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  1. So to clarify i need to return the current circular flanges and get the rectangular ones?
  2. To bring this up again i bought said flanges above, and they are circular instead of rectangular like are currently fitted. When i compared the new flange to the old flange it is approx 12mm deeper. In order to fit the new flanges do i remove the big washer that sits behind the flange, otherwise i am shortening the prop travel by 12mm?
  3. Hi Is this part number STC4858 ( clicky link ) the correct number for the differential flanges ( front + rear) of a 2001 Td5 90? Cheers Ben
  4. What are the part numbers for the output shaft seal on a lt77 and the input shaft seal on a lt230, as i have a substantial drip from between the gearbox and the transfer box. Thanks Ben
  5. I had your old seats of you Dave and re-trimmed them and they are good as new, If i managed it a man of your calibre should have no problems
  6. Hi Could anybody tell me what thread the oil cooler pipes are which connect to the oil cooler on a 2.5turbo? I have since changed to a 200tdi engine but i used the original 2.5turbo oil cooler tappings, but on fitting a new 200tdi rad the tappings are different and not removeable Thanks Ben
  7. Hi, Does anybody have a link to/photos of where the small pieces of aluminium go when assembling a door top? Thanks Ben
  8. My RR front axle swivels were pitted, so last weekend i fitted new swivels and seals, but alas the seals weeped oil. I used swivel balls FRC7065 and seals FTC3401. So to remedy this today i thought i had the wrong sized seals e.g 8mm when i needed 12.5mm, on fitting these seals there does not seem to be much visual difference. Is the actual problem that i have the wrong sized swivel? Ben
  9. No competition Tony, get a Richards Chassis. After you have spent all the time stripping your truck it would be a crime not to have a new chassis especially given you have all the kit why scrimp at the last hurdle, plus they are pretty reasonable considering what you get.
  10. I need a set of new pistons and seals for the front calipers. My pistons are approx 41.2mm diameter and 34.01mm long/deep. Would these be the correct pistons http://www.britishparts.co.uk/.sc/ms/dd/Range%20Rover%20Classic--Brakes/861/CALIPER%20PISTON-FRONT ? And the requisite seals http://www.britishparts.co.uk/.sc/ms/dd/Range%20Rover%20Classic--Brakes/231/CALIPER%20SEAL%20KIT Thanks Ben
  11. Having filed a pair of hub bearing washer/spacers in a safe place i need to order some new ones but i am not sure what they are. The lock tab that fits the stub axle looks like this; When i went to the part store they supplied me with this washer/spacer; Problem is that wont fit on the stub axle as the slot on the stub axle is not big enough; Am i just being a plank and have missed something very obvious? Ben
  12. Thanks for the info gents. So would i do best to try and find a RR brake master cylinder then, which would allow twin pipe brakes on the front or fit different single pipe calipers? Ben
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