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  1. Fusion is very popular amongst the Workshop Crew here - mainly because it's free! We design in Solidworks, but the fabricators having a tool they can use for simple jobs and to be able to view models of ours is fantastic. Fusion, for most users is as good/useful as Inventor or Solidworks. The only realy useful thing it lacks is 'Frames' (called 'Weldments' in Solidworks) which is a very quick & easy way of designing metal frameworks out of standard sections. However, you can still design frames using slower techniques. I love being able to try stuff, without cutting any metal.
  2. There is Always CGI / VFX! Even on Mad Max! Sometimes it's just removing cables & rigging from shots - and sometimes they are the shot! The reason Directors like it, is because it gives them a few months more to think about the content, rather than having to make a final decision on the day. I think, sometimes it's not the CGI that is the problem. The CGI is trying to fix the lack of decision on the day. There are some excellent bits of CGI that really makes me wonder if it was CGI (even when I know it was). Unfortunately, the flip side of that is that when an incredible pra
  3. For a winch, if you have an oil (hydraulic fluid) cooler, you only need a tiny tank! It's really only to replace fluid that's lost in use and a bubble-trap to get rid of air in the system. The purpose of bigger tanks is to act as a buffer in the cooling (where the heat generated exceeds the cooling capacity) giving you longer run times before the oil gets too hot - and to compensate for the difference in swept volumes at either end of hydraulic cylinders. Motors and pumps are mostly fairly constant volume. Even with a larger than standard battery, there's still space in the battery
  4. Sometimes - but usually we have a workshop close enough to the action. SFX is split into two bits - Workshop & Floor. Floor is intended to run things on the studio (or location) floor while workshop build them. There's a fair cross-over between the two. Floor have a 'Unit Truck' which is equipped with limited workshop facilities - welding, cutting, drilling so they can 'MacGyver' (If you're Floor & reading this, pretend I said 'Improvise' 😉) solutions to problems that occur and need instant fixes. Anything major comes back to the workshop crew, although the fix might take pla
  5. Most departments are, initially, a bit territorial! I think it's because, you often only get one shot and if it doesn't go well, the reputational damage can be permanent. That said, once you make friends & they (we) see that you might actually know what you're doing, they tend to be fantastic - it's just breaking the ice that can be hard. Effects tends to be everybodies friend! Mostly because we are the only department with a wide range of metal fabrication & machining facilities. We put a lot of effort into 'doing favours' - and they pay dividends later on when we need he
  6. Thay are certainly worth a look. That's the kind of thing I was hoping for. My worry, as with many bits of Chinese consumer technology, they only kind of work. in 2019, I bought an Android Car Radio and while it essentially worked, the user interface was terrible! The physical volume knob worked on some sources but not others (depending on which Android Audio stream they happened to use). That was just one example of dozens that I found. I ended up sending it back to Amazon, bought a branded one which worked OK. The software interface had either been rushed or just cobbled together
  7. I would also move the control box, so you are not having to reach over the work to switch it on.
  8. I'm pretty impressed with Axminster tools. I have one of their trade pillar drills - and it's great! 10x better than most shady Chinese ones. We have one the same at work which gets a hard life - and survives. I had a look at their CNC Lathe & Mill. Although they are badged Chinese machines, they have done some quality control & modification as far as I could see. I also looked at an un-badged version and the general fit & finish was nowhere near as good. It appears Axminster are actually providing a value added service rather than just shifting boxes.
  9. Why don't you make the leg fold diagonally? That would give you more length than the length of any side. Si
  10. Thanks Ed - that's perfect! I've followed a few of Adrian's OpenCV & TensorFlow examples. This looks fairly straightforward. I have a Khadas Vim3 board that was just waiting for something like this! Si
  11. You could reduce the depth of this bit: and have the other slide on top, such that it's still covered by the table top when extended. You could also make the two slides deliberately Mildly pi**ed (divergant) so as you slide the drawer out, it increases the pressure on the slides. That could make it quite solid when extended.
  12. I used a worm reduction motor from AliExpress A flexible shaft coupler - IIRC 10mm to 12mm The ball screw was 1605 type from eBay I was unable to find an off the shelf actuator which would do the job in the way I wanted. The motor has a (low resolution) encoder built in. I've used RobcClaw 15A controllers which will use the encoder plus limit switches to give you closed loop control. In your case, you could just use the limit switches to disable further movement in that direction (using Diodes) - it doesn't need to be closed loop. I used Worm Drives so they would hold p
  13. I had an idea (oh, no, not another one!) which, at the time, I didn't have the facilities to try. Making a louvered grille to look similar to a Defender one, where the louvres are hinged (like a Venetian Blind) so you can open & close the grille via a push-pull cable. That was in the days of my V8 90 - so it really needed the cooling and the radiator getting blocked was a persistant problem. You can buy very similar grilles for Air Conditioning vents - but I couldn't find anything that looked sufficiently like a Defender Grille to adapt.
  14. I couldn't possibly say! 😉 I'm looking forward to a photo of what you've built - I'm struggling to imagine what it looks like from your description.
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