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  1. Indeed, that puzzled me a little. I'd get the "full size" spring retainers from Gwyn, for better clamping. I'd guess (as far as I've seen on my 90) it is better to clamp the lower side of the spring because it's (maybe?) less likely to re-seat itself. I don't know, but up front mine started dislocating at the bottom and not on top. Go figure.
  2. In the photo of Gwyn's 90 the lower part of the spring is hidden, there's a chance the spring tries to dislocate right there. It happened to mine when I had stock height turrets, I fitted relocation cones at the top, and the spring started to un-seat at the bottom. By the way, I'm planning to get a couple of his bottom spring retainers. When better times will come, I'll finally get a new set of dampers, 12" travel. I ran red/white RRC springs for years, switched to OME 764 (front and rear) and it's definitely better on road. Mine is truck cab, 3-linked front and with the usual bolt
  3. I have a RAM mount for the tablet on the Defender, last year I wanted something just right for a mobile (to carry over to the 109" - if I'll ever finish it, sigh) and came across this one, suggested from the other side of the pond. Bought it off ebay, it's cheap and works great. It needs a simple DIY bracket to be used on a flat surface.
  4. Is that a steel pipe/line?
  5. Michele

    6cyl SWB?

    Actually there isn't a conversion available, it just happened the factory carb was shot beyond repair, so I switched to a 32/36 DGV, which needed a custom billet adapter. Here's a photo of the thing.
  6. Michele

    6cyl SWB?

    I'm in the middle of converting my ex mil 109" IIA to 3 lt Rover (Westlake head, Weber carb), keeping the factory bulkhead (mine's LHD). The engine sounds great on stand, I'm glad to hear such positive comments about those who owned one, I hope it will perform as good as it sounds :-)
  7. Cool, homemade Rock Assault axle then. I always liked the idea of the offset tubes, can't really say how much difference it makes in real life, but it's nice to see something different.
  8. I spy a "diamond style" diff casing there...is it a whole new axle, which would could lead to some differential & shafts upgrade, or a simpler DIY, cut & weld diff pan?
  9. "Cheers and it was advertised, unwanted and weighed in! It hadnt been used in a number of years and only seemed to run at a few thousand RPM or not at all. I have no experience with them or carbs so didnt fancy trying to fix it. Was beautifully smooth though!" Forum is playing silly this evening... Shame to hear, I wouldn't have had the chance to pick it up for mine, but would have loved to... :-) Michele
  10. Very cool, and the adapter is sooo nice...good luck P.S. What happened to the old inline-6?
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