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  1. I have a RAM mount for the tablet on the Defender, last year I wanted something just right for a mobile (to carry over to the 109" - if I'll ever finish it, sigh) and came across this one, suggested from the other side of the pond. Bought it off ebay, it's cheap and works great. It needs a simple DIY bracket to be used on a flat surface.
  2. Is that a steel pipe/line?
  3. Michele

    6cyl SWB?

    Actually there isn't a conversion available, it just happened the factory carb was shot beyond repair, so I switched to a 32/36 DGV, which needed a custom billet adapter. Here's a photo of the thing.
  4. Michele

    6cyl SWB?

    I'm in the middle of converting my ex mil 109" IIA to 3 lt Rover (Westlake head, Weber carb), keeping the factory bulkhead (mine's LHD). The engine sounds great on stand, I'm glad to hear such positive comments about those who owned one, I hope it will perform as good as it sounds :-)
  5. Indee, the new bumper keeps the shape and dimensions of the stock crossmember, but if you look carefully you'll see it's ready to accept bolt-on corner protections. They'll be made soon :-) Thanks, Michele
  6. Thanks, now it's just a matter of adding a few touches I've been waiting for...for years :-)
  7. Ha! Not really :-) Just happy with the result and wanted to share the idea, it's a common issue and someone may find it useful. The cage is lovely, too...very nice :-) Happy happy bunny...I look forward to getting out in the woods and enjoying the truck a much as possible during his summer.
  8. Thanks Soren for the kind comments! I did it mainly with ease of maintenance in mind...should I ever need a new bumper made, it would be replicated in a blink of an eye, at a fair price. Plus, I could think of some custom mod and had it added to the original design. I have yet to refit my rear recovery eye and winch, also the bolt-on corner protectors are missing, they were supposed to come ready but Edoardo ran out of time and I helped putting the truck back on wheels when I got it back My rear winch is an Husky and it was fitted right behind the tailgate, in the tub. Again, bolt on and removable cradle, originally made by Equipe but then binned and built from scratch because of the unique footprint of the Husky. Now I'll have to get new brackets done, these will be again fairly simple in design and will use the same bolts of the rear plates (where the stays are welded to). Hopefully it will squeeze in there, I only took a rough measurements when ordering the cage...
  9. Well it's time to share here the latest upgrades to my 1997 D90, the old Cube II... It all started when - a couple of years ago - I found out the rear crossmember was rotten beyond repair; not a big surprise, being a well known "mud trap" due to poorly thought design, and made of thin foil too. I immediately binned the idea to replace it with a standard spare part, simply not worth the money and effort required; I looked instead at a better solution (read: custom-designed and fabricated), and I liked the idea of some heavy duty, bolt-on rear bumper, Jeep style. Pros: 1)stock looking (stealth mode: ON) 1)easy to remove/repaint/repair if needed 2)better designed and made, a simple open "]" profile, built stoutly out of, say, 6mm plate While there, it happened that a few months ago I was finally able to afford a proper rollcage, beautifully built by Protection & Performance; sooo, to kill two birds with a stone, all I needed was the right person to do the job, my way. Meet Edoardo, the brain behind Payustech Performance. With a straightforward approach and armed with a 3D scanner, the rear section of the chassis was checked and scanned, and a HUGE jig was built to ensure precise fitment of the new repair sections and crossmember. All the rotten metal was chopped, the whole structure was designed in 3D, checked and approved, then and laser cut, bent and assembled. The Protection & Performance rollcage came already welded and painted, but the supplied mounts need to be welded to the chassis. Edoardo didn't think twice and incorporated the rear mounts into the design, along with gussets and bracing to ensure bomb-proof rigidity. Beads of weld were laid down on the chassis and the puzzle went together. The result is a stock looking chassis, until you get closer and start noticing the big bolts which hold the new bumper in place... Here's a link to a bunch of photos I shared on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155718505470403&type=1&l=d6a1098f12 A cool 3D video showing the design of the whole thing: https://www.facebook.com/Whitedog.Comics/videos/10155722701710403/?l=4729284162753972044 And a link to Payustech, they make their own bolt-on accessories other than dealing with custom projects like mine: http://www.payustech.it/
  10. I just need to make sure I can re-fit my Husky, will need a couple of new brackets and wanted to be sure there's enough room for it. I wonder if chassis mounts can be welded in place without pulling the tub, but probably not...?
  11. Just got all the pics I needed from Protection & Performance! I guess it's time for a rollcage.
  12. Yes they do, but I asked for some pics of the chassis mounts and no luck yet, so I was wondering if anybody here had the same cage and could take a snap or two...
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