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  1. I was out yesterday and I experienced what sounded and felt like a vibration. I then realised that the o/s rear window was open,when I shut it all noise and vibration stopped,is this normal. It is a 2008 TD4 SE. Thank you.
  2. How often should an auto box on a 2008 FL2 be flushed,mine has done 105,000 miles.
  3. I have just bought a Freelander 2 and just need to get 2 jobs done. Where can I get a new mirror surround or do I need to replace mirror. Also what paint would you recommend for boot release cover. Thank You
  4. I have a 2008 TD4 SE F2.My rear washer is not working. The rear wiper is working by pulling the stalk towards the steering wheel, by moving it to next position the front washers and wipers start.When the button is pressed on the end of the stalk nothing happens. Advice please, Thank you
  5. Is the Renault 5 thermostat conversation safe?.I have asked my local Land Rover dealer and they have said £75+ vat but will take no responsibility for the mod.To change the thermostat,£400+vat,.Thaughts please.
  6. Why nearly every day inside my front windscreen is covered in condensation. Anyone got the same problem, every thing is bone dry inside,no leaks.
  7. Is it a straight forward job removing the cd changer from my TD4 2004.When i push the loaded cartridge in it loads each disc then says no cd and will not play. Any ideas please.
  8. I have a 2004 HSE Freelander 1 with the drive chain.My neighbour has just bought a 2008 Freelander 2 and he said that all 2s have a cam belt,is that right ,why change chains are more reliable.I f that is right how often should he get it changed.Thank You
  9. There are no holes just 2 horizontal slots about 10mm wide.
  10. Any tips on how to remove radio/cd player out of console on my 2004 TD4,Thank you.
  11. Thank you,I will give that a try.
  12. Problem with my CD multi changer in my TD4. Radio works fine,change to CD message says "No cd".I eject the case from the machine,put it back in i then goes through loading all 6 cds and then says no cd. Has anyone any ideas please.Thank You.
  13. The heater does not get very warm in winter.
  14. I think the thermostat has gone on my TD4.Would it be okay to put tinfoil over half of the radiator.
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