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  1. So to clarify i need to return the current circular flanges and get the rectangular ones?
  2. To bring this up again i bought said flanges above, and they are circular instead of rectangular like are currently fitted. When i compared the new flange to the old flange it is approx 12mm deeper. In order to fit the new flanges do i remove the big washer that sits behind the flange, otherwise i am shortening the prop travel by 12mm?
  3. Hi Is this part number STC4858 ( clicky link ) the correct number for the differential flanges ( front + rear) of a 2001 Td5 90? Cheers Ben
  4. What are the part numbers for the output shaft seal on a lt77 and the input shaft seal on a lt230, as i have a substantial drip from between the gearbox and the transfer box. Thanks Ben
  5. I had your old seats of you Dave and re-trimmed them and they are good as new, If i managed it a man of your calibre should have no problems
  6. Hi Could anybody tell me what thread the oil cooler pipes are which connect to the oil cooler on a 2.5turbo? I have since changed to a 200tdi engine but i used the original 2.5turbo oil cooler tappings, but on fitting a new 200tdi rad the tappings are different and not removeable Thanks Ben
  7. Hi, Does anybody have a link to/photos of where the small pieces of aluminium go when assembling a door top? Thanks Ben
  8. My RR front axle swivels were pitted, so last weekend i fitted new swivels and seals, but alas the seals weeped oil. I used swivel balls FRC7065 and seals FTC3401. So to remedy this today i thought i had the wrong sized seals e.g 8mm when i needed 12.5mm, on fitting these seals there does not seem to be much visual difference. Is the actual problem that i have the wrong sized swivel? Ben
  9. No competition Tony, get a Richards Chassis. After you have spent all the time stripping your truck it would be a crime not to have a new chassis especially given you have all the kit why scrimp at the last hurdle, plus they are pretty reasonable considering what you get.
  10. I need a set of new pistons and seals for the front calipers. My pistons are approx 41.2mm diameter and 34.01mm long/deep. Would these be the correct pistons http://www.britishparts.co.uk/.sc/ms/dd/Range%20Rover%20Classic--Brakes/861/CALIPER%20PISTON-FRONT ? And the requisite seals http://www.britishparts.co.uk/.sc/ms/dd/Range%20Rover%20Classic--Brakes/231/CALIPER%20SEAL%20KIT Thanks Ben
  11. Having filed a pair of hub bearing washer/spacers in a safe place i need to order some new ones but i am not sure what they are. The lock tab that fits the stub axle looks like this; When i went to the part store they supplied me with this washer/spacer; Problem is that wont fit on the stub axle as the slot on the stub axle is not big enough; Am i just being a plank and have missed something very obvious? Ben
  12. Thanks for the info gents. So would i do best to try and find a RR brake master cylinder then, which would allow twin pipe brakes on the front or fit different single pipe calipers? Ben
  13. i have a pair of RR calipers currently, but they use the twin pipe system which i dont want.
  14. I have recently fitted range rover axles to my 90 and have since found that a pair of disco calipers i had do not fit the range rover front wheel/hub assembly. Basically what i need to find is a pair of caliper that the imperial equivalent of a 11mm bolt and are spaced correctly to fit a RR front wheel/hub assembly. Would early 110 calipers work? Ben
  15. shrek is that all! mine does even roll on wheels yet let alone thinking about a winch
  16. i should have those bits kicking around if you want them
  17. I bent a hd bearmach track rod when i had no guard. No such problems with a Gwyn Lewis guard fitted
  18. Tony, I had two new oil hoses made up by http://www.hoseandhydraulicsgroup.co.uk/ who are in Taunton. They were very helpful and made the hoses up using the old fittings on the oil filter end along with the part of the rigid steel pipework before terminating in flexible hoses.
  19. No probs, will bring it tomorrow.
  20. James, I buy fittings from AEP on Heathpark in Honiton and they are very helpful, Pirtek on Marsh Barton in Exeter are also good. If you want some 6mm pneumatic nylon pipe i have a fair bit, drop me a line and i will leave some behind when i collect the cutter tomorrow, also have a new 1/8bsp - 6mm push fit elbow if you want it.
  21. Thanks for the info. Bearing runs smoothly so i will turn my attentions to worry about other car parts now Ben
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