of lift is actually less advance than I had tried previously by simply maxing out the advance adjustment. Long story short, unless the pump has got something else wrong with it internally, it doesn't appear to be the problem. Anyone got any other ideas for what could cause clouds of white-ish smoke and the inability to rev?
  13. mat2495

    200tdi timing marks incorrect?

    Thanks Tim, I will give them a call. I agree it should be right, and as you say the flywheel is doweled onto the crank. Is it possible that the boss on the front of the FIP has slipped slightly at some point? I know its tight on a taper, but I have reason to believe the engine came to a very sudden stop before I bought it, could it have slipped then? Its looking at something like 10 degrees out of line, maybe more
  14. Evening all, I think i may have a problem setting up the injector pump timing on my 200tdi. Apologies in advance for the wall of text The backstory: this is a completely rebuilt engine for a 110 I am restoring, reground crank, bores honed, new rings, bearings, 2x new rods, new turbo etc etc. Obviously a new timing belt, tensioner etc as well. Before I removed the injector pump from the engine, it was locked in the TDC position, and was put back in the same place, the cam/crank were then aligned with the timing marks and a new belt fitted as per manual. When I eventually came to start it, it was pretty reluctant to go, and when it did catch it was throwing out loads of white/grey smoke. it also wouldn't pick up any revs cleanly, just bogged down. To me this suggested that the timing was retarded, as the smoke smelled very diesel-y, but I rechecked using the slot on the flywheel and the pin in the pump, which checked out okay. I did wonder about a leaking injector, as the engine had been stood for some time, so I swapped them out with the ones from my other engine (a good runner) but it did not make any noticeable difference. Today I decided to go back to my first thought, so I advanced the timing as far as the slots in the injector pump pulley locking plate would allow, and it was much better, started nearly instantly, quite a clean idle, and just a little smoke when prodding the throttle. So onto the question, is there any way the key in the front of the injector pump could become disassociated with the actual correct timing point of the pump? I did not remove the drive flange from the pump at any time, as I don't think the 200 pump has a keyway on it. I guess a sensible next step is to set up the pump timing with a DTI, is there a kit available with the necessary adapters? Also as I have maxed out the travel on the adjustment available, I suppose I will have to strip the timing cover off again, which I didn't really want to do. Alternatively can anyone think of anything else that could cause symptoms like these? Is there anything internal to the pump that can affect the injection timing? Matt
  15. mat2495

    Dimension check please

    Thanks Western, I am at least trying to put them in the right place then. The problem I am left with is that the brackets are the same width as the locating points on the chassis, so it won't sit inside them. The brackets are from YRM, and the chassis is from Richards, both of which have always been okay for me so far.

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